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Battle 173 is also called "God of Destruction that Lives Under a Bridge"


Under a train bridge, Takeda has been waiting for a famous boxer named, James Shiba, to come out of his shack and train him as his disciple.

A few days ago, Takeda asked Niijima for help on becoming stronger. Niijima pointed that the other captains were absent from the Shinpaku Alliance hideout, since they were training. Niijima told Takeda to find his own sacred place to improve himself.

Back in the present, Kenichi and Natsu came to give Takeda food and to see who James Shiba.

Takeda explained that after checking out all the boxing gyms, he started doubting that if there ever was a sacred place. Then, Takeda witnessed someone carrying some groceries being attacked by Yakuza. But the guy tossed his groceries in the air, beat them all up with amazing punches, and put all the groceries back into the bag before they could hit the ground. Takeda wanted to talk to him only to get punched in the gut from an unusual stance.

At Ryouzanpaku, Takeda was told that he had seen James Shiba, the God of Destruction of the Underground Boxing World. Akisame wanted Takeda to give up on making him his master only for personal reasons. Sakaki also explained that Shiba left the martial arts world after getting seriously injured. Even after all that, Takeda still decided on training under James Shiba.

Back in the present, Kenichi yelled to Shiba about what Akisame told him and Takeda. After hearing the speech was from Akisame, James Shiba finally came out after being in the shack for two days. Shiba made some swift punch around Kenichi, Takeda, and Natsu, but he took their wallets with money and told them that he won't take disciples just because he knew Akisame. Even after that, Takeda was still determined to make Shiba his master.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • None

Chapter Notes[]

  • The Shinpaku Alliance went to train to get stronger in different ways:
    • Siegfried went to Tibet
    • Kisara is training with Freya
    • Ukita is visiting his old master
  • Siegfried goes to a music school and is a very special scholarship student
  • Akisame has a deep rivalry towards James Shiba


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