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Battle 49 is also called "Confrontation with Mophead!"


At Ryouzanpaku in the morning, everyone was eating the breakfast Miu prepared for everyone. Sakaki asked Kenichi if he's ready for the technique training, but Kenichi is ignoring it by getting ready for school. The elder prefers that they wait for Kenichi to be ready.

While walking to school, Kenichi was worried that he might not get any stronger even if he does technique training and the masters would be disappointed. Niijima shows up to warn Kenichi is down the route Kenichi and Miu are taking and is still mad for the sneak attack Kenichi gave him last time. But, Kenichi wanted to settle things with Tsuji the right way.

At the spot where Kenichi knocked out Tsuji,  Kenichi showed up to apologize to Tsuji, but the latter wanted a fair rematch especially with all of Niijima's rumors. Just as the match started, Tsuji was defeated by one punch. Kenichi was amazed on how easy he won and Miu told him that his body is ready for technique training. Tsuji got up and wanted his men to leave so they wouldn't share the shame of losing to Kenichi. But, Kenichi told him that he should value his last two men as his friends, which are more valuable than an army. Tsuji left with his friends, but not nefore warning Kenichi that Ragnarok will be lynching off Takeda soon by Kisara's gang with Hermit watching. Niijima explained to Kenichi how Kisara, Hermit, and Loki defeated 50 opponents.

Kenichi and Miu returned to Ryouzanpaku with Kenichi ready for his Technique Training.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • Kenichi vs. Tsuji: Round 3 (Winner: Kenichi)

Chapter Notes[]

  • Niijima spread rumors about Tsuji so he would never make a comeback for his fame in Ragnarok
  • Tsuji and his last two men left Ragnarok for good
  • Tsuji warned Kenichi that Ragnarok is about ready to lynch Takeda with Hermit watching
  • Kenichi is ready for Technique Training


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