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Battle 351 is also called "Goodbye"


At the Boston Tea Cafe; Kenichi, Ethan and Chikage were having tea. Ethan thanked Kenichi for saving his sister. He heard that Silcardo was more interested in having a death match with Sakaki rather than taking Rachel in as his disciple. Silcardo was also interested in Kenichi after hearing how Kenichi defeated Ethan and was interested in his own ability to raise a disciple. Ethan then informed Kenichi that he's going back to India tomorrow to be retrained as a member of Yomi by his master. Kenichi wanted Ethan to say goodbye to everyone at school, but Ethan told Kenichi that his life at school was a lie.

At Ryouzanpaku, Sakaki was disappointed that they weren't able to use their surprise attack to take down any members of Yami, but they did crush one of Yami's bases. Kenichi was training while being glad that Korui Nuki broke through Ethan's guard even though it was a dangerous skill. Kenichi didn't want to use forceful skills, but the elder explained that he will have to face his problem head on sometime.

At the airport, Rachel wondered what Ryouzanpaku did, but was glad not to be Silcardo's disciple. Ethan explained to Rachel that Kenichi wasn't suited for fighting, but has an enormous heart. As it was almost departure time, Kenichi arrived with Ethan's friends to properly say goodbye. Kenichi soon Ethan's hand before the Stanley Siblings left in the plane for India. Kenichi explained to Miu that no one from the Shinpaku Alliance came, since they wanted to test Ethan. Suddenly, Rachel showed up and put an envelope in Kenichi's shirt pocket and told Kenichi that Ethan was the only one going to India. Rachel was staying in Japan to look for her master, Diego Carlo. Kenichi opened up the letter from Ethan which says, "Please look after my sister."

Characters that Appeared[]


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Chapter Notes[]

  • Ethan left for India to be retrained as a member of Yomi
  • Silcardo was now only interested in Kenichi and his own ability to raise a disciple
  • Rachel stayed in Japan to find Diego Carlo and was under house arrest


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