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Battle 150 is also called "That's it!"


Sakaki was thrown into the hotel's pool and climbed out of it with rage.

Back in the tower, Eclair broke Gauche's leg so he wouldn't escape during his fight with Kenichi. Eclair kicked Kenichi into the air from behind. Miu tried to stop him, but Eclair used his kicks to shred her clothes. Eclair explained that Yami hired him to kill Gauche unless he could still be useful. Eclair heard rumors that Yami "Essence of Killing" declared war on Ryouzanpaku "Essence of Life". Kenichi recovered and attacked Eclair. Gauche offer Kenichi money if he survives and wins, but Miu says Kenichi is only fighting for his principles. Eclair fought Kenichi with his eyes closed, but that got him hit by Sakaki. After seeing Kenichi hurt and Miu half naked, Sakaki was more enraged and would've beat him to death if Kenichi and Miu hadn't stopped him.

The next day, Honmaki informed Sakaki that Eclair escaped the hospital on the second day. Sakaki warned them, but Eclair's hiding behind big shots and could be out of the country. Also Gauche donated all his assets and went to the mountains. Akisame and Ma were treating to Kenichi's wounds and were amazed on how much stronger he has become.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • Kenichi vs. Eclair (interrupted by Sakaki)
  • Sakaki vs. Eclair: Round 3 (Winner: Sakaki)

Chapter Notes[]

  • Christopher Eclair was caught, but escaped from jail


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