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Battle 105 is also called "Become The Master of Yourself!!"


Kenichi kept Shigure from attacking the Valkyries and decided to leave. But Kisara woke up and wanted to leave while proclaiming that she hates women with weapons and big breasts. Kisara remembers that she only wanted to fight men with her own strength, not with a weapon. Shigure knocked out Kisara to keep Kisara from fighting while injured, but the Valkyries still decided to fight Shigure. Kenichi didn't want Shigure to use her sword or any bladed weapon. Shigure used a wooden spoon made by Akisame and surprisingly cut all the Valkyrie's weapons into pieces. Shigure lectured them on mastering themselves before mastering a weapon. The Valkyries went to fight Shigure with just their fists until their clothes were torn by the spoon as well forcing them to retreat. Shigure wanted to take Kenichi and Kisara back to Ryouzanpaku, but Kisara got back up and went to finish some business.

At Ragnarok hideout, Kisara came to see Freya, but was ambushed by some Lokis. However, she defeated some of the doppelgangers despite her injuries. She then told Freya that she wanted to choose her own path and left Ragnarok before leaving through a window. Loki wanted to chase after, but Freya told him not to and figured out that anyone that came into contact with the Shinpaku Alliance became strange.

At Ryouzanpaku, Shigure returned with Kenichi and Miu and everyone was finally able to eat. However, Miu was worried that Kisara's injuries weren't tended and wondered if she was alright.

At school, Kenichi and Miu saw Kisara and saw that she was alright then informed on the kitten was okay as well. Kenichi just remembered that Ryouzanpaku would take the kitten in Ryouzanpaku.

The girls rushed to vet only to find that someone had adopted the kitten. The two female fighters punished Kenichi for giving the info too late.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • Shigure vs. Valkyries (Winner: Shigure, Valkyries ran away after their clothes were torn)
  • Kisara vs. Loki doppelgangers (Winner: Kisara)

Chapter Notes[]

  • Kisara left Ragnarok


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