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Battle 347 is also called "Trump Card"


Kenichi was laughing in a pinch, since fighting was also about mental tactics. The laugh stopped Pollux's fierce attacks for an instant. However, Kenichi was thrown and was about to be kicked until he remembered about the elder warning him about Maharshiva Kick and barely dodged it. Kenichi was hit by another of Pollux's Kalari kicks, since he was also worried about Rachel being taken by Silcardo Jenazad. Chikage remembers about her master telling her not to get her heart shaken to stay strong. Chikage was suddenly overcome by her emotions. Pollux kicked Kenichi, but Kenichi was able to destroy the kick's point of impact. Kenichi remembered what Akisame and Ma taught him that he shouldn't hold back because of his emotions and Sakaki and Apachai would tell him to worry about it after defeating his opponent. Pollux's body was flexible like a whip to dodge Kenichi's attacks. Kenichi wished he'd met Pollux under different circumstances while Pollux wishes to meet Kenichi in a different world before they made their charged at each other. Kenichi tried to use Mubyoshi, but his left arm was numb. Kenichi put down his arm to use the second technique the elder taugh him, Korui Nuki.

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  • Kenichi vs. Pollux (ongoing)

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