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The Face I Don't Want to Show ((見せたくない顔!, Misetakunai Kao!?) is the 10th chapter of the Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple manga written and illustrated by Syun Matsuena it also known as Battle 10.


Kenichi wanted Saijo to take back calling the former an idiot, but the latter refuses unless he was knocked down. Kenichi tried dodging Saijo's first punch like he did with Daimonji, but the punch was too fast followed by a heavy kick into Kenichi's stomach. Daimonji wanted Kenichi to get back up and show him that move he used to win at the Karate Club, but Kenichi was still on the ground, grabbing his stomach in pain. Saijo was about to walk away until Kenichi grabbed him by one of his ankles to take back the insult only to be stomped on again. Saijo walked away, but he felt the pain from Kenichi's hold and saw a bruise. Saijo left confused on how the beginner has that much strength.

At Ryouzanpaku dojo, Miu heard Kenichi returning, but was horrified to see Kenichi covered in bruises. Kenichi went to start training. Miu wanted look at Kenichi's face, but was stopped by Sakaki who told her that there's a face a man can't show a girl.

As Kenichi got his wounds treated by Akisame, Kenichi complained that he did all that training and got killed almost instantly. Kenichi told Akisame (with the other masters overhearing) that he believes he needs strength and courage to show what is right. Akisame then told Kenichi that he'll start learning techniques tomorrow. Apachai is ready to train Kenichi, but the others want him to do it tomorrow.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • Kenichi vs. Saijo (Winner: Saijo)

Chapter Notes[]

  • The Ryouzanpaku masters will start teaching Kenichi fighting techniques


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