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Battle 348 is also called "Korui Nuki"


Pollux charges at Kenichi, the latter remembers that the elder taught him the foundation of martial arts were from his lower body. Pollux beoke Kenichi's arm while he was dashing, but Kenichi counters with Korui Nuki which he learned from the elder to break Pollux's guard and beat him. Miu noticed that Kenichi poured the power into his legs like when he jumped from building to building. While losing consciousness, Ethan remembers the time he spent with his sister. Chikage was about to declare Kenichi the winner, but Kenichi picked up Pollux to tell him to help rescue Rachel from Yami. Chikage told Kenichi about Rachel's whereabouts while healing his arm by smacking it. Kenichi called his masters to help in case they ran into any masters.

At one of Yami bases; Ma, Akisame, and Sakaki were working on a surprise attack on Yami with the police.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • Kenichi vs. Pollux (Winner: Kenichi)

Chapter Notes[]

  • Ethan was the fourth member of Yomi to be defeated


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