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Battle 349 is also called "Commence the Break In"


Mikumo heard that Pollux lost to Kenichi with the elder teasing her about it.

At one of Yami's bases as Sakaki was proud of Kenichi's victory, Ma and Akisame were worried about there being 2 master class fighters in there. They concluded that since Yami has bases over Japan meaning that they're popular with the upper echlons of the government. The 3 masters were planning something, but the commanding officer of Japanese police was impatient and charged in there after hearing that Yami doesn't have any weapons.

At the abandoned facility, Miu finished patching up Pollux. Pollux wanted to rescue Rachel by himself, but Kenichi wanted to come as the loser must obey the winner as part of Yami's logic. Chikage warned them what was at the Yami base.

Back at the Yami base, the police rushed in with flash grenades only to find one person. The person was Cyril Rahman, one of the Nine Fists of Yami and used his Fear Mantra to stun the policemen before attacking. The 3 masters rushed in there to save the policemen. Akisame and Ma revive the policemen who had their organs stopped. Cyril made it into the helicopter after the info was disposed, but Sakaki caught up to him. Unfortunately, Silcardo, another of the Nine Fists was on the helicopter as well.

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