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Battle 51 is also called "Tracking the Call!"


At Ryouzanpaku, Kenichi refused to give up training even while unconscious. Sakaki woke up Kenichi with a bucket of water so Miu can tell him Takeda is around the back. Kenichi ran to Takeda after he was given one of his treatments by Akisame. Kenichi shared cell phone numbers with Takeda. Kenichi warned Takeda to call for help if Ragnarok attacks him before Takeda left. As Ma was discussing about cell phones with Kenichi, Apachai wanted one, but they couldn't afford a real one so the elder ripped out the house phone for Apachai to play with.

Near the train tracks, Takeda was walking home until he was ambushed by Kisara's gang. Koga suggested they all beat down Takeda, but Ukita told them he'll do it. Takeda decided to do handle the whole problem without Kenichi's help as he threw his cell phone down. However, the talk button was pushed to call for someone. Ukita complained that Takeda was being sportsman-like for a deliquent. Ukita quickly went for a throw, but he threw Koga around some of the other members of Kisara's gang then over a gate. Ukita announced that he was leaving Ragnarok as well and was ready to fight with Takeda.

At Ryouzanpaku, the call Takeda accidentally made was to Kenichi. Kenichi didn't hear anything so Ma knew that the speed dial button was pressed and heard that Takeda could be near some train tracks.

Back near the train tracks, Takeda and Ukita were doing so well against Kisara's men that Kisara decided to fight them.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • Takeda and Ukita vs. underlings of Kisara (Winner: Takeda and Ukita)
  • Takeda and Ukita vs. Kisara (starting)

Chapter Notes[]

  • Ukita decided to leave Ragnarok


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