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Battle 350 is also called "Rescue Mission"



Sakaki was worried about fighting two masters of the None Fists. Luckily, Cyril decided to fight Sakaki alone. Sakaki was shaking the helicopter by kicking the floor's plating at Cyril. Sakaki almost indirectly hit Silcardo with the platings. Silcardo then demands Sakaki to tell him his name.

On the ground, Akisame informed the commanding officer that he was incompetent for not listening to him. Kenichi, Miu and Pollux were brought to the Yami base thanks to Chikage. Pollux was about to attack the guard when they were refused entry until Inspector Honmaki came to let them in. Akisame informed them that Sakaki was in the helicopter saving Rachel from Cyril and Silcardo.

Back in the helicopter, Sakaki and Cyril continued to fight. Cyril striked Sakaki's marmams, but Sakaki tightened his muscles so hard that they couldn't be penetrated all while not being forced back. Sakaki grabbed Cyril and attack all around inside the helicopter. Silcardo was interested and wanted to fight, but Cyril forbid him. Cyril then used his Fear Mantra to knock out Sakaki, but he made the pilot lose control and Sakaki wasn't affected. Silcardo grew impatient and started attacking only to see Sakaki jump off the plane with an unconscious Rachel. The helicopter pilot had to adjust the plane to prevent crashing. Sakaki landed on a tree while hoping that Kenichi wouldn't yell at him.

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  • Sakaki vs. Cyril (undecided, Sakaki had to jump off to plane with Rachel)

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