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Battle 53 is also called "Shinpaku Alliance!!"


Miu jumps into battle Kisara, because of Kenichi's policy of not fighting females. Kisara was jealous of Miu's well-endowed body and wanted to fight her. Kisara kicked at Miu, but the latter dodged and countered with her own kick.

At Ryouzanpaku, the masters heard about Kenichi going to save Takeda.

Back near the train tracks, Kenichi was storming through Kisara's men like a typhoon. He got even angrier after seeing the condition Takeda and Ukita are in. Unfortunately, one of Kenichi's punches left his arm stuck in a metal fence. Kisara's men saw the opprotunity to attack Kenichi, but Kenichi used the Crane Neck Blow he learned from Sakaki to knock one away.

Miu got distracted of Kenichi in trouble giving Kisara a chance to attack, but Miu ducked so fast that Kisara thought she disappeared. Miu quickly defeated Kisara with a sweep kick and caught her head so the latter wouldn't die. One of Kisara's men was about to strike Kenichi with a knife, but was knocked out from behind by Niijima. Niijima showed up with his own gang calling themselves Shinpaku. Kisara's men took Kisara and fled after seeing the new gang. The Shinpaku freed Kenichi from the fence and carried Takeda and Ukita to the hospital. Kenichi asked why Takeda didn't want his help and teh latter explained about his past. While Kenichi was arguing about the Shinpaku, Miu remembered that Tsuji told them that they were watched by another member of Ragnarok, Hermit.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • Kenichi vs. Kisara's underlings (Winner: Kenichi)
  • Miu vs. Kisara (Winner: Miu)

Chapter Notes[]

  • Kenichi learned the Crane Neck Blow
  • Miu defeated Kisara
  • The Shinpaku Alliance was formed


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