• Bagua's Seiryuu Tansou: Yinlin first aims for her opponent's eyes, then strikes their lower body, then turns to strike them in the stomach then finishes this move with her knocking her opponent onto the ground.
  • Bagua 72 Antai (Bagua's 72 Hidden Kicks): Yinlin attacks her opponent with a series of powerful kicks. This is one of the secret techniques of Bagua.
  • Bagua Tashin Kaei (Bagua Fleeing Shadow): Yinlin turns away from her opponent as a feint, in order to strike her opponent with her palms.
  • Mudwading Step: The user surrounds their opponent in all directions by moving very fast, traping their opponents in circular area.
  • Kouho Haiho: This technique, also known as the stepping method, is derived from Baguazhang. When the toes come together it is called Kouho, and when they pivot out it is called Haiho. The key to this technique is how the user moves their feet, now that the user stepped forward with the right foot they can put all their weight on it and that leaves the left foot free, allowing them to pivot away to the other side of the opponent. The user leaves their upper body in place until the very last moment, and by pivoting away, the user can easily avoid their opponent's attacks. Once mastered, this technique can be used to catch their opponent's off guard and knock them onto the ground before they can react. Kenichi was taught this technique by Miu Fūrinji, and it is one of the first techniques that Kenichi learns.
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