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Battle 542 is titled "Kōsaka Style Final Technique"


Shigure tells Christopher Eclair and Mycroft that she is going to give an opening for escape, requesting Christopher Eclair and Mycroft escape with Kenichi and Miu.  She gives Tōchūmaru to Miu and prepares to fight, taking the stance for the "Kōsaka Style Final Technique".  Her massive ki is felt by all fighters aboard the ship and a member of the Hachiō Executioner Blade wonders if Hachirobe Kōsaka has managed to complete that technique: Sōto Kyōrenzan

The Hachiō Executioner Blade feels power emanating from their weapons and are surprised.  The Hachiō member wearing samurai armor explains that Shigure has transcended Shinto Gōrenzan, not only has she been able to become one with her weapon but has also take her opponent's weapons into her essence as well.  The members of Hachiō Executioner Blade are surprised as they see 'shadows' of Shigure using their weapons against them.  Christopher, Mycroft, Kenichi, and Miu look amazed and Shigure repeats her directive for them to escape as she begins to do battle.

Shigure fights with the Hachiō Executioner Blade and while she is able to hold her ground she gains injuries which prompt Kenichi's concern.  Shigure's emotionless demeanor drops as she expressively shouts for them to leave, blocking the Hachiō Naginata Master with her shadows.  Christopher commends Shigure's strength as their escape is blocked by the Hachiō Knight, whose strike was parried by Mycroft.  One of the police force's ships manages to ram into Yami's tanker but as Christopher and Kenichi jump aboard Mihai Știrbey strikes aiming for Kenichi's neck.  However, Shigure appears and pushes Kenichi out of the way, kicks Știrbey in the face, and blocks the strike which allows for him to escape. 

The police report Kenichi's group escaping the tanker but their radar (as well as the Americans' sattelites) have been jammed, preventing them from tracking its movements.  Kenichi sheds a tear as he looks towards the tanker where Shigure stayed to fight.

Mihai Știrbey is angered at having taken so many injuries as the Hachiō Sword Master prepares to give Shigure the killing blow.  However he is stopped by the Hachiō Samurai, who is asked by the Hachiō Naginata Master is he is sympathizing with her because of Shigure's family name.  The Hachiō Samurai explains that Shigure's weapon indeed is the "holy grail of the weapons' division", prompting Știrbey to comment that Shigure is not needed.  However the Hachiō Samurai reveals that Kōsaka is merely her adopted name and that she is the daughter of Yami's missing blacksmith. 

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  • Shigure vs. Hachiō Executioner Blade

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