Alan Subishi is a die-hard admirer of Shio Sakaki, founder and master of Kyuukai (Secluded Ogre Organization) Dojo, and master to Mizunuma.


Alan regularly wears a white suit with a rose in either his jacket pocket or his mouth. He has lanky black hair, muscular build and tan skin. He scarred his face in admiration of Sakaki.


Alan Subishi admires Sakaki to such an extent that he scarred his face to imitate the karate master. This hero worship carries on to dojo practices, where he simply loves the feeling of being a master, allowing his disciples to use various unscrupulous ways of fighting, proclaiming that "strength is everything" and even defending them as his dojo's practices and techniques. Further noting this characteristic of hero worship is his lie, stating that he was the "Lost Hero of Ryozanpaku."

Upon realizing who Sakaki was after being beaten in his group attack on Kenichi, Alan asks Sakaki to sign his notebook and undergoes a change of heart in adopting new instruction from Sakaki, now proclaiming "strength and love" and setting new principles. This new code of honor evidently becomes ingrained thoroughly, as after being beaten in a second dojo attack by Yomi's Tirawit Kōkin, he defends Mizunuma from Tirawit's attack and falls into a coma.


Alan first appears after hearing Kenichi put down his dojo's ways and claims to be the Last Hero of Ryozanpaku, shocking Kenichi and initially startling him into thinking that it is impossible for him to win. However, he is quickly beaten by Kenichi, who backflips off of a wall and kicks him up his chest. Alan then sends the rest of his students after Kenichi.

However, just as Kenichi is beating down his students, Alan is blown back by Sakaki, who crashes through the mirror and sends him flying back, all the while claiming that Alan was never seen at Ryozanpaku. With the rest of his students thoroughly pummeled by Sakaki, Alan is sent through a wall by Sakaki's punch. Upon learning who Sakaki is, he pulls out his notebook and asks Sakaki to sign it, and ends up reforming his dojo based on new principles.

Alan is next seen beaten up, along with his other students, by Tirawit. Upon seeing Mizunuma enter, Alan quickly comes to his student's aid, taking the full brunt of Tirawit's attack, claiming that Mizunuma is "not an official student", and falling into a coma, ultimately igniting MIzunuma's desire to fight in the DofD tournament.

After the DofD tournament Mizunuma revealed that Alan has awaken from his coma and despite his injures that are not fully healed he return to teach his student.