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Battle 188 is also called "Tragic Disciple"


Kenichi got up and saw that the avalnche in front of him. Radin's guru disposed Radin after seeing how he would never be able to master Pencak Silat. Radin threatened his guru that's he a prince born to be king, but his guru claimed himself as the Demon Fist God, Silcardo Jenazad. Kenichi was struggling to move, but lost too much blood from his fight. Luckily, Natsu showed up on a snowmobile to rescue Kenichi. Kenichi tried to get Radin to come with him, but Radin choled Kenichi. Radin claimed that he'll use any dirty tactics and betrayal, but threw Kenichi to Natsu claiming that he'll never accept pity from the enemy, since he's a king. The avalanche buried the crown prince and was still chasing Kenichi and Natsu.

In the morning, the principal and Miss Ono were still searching for Kenichi, Miu, Natsu, and Niijima. Niijima emerged out of his biovac and got out with Kenichi, Miu, and Natsu to show that they're okay.

At Ryouzanpaku, Miu woke up worried that Kenichi had died. But saw that Kenichi was alive and bringing her a replacement towel. Miu hugged Kenichi for relief, but Kenichi was still hurt from his knife wound from the trip. The elder was worried that Yami did something that not even he would forsee.

At YOMI Headquarters, the other YOMI members heard about Radin's demise and about Silcardo training another disciple to his Radin's level straight away. Sho then asked whose turn is next.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • None

Chapter Notes[]

  • Radin Tidat Jihan seemingly died from an avalanche
  • Apachai knows a member of Yami


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