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Battle 35 is also called "Help Appears!"


At the Ryouzanpaku dojo, Akisame saw that Apachai was hammering a doll on a tree, worried that Kenichi might be in danger again. Shigure explained to Akisame about that hammering nails into a doll on a tree a hundred times will make the spell work while Akisame tried to warn them of the consequences. The elder chased Apachai and Shigure away for nailing another of the elder's good pine trees.

Back at the park, Kenichi kept enduring the punishment from Tsuji, but was far from giving up. Kenichi then used the first movements he learned from Miu to knock Tsuji down. Unfortunately, that left Kenichi open from an attack from below costing him the fight. Tsuji then went to break Kenichi's leg for not joining his gang. Miu wanted to help, but Ma once again stopped her after seeing that Kenichi was being saved by Takeda. Takeda punched Tsuji to get the latter to let go of Kenichi. Takeda announced to Tsuji and his gang that he's quitting Ragnarok. Takeda also showed them that he can move his left arm again while picking up Kenichi. Tsuji's men were afraid to fight him, until Takeda fled and Tsuji told them that Takeda was bluffing about being fully recovered. Takeda was being chased across a bridge, luckily, Ma showed up and destroyed the bridge to allow Kenichi and Takeda to get away to safety. Takeda was talking to Kenichi that he was looking all over for him to thank him for having Akisame fix his arm, but Kenichi was unconscious.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • Kenichi vs. Tsuji (Winner: Tsuji)

Chapter Notes[]

  • Takeda announced that he's quitting Ragnarök


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