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Battle 47 is also called "Acquaintances?"


One night, Kisara had just finished beating up a guy from another gang and has her underlings finish off his underlings.

At Ryouzanpaku, Akisame discusses with the other masters that it's time to teach Kenichi "Main Technique Training." Sakaki and Apachai wants the training to be very slow so Kenichi could live. Kenichi heard them discussing how he lives or die while doing push-ups with Shigure on his back. Kenichi wants time to think of when to start.

At Koryou High School, Miss Ono wanted Kenichi and Izumi to water the flowerbeds in the garden. Izumi asked Kenichi if he's going out with Miu. Kenichi was about to answer until Takeda came by announcing he joined the school's boxing club after his arm got healed. He also told Kenichi that Ragnarok is too busy with Kisara being promoted and Tsuji is worried about that to be lynching Takeda. Kenichi told Takeda to warn him for help if he's in trouble before the latter left. Niijima popped out from one of the bushes Kenichi was watering to give Kenichi info about Kisara (a.k.a. Valkyrie) being promoted into the Seven Fists League, now called the Eight Fists League and slowly expanding her territory. Niijima told Kenichi to have a rematch against Tsuji to further some secret plan after spreading rumors to make his men leave him. Niijima then told Kenichi that if he defeats Tsuji then Takeda's lynching may be prevented. Miu then came to walk Kenichi back to the Ryouzanpaku dojo.

While walking back to Ryouzanpaku, Kenichi told Miu that he feels stronger after beating up a shark to save Honoka back at Horniji Island until Miu pointed that Tsuji's nearby talking to Kisara. Tsuji wanted to fight Kisara for the title of being of the Eight Fists of Ragnarok. However, Kenichi knocked out Tsuji from behind when he thought Tsuji was attacking an innocent girl. Kenichi then knocked out Tsuji that were about to attack from behind. Kenichi was proud of what he did until he found out that he needlessly saved Kisara.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • Valkyrie and her gang vs. a bunch of deliquents (Winner: Valkyrie)
  • Kenichi vs. Tsuji: Round 2 (Winner: Kenichi, unoffical due to a cheap shot)

Chapter Notes[]

  • Ryouzanpaku is preparing Kenichi for "Main Technique Training"
  • Kisara is promoted into the Eight Fists of Ragnarok
  • A majority of Tsuji deserted him from Niijima's bad rumors


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