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Battle 345 is also called "Slow Starter!?"


Sakaki brought Kenichi and Miu to an abandoned facility where Kenichi was suppose to fight Ethan. Sakaki left, since masters aren't suppose to get involved in their disciple's battles.

Inside, Kenichi and Miu saw Pollux ready to fight in a loincloth for better movement and Chikage acted as referee and a witness to the battle. Chikage believed that Pollux would win, since he's been on missions to warm up for his battle. Chikage remembered her master telling her to witness the battle to see the flaws of Katsujinken. The match started with Ethan charging at Kenichi only to be blocked by Kenichi's Geimon Teppi. Kenichi used multiple attacks showing that he's already raging for a strong thirst for battle. Miu explained that Kenichi was forced to spar with the elder until a little while ago. Kenichi blocked a strike that he thought would kill him, but Pollux striked a critical point to Kenichi' guard arm to make his arm numb and his movements slower.

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  • Kenichi vs. Pollux (ongoing)

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