Battle 34 is also called "A New Killing Method!"


Tsuji takes off his shirt before he battles Kenichi as the former thinks that how men solve arguments. But, Kenichi thinks he's a coward for using fist while lost on logic. The insult made Tsuji angry and attack Kenichi out of rage while saying real morons call someone else a moron.  Kenichi dodged Tsuji's punch and countered with his own hard punch, however, the hit had little effect. Kenichi dodged some more of Tsuji's attack while getting another hit in. Tsuji's men were surprised that Kenichi was able to get two hits in on Tesuji. Miu and Kensei Ma were watching the battle from behind the bushes with Kenichi lecturing Miu on a battle isn't decided by skill alone. Tsuji then goads Kenichi to hit him again, but the former blocked the hit with his forehead and broke Kenichi's fist. Tsuji then stomped on Kenichi's foot and punched him hard. Ma knew that Tsuji was more used to fighting. Miu wanted to help Kenichi, but Ma prevented her from interfering.  Tsuji wanted Kenichi to be one of his men as the Kenichi gets back up, but he refuses. Kenichi kept fighting, but Tsuji was more experienced in fighting and kept beating up Kenichi. Miu wanted to help, but Ma stopped her again. Tsuji told Kenichi that he was weak, but Kenichi got back up while bluffing that he hasn't started fighting yet. Tsuji believes and stops holding back.

Characters that Appeared


  • Kenichi vs. Tsuji (ongoing)

Chapter Notes

  • Ma wanted Kenichi to learn the "Knack of Fighting" by being beaten up by Tsuji.
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