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Caught During a Stroll Around the Neighborhood!! (町内一周中にバッタリ!!, Chounai Isshū Naka ni Battari?) is the 17th chapter of the Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple manga written and illustrated by Syun Matsuena it also known as Battle 17.


One night, Niijima was watching on how Koga's kicks, Ukita's throws, and Takeda's punches a group of deliquents.

At Ryouzanpaku, Kenichi was in the middle of his training of doing punches taught by Sakaki. Sakaki kept telling Kenichi that he keeps punching the wrong way so the former punched a wall to show how it was done. Kenichi thought it was impossible to it with such large muscles until Miu (who Sakaki said had less strength than Kenichi) punched a branch off a tree in 6 punches (when it looked like 3 to Kenichi). Soon, Ma showed up, since it was his turn to train Kenichi. Ma wanted Miu to help make a demonstration, but she left thinking he'll do something perverted. Ma had Kenichi do an exercise of swinging up and down his arms down repeatedly while going around the block.

Miu joined Kenichi in his walk to make sure he doesn't go missing. Suddenly, Koga shows up with some underlings from Ragnarok to bring Kenichi to Takeda. But when Koga saw Miu, he decided to beat up Kenichi and take Miu for himself before bringing Kenichi to Takeda. Luckily, Sakaki show up.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • Kenichi vs. Koga (starting)

Chapter Notes[]

  • Kenichi is about to battle Koga
  • The chapter was dedicated to Eldo


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