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Lugh, real name Asuka Akatsuki (暁 飛鳥 Akatsuki Asuka), also known as the Submission Man, is a member of Yomi, a disciple of Isshinsai Ogata and a former member of team Mabinogion.


Lugh is a young man of average height with dark medium length orange-reddish hair and more in the back going down to the upper part of his neck and has dark colored eyelids and lips. He wears a strangely one piece dark black suit that covers his legs, arms and up to the top of his neck. His eyes are strangely dark colored while his sclera is blank white (likely due to his blindness). However, he can appear rather insane when opening his eyes all the way, something that made Ikki Takeda lose his cool just from looking at him.


Lugh is a rather solemn and calm individual that is also a seemingly very intelligent individual. However, while he's a disciple of Isshinsai Ogata, Lugh has shown to have a rather nihilistic personality in regard to human life and even his own, showing that while he's aware of Ogata's treatment towards his disciples as test subjects and yet Lugh seems to be completely fine showing no concern with his own life and even telling Kenichi he's aware of Ogata's treatments towards his disciples to Kenichi. He also believes himself that Ogata wishes to have them surpass him someday and even kill him with that power. Despite knowing of Ogata's treatments, Lugh is still very loyal to him as the rest of his disciples are.

Despite being blind, Lugh seems to believe that he can see things very well due to how he takes notice of others habits. He is also remarkably perceptive and intelligent, as he correctly deduced Takeda's former injury to his left arm and how he didn't want it to get hurt and knowing of the guard he was wearing under. He's quite talkative, as noted by Berserker since he told the Shinpaku Alliance about his personal style, something that Lugh has also noted that is a bad habit of his. However, he's also very formal, properly introducing himself to the alliance when Kenichi asked who he was and the team he's apart of. He has great intelligence about the human body, which gives him the advantage in battle due to his fighting style.

In battle, following his method as Ogata's disciple, he's very ruthless, showing no mercy at all and even attempting to kill Siegfried in one blow without hesitation and even gave a slight smile when Ukita attempted to charge at him. However, Lugh manages to keep his cool even in the heat of battle and has yet to lose his calmness whether the situation turns good or bad for him. Like Tirawit Kokin, Lugh is a master manipulator as he easily manipulated Takeda into recklessly fighting him more than once even in the heat of battle, something Niijima complimented him for.


Lugh is a powerful opponent, something Ogata himself has acknowledged by stating that Lugh is one of the strongest, if not the second strongest member of YOMI; as he's capable of easily defeating Siegfried and Thor simultaneously with little effort (though Siegfried allowed Lugh to attack him and Thor attacked in blind rage, but to defeat the both of them so swiftly is still an impressive feat). Despite being blind, Lugh is capable of fighting very well despite his handicap. By his own admission, it is because he is blind that makes him strong. He is a dangerous martial artist who does not hesitate to kill his opponents or just merely destroying them when there is a chance to. Nijima himself admitted that there is no say what might happen if the fight continued (despite the Shinpaku Alliance completely outnumbering Lugh)

  • Submission Expert: Like the rest of Ogata's disciples (minus Berserker), Lugh has learned the "Ogata style" of Ancient Martial Arts, which makes him both a practitioner of Ancient Martial Arts, as well as a Mixed Martial Artist. As his former name in Team Mabinogion implies, his fighting style revolves around body locks, dislocation, joint strikes, and other such moves. Combined with his great knowledge of human anatomy and weak spots as well as his natural flexibility and acrobatic body, allows him to quickly target various body points in order to neutralize, subdue, cripple and even kill his enemies. Aside from submission techniques and joint strikes, it has been noted that he is also good at damaging bones and connective tissue.
  • Keen Intellect: Lugh is an incredibly intelligent and perceptive man, as he easily deduced Takeda's former injury, noted his fighting style and able to deduce where he was going to attack from. Even both Siegfried and Niijima, both remarkably genius characters well known for their intellect were shocked by Lugh's strategic fighting style noting how dangerous he is in and out of combat. He was able to counter Takeda's Warp Punch and even adapt the basics of the technique to his own fighting style, despite it having just seen it once. Even Ogata, a master of Yami and master manipulator, complimented Lugh's intelligence.
  • Acrobatic Skill: Like Siegfried, Lugh is very acrobatic, as most of his attacks involve him rotating rapidly to accumulate both attacking and defensive power. Siegfried noted the similarity to his own fighting style. With these bizarre traits, Lugh is capable of putting Takeda on the defense for most of their fight. Lugh is even able to move his fingers in a fast and bizarre manner, which Kisara said was gross. His legs are just as flexible, being able to lock Takeda's arm with just one leg while still standing. As his fighting style revolves around locks, Lugh typically uses his arms to grab his opponents and is very flexible in using his arms to take his opponents down.
  • Master Strategist: Lugh is a master manipulator in and out of combat. He uses a psychological attack by stating that Takeda's heart was broken from having his left pinky broken and how Lugh is able to overwhelm him for most of the fight, causing Takeda to lose his cool twice in the fight and resulting in Lugh almost breaking his neck from those two times. Even in the heat of combat, Lugh is able to get inside his opponents head to have them attack recklessly, something Niijima was amazed at.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Despite his slender build, Lugh has shown to be fairly durable, as he took a direct attack from Takeda's fist in the back of the head and got up with little effort. Even after receiving a massive beating from Takeda in their second fight, Lugh was able to counter despite having broken some ribs and almost defeat Takeda had the latter not counter with a clinching move.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Lugh's greatest strength is not his keen intellect or his skills in locks, but rather his hearing. Having to rely on his ears to fight, Lugh has strengthened his ears to hear even the faintest of sounds, from when humans move their muscles, to even the direction they are going to attack from. It is because of this Lugh is able to predict where his opponent is going to attack from (though he would later reveal he can hear them because his opponents release their Ki from their body). According to Lugh, those that have sight have difficulty to achieve this level of sense of sound, but he himself is able to achieve it and it is because he is blind that makes him strong. By his own admission, he is able to hear from one kilometer away. During the battle against the armed members of Yomi, Lugh was able to see where the battle of the masters to place whereas Takeda pointed in the wrong direction.
  • Strong Sei Ki: Lugh is a Sei type fighter with a considerably powerful Ki for someone who seemingly is from at most an expert class. It was so dark that Miu instinctively assumed a defensive stance when she felt it. Even Takeda was terrified of when Lugh unleashed a large amount of it and fought wildly because of it. On top of that, Shigure rushed back to the disciples ahead of the other masters because she felt Lugh's aura from very far away and felt that it was strong enough to be a threat to the disciples. According to Odin, because he is blind, Lugh kneads Ki inside of himself and stores it, making Lugh, "in a way," the most outstanding of all the YOMI members. Lugh has not yet mastered his Ki yet, but according to Ogata Isshinsai, if he succeeds in learning how to release his Ki, he will become the YOMI disciple closest to master level in terms of Ki, though he noted that Lugh was taking too much time to achieve this. His Ki sensing skills are so great he's able to perceive where his opponent's are by his sensing skills. However, Takeda managed to use this against him to cause him to sense where he believed he was going to strike when nothing was there causing Takeda to make a counterattack.

Yami/YOMI Saga[]

Ethan Stanley Arc[]

Lugh is first shown shadowed as Ogata introduces him and two other disciples from the shadows.

Titan Arc[]

Lugh, is first introduced in a meeting with the other members of Yomi as Mikumo gathers them for a meeting. He is later seen in a limo with Berserker and Ryuto and talks about how he knows that Ogata is taking so many disciples in to Yomi since if they "break" he has backups and notes they are just test subjects. He admits his worry for Rimi and notes that Ogata would like them to surpase him someday and likely kill him with their own strength as he sees it. Berserker notes he seems to see well and Lugh agrees with him. They all later arrive at the location of the Shinpaku Alliance is at outside Ogata's castle. He seems interested in the alliance stating he feels they are all fascinating fighters. As Kenichi asks who he is Lugh properly introduces himself and decides to ignore Ryuto's order to return to the castle due to his interest in the alliance. As he wonders if the masters have found Ogata, Kenichi asks if he's aware of Ogata's treatment towards his disciples, Lugh

Lugh snaps Siegfrieds neck

says he joined Yomi having already been informed of that information and Kenichi declares he will defeat him as a Katsujinken with Lugh not expecting anything less. When he goads them to charge him, Ukita is the first to charge at him but is saved by Siegfried at the last minute when Lugh reached out to grab him and has his fingers move in a very gross movement as noted by Kisara. As Siegfried reveals he discovered what kind of man Lugh is, Lugh takes his fighting stance revealing he can use Seikuken as everyone discover that Lugh is actually blind. As Sieg decides to have him attack him first, Lugh takes up on his offer and snaps his neck. Thor attacks in rage over Sieg's presumed death and grabs his left arm and breaks it and as he attempts to finish him, Siegfried rises having snapped his neck back into place, noting his technique is locks, to which Lugh agrees. He commends Thor for changing the direction of his joint so he only had his arm dislocated rather than broken noting how he came prepared for battle. He challenges anyone to fight him while mocking Niijima's tactics stating they won't fight as a group but rather one-on-one and opens his eyes stating he sees things like this very well. As he prepares to fight Kenichi, Takeda steps in and declares to fight him first. As they fight, Lugh asks what happened to his left arm,

Takeda vs Lugh

shocking everyone as Lugh notices there used to be an injury their, prompting Takeda to state he talks a lot and launches several fists at him only for Lugh to easily dodge them using an Ancient Martial Art sliding step move. Takeda then strikes fast only for Lugh to block it commenting that his hand won't hold up from this for long and then uses his Illusionary Left as Lugh dodges trying to grab his left wrist as Lugh comments that if he guards his wrist he can't even use half his strength. As Takeda falls for his taunts, Lugh grabs him and places him in a headlock and as he attempts to break his neck, Takeda attacks

Takeda strikes Lugh on the back of his head

him from behind and breaks free. Lugh easily gets up and comments on how he broke out as Takeda notices his left pinky is broken and his right knee is dislocated. He then asks if Takeda's heart is now broken, but Takeda won't fall that easily, prompting Lugh to comment he has more backbone than he thought. He tells Takeda it's about time he took this seriously, prompting Takeda to agree and take his restraints off which Lugh said was easy to hear clanking around.

As Takeda now fights seriously, he strikes with fast powerful jabs only for Lugh to continue to dodge. Takeda then makes different noises to confuse Lugh to make a storm of feints with meaningless noises and jabs upward that seems to hit Lugh, but really was a jab to the stomach that Lugh caught. He gets away before Lugh grabs his arm and Takeda continues to attack as Lugh spins around and strikes Takeda from behind as Siegfried notices it's the same as his fighting style and Miu notices he's reading the impact of the air and skin in the fight. Lugh mentions that even when the human muscles move he can pick up even the faintest of sounds from them and tells Takeda knowing of his attacks there won't be a clean hit. He says this is a difficult level to achieve for those who can see, and it's not that he's strong that he can't see, but rather he's strong because he cannot see. He tells Lugh to not get cocky just cause he can hear his body movements as Lugh says it's a shame for Takeda since his skills are Yomi level and that it was bad luck he's his opponent stating if he was fighting Odin or even Berserker it would have been a good fight. He trips Takeda and grabs his right arm as breaks free and Lugh goes on to say Takeda is a boxer and he's a submission man stating because of their fighting styles, Takeda is a perfect target for him. Takeda then chooses to let Lugh take his left arm and as Lugh does, Takeda thanks him for reminding him of his master saying "turn your trauma into a weapon" and lunges at Lugh asking who caught who.

As he prepares to break Takeda's arm, he exhales himself and asks if Takeda's content with losing his arm,

Takeda gives Lugh his left arm

Takeda says this is the path he's chosen and Lugh states he will accept his determination as a fellow martial artist. Just before he can destroy his arm, Kenichi interferes, saving the both of them from destroying each

Kenichi stops the fight

other. As Kenichi states that their masters would be disappointed with them destroying themselves, he asks Lugh if they can consider this his loss, seemingly surprising Lugh. Lugh then senses a strong will and decides to leave stating he's grateful to have witness the light of the Katsujinken. He says that time is up and leaves, but warns Takeda the next time they meet, he'll crush him first. He then gets in the limo and tells Ryuto and Berserker about how they referred to Kenichi as "just an idiot" saying that wasn't very nice and realizes they fed him false information on purpose.

He and the others then arrive back at a new hideout and Lugh smells that it's a new building and that Yami always surprises him. He is greeted by Ogata and of hearing of his plan to get rid of the old hideout, Lugh realizes it was a bluff to make the enemy think they have superiority. Ogata then asks how were the disciples and Lugh says they were unusual and Ogata agrees and decides to let him and the others feed on them, prompting Mikumo to group them with Hermit, Rachel and Chikage to assist them in their task.

He later arrives at the amusement park with the other Yomi members. At night, Lugh partners with Rimi as they confront Takeda and Miu and agrees with their statements on Rimi's costume being bothersome and tells her to take it off stating he doesn't want to be mistaken as an idiot with her. Lugh then faces off against

Lugh grabs onto Takeda

Takeda again and easily dodges his attacks like before. During their fight, Lugh and Rimi reveal the other members of YOMI are also with them and Lugh tries to grab Takeda arm and neck, but Takeda is able to throw him off before he dislocates his arm. As Takeda gets distracted by Miu going after Rimi's shoes, Lugh tells him not to get distracted and locks his right arm in his leg, but Takeda breaks free. Lugh then continues to goad Takeda about how much he cares for his happy life, his left arm and his life. He asks what happened to his resolve by putting his left arm on the line and his desire to win. Then, with an insane look, Lugh gets close questioning if he's asking for too much. Takeda, scared, unleashes a fury of punches trying to calm himself. However, Lugh takes

Lugh hits takeda's joints

advantage of his confusion and grabs his sleeve and throws him rapidly. Takeda recovers but Lugh appears behind looking insane again saying tidbits about joints which causes Takeda to lose it again and Lugh grabs his left arm prepared to break it only for Takeda to break out of it in time prompting Lugh to comment on his skills stating he was trained by a good master. Takeda then takes his jacket off and tries to figure what dark aura is around him as Lugh says if not for him being a boxer, he'd have a better

Lugh's Ki

chance against him. Takeda then states he's started to sense Lugh's ki and Lugh says he has Sei ki just like Kenichi which prompts Takeda to tell him not to talk as if he's the same.

As Lugh tells Takeda for martial artists to grow stronger by devouring the possibilities of other fighters, he lunges at Takeda and uses his first hitting technique on Takeda's leg. Takeda notes he's attacking his joints and can only defend as his left knee is almost popped out of place. As he tries to wonder why Lugh is going this far, Lugh perceives what he was thinking and notes Takeda isn't willing to bet his life like last time and that he now fears him. Takeda stops him and punches at him, but Lugh dodges as Takeda tells him that he'll devour him instead as a Katsujinken and chooses to beat him up stating he's not good at thinking things up like Kenichi. As Lugh questions if he's going to stop him but not kill him, he jumps to him stating it's fascinating. However, Takeda instead runs away.

As Takeda tries to hide, Lugh easily finds him stating he can easily find someone a kilometer away, causing

Takeda runs into a mirror house

Takeda to run into the mirror house room. As Lugh mocks him stating he's run into the worse area possible for someone who uses there sight to see, Takeda punches what he thought was Lugh but his reflection on the mirror and breaks it and hurts his hand. Lugh grabs him from behind, but Takeda breaks free as Lugh uses the house to his advantage as Takeda starts attacking wildly breaking mirror's and causing his hands to bleed and Lugh to attack him from the shadows which has Takeda eventually collapse to the ground. Lugh then approaches the fallen Takeda and notes he's thinking of Miu and how she's likely about to die at the hands of Rimi causes Takeda to lung out with a fist stopping Lugh and realizes how he couldn't save Miu from the time against Sho. Just then, Takeda notices something the the broken mirror about his jab which has Lugh question if it's a last shadow of his boxing life. As Lugh believes he's just lost it having lost too much blood he attempts to end this and is shocked as Takeda

Takeda gives up his left arm again

reaches out his left arm like before. As Lugh questions his motives and that he almost lost last time, Takeda grins tempting him on to grab it, causing Lugh to question himself again as Takeda mocks him asking if he was ready to kill him. Lugh does exactly what he wants and grabs his left arm and breaks it. As Lugh celebrates breaking Takeda's arm, he is shocked to see

Lugh "grabs" Takeda

he's holding nothing and Takeda finally lands his first blow on Lugh using his Illusionary Left Straight. Lugh notes if that was a full blow he'd be done now and demands to know why he didn't destroy Takeda's left arm and Takeda refuses to tell and lunges at the blind man with a new resolve. Lugh continues to dodge and grabs his right leg only for Takeda to counter with his Dog Fight Below with several punches. As Lugh recovers he realizes Takeda discovered his secret and Takeda reveals that he's doing the same Ki utilization as him and that he didn't try to take his arm, but the Ki from which

Takeda lands his first hit on Lugh

he released from it. He then yells that Lugh was just tricking him about hearing his muscles and realizes he was just sensing his Ki from the start, but Lugh states he's half right that he was hearing him from the Ki he releases from his body. They continue to fight as Takeda uses a new move called Warp Punch on Lugh's face, shocking him. He then lunges at Lugh again completely overwhelming him and sending him flying out of the mirror house, but Lugh still manages to not get hit by all of them. Lugh admits his gratitude about his fight with Takeda, but warns him that he's now come up with a counter attack against him, prompting Takeda to be shocked having just made up this. As Lugh admits his pleasure of being able to release his power inside him as he prepares to counter, they both sense a strong Ki and are shocked to see Isshinsai Ogata appear.

Takeda punches Lugh

He then admits his surprise with his master's appearance, but Ogata states he has just come to watch and will not interfere with their death match. 

Lugh breaks Takedas arm

As Ogata notes Lugh is in a bind with Takeda, Lugh states he's mistaken and that Takeda is just using a portion of his ki and has already discovered something to counter his Warp Punch, impressing Ogata. When Takeda is left open from the surprise of Ogata, Lugh goes on the offensive again and continues to attempt to grab Takeda but he responds with more punches causing Lugh to defend. Seeing an opening, Takeda strikes with his Warp Punch landing a blow on Lugh's face, but Lugh locks his arm using his neck. With his arm locked, Takeda uses his left arm and strikes a powerful uppercut to Lugh. Takeda notes he's fought so cautiously till now and that he tried to imitate one of his moves. Lugh acknowledges his statements, but gained more from sacrificing

Takeda awakens his Ki

himself. He then reveals he let Takeda attack him and broke Takeda's left hand and takes satisfaction having finally accomplished destroying some of his arm. Takeda enraged, shouts he's done it now while Lugh questions that he was just willing to throw away his left hand a while ago and says he is lucky that he wasn't able to destroy it completely. As Takeda states how important his left arm is to a boxer, unknowingly releases all of his Sei ki, shocking Lugh. As he notes how intense his ki is, Ogata gives him some advice to

Takeda and Lugh final clash

defeat Takeda quickly and swears he'll defeat him with his next attack even at the cost of his life. Lugh and Takeda lunge at each other prepared to end the fight for good. Rushing in at each other, Takeda strikes with his Warp Punch landing in

Lugh goes for the kill

Lugh's rib cage and between his pelvis and breaks his ribs, but Lugh allowed to let his ribs be broken to injure Takeda in the process and grabs his left arm in the process. Having grabbed his arm, Lugh makes Takeda believe he's going for his arm again, but rather, his medulla, which if Takeda steps back, Lugh will break his neck and win.

Takeda grabs Lugh

However, Lughs shocked to see Takeda stepping forward and is going to use a grappling move in boxing. Takeda states how boxing has one move in grappling and performs a clinching move. Having been clinched, Lugh refuses to lose and notes Takeda's ki is rising for his thrust and Takeda unleashes his Pressing Liver Blow in the ribs, causing Lugh to cough up blood. 

Takeda defeats Lugh

With little strength he has left, Lugh falls in disbelief over how he was hit by Takeda by this and loses consciousness and falls to the ground defeated.

His body was later taken by Ogata as he and Berserker leave the park.

The Eternal Sunset Arc[]

Lugh was later seen training for the upcoming battles with Yami. As when a wooden post almost hit him, Berserker blocked it as he thanked him. He was later present with all of the Yomi members together being lead by Kajima for battle.

He was later seen with the rest of YOMI (minus Kajima) facing the Shinpaku Alliance. After Kenichi, Miu and Niijima escape, he and the other disciples charge the Shinpaku Alliance.

However, Lugh and the other unarmed YOMI disciples remain on the sidelines during the ensuring battle. He then notices that Chikage has been retrained as she enters the battle.

After Chikage's assault on the armed division's lack of honor and ganging up on the Shinpaku Alliance, Lugh allies with the alliance temporarily as he targets Rin's disciple.

Once they start to overwhelm the weapons team Hyougo starts to have them work together more effectively. Just then, two masters: Chin Sougaku (crescent moon spade) and Ortal Sin (jamadhar) arrive and begin to put pressure on them. However, Ryuto, Renka, Koan Shokatsu and Genson Ryu, Renka's fellow disciples, also arrive and attack the enemy reinforcements. Once Ryuto tells them what to do, Lugh fights along side his YOMI disciples against Chin backing up Ryuto.

Afterwards once the YOMI forces retreat, Lugh and everyone else celebrate the collapse of Yami.


In the Epilogue, Lugh was praised by his master for disobeying his orders.

Battle Log[]

Present Battles[]

  • vs Takeda Ikki (interrupted by Kenichi)
  • vs Takeda round 2 (Lost)


  • The name Asuka means "to fly" (飛) (asu) and "bird" (鳥) (ka).
    • His alias name Lugh means "shining, flashing light" in Irish.
      • He is named after Lugh, a deity from Irish and Celtic Mythology who was praised as a hero and a high king of the distant past with his mighty spears and sling. The name Lugh can also be translated as "the shining one" or the "one with the strong hand".
  • Asuka's surname Akatsuki means "dawn, daybreak" (暁).


  • Lugh was born blind.[1]
  • Lugh is able to pretty accurately tell a person's age from the sound of their breathing and the sound of their heart.[2]


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