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Battle 59 is also called "You Shall Not Pass!!"


Kisara and her gang were walking down the street to take care of Miu and the Shinpaku Alliance, but Kenichi overheard their plans. Kisara told her gang that she plans to embarass Miu by turning the play that she's in into total mayhem. Niijima snuck up from behind Kenichi telling him that it's a good thing, since Kenichi won't have to worry about Miu kissing Natsu and the Shinpaku has already been evacuated to a safe place. Kenichi wanted the play to be ruin and knew Miu would be safe, since the masters were at school, but Kenichi remembered how hard Miu prepared for the play and called them out.

At school, Miu and Natsu were doing the balcony scene of Romeo & Juliet. The masters except Ma wondered why Kenichi didn't show up to watch the play. Ma saw that Natsu used a martial arts step.

Back in the neighborhood, Kenichi dashed in front of Kisara's path to stop her from ruining the play. Kenichi knocked down Koga and the some of Kisara's gang. Kisara decided to fight Kenichi, but the latter refused to fight women. Kisara got mad from Kenichi's policy and attacked him with fury, but Kenichi refused to back down and took the hits.

Kisara remembered a few years ago, she was practicing Taekwondo at a school. Kisara was so good that she could even bet men. Kisara defeated a boy in a match, but later she found out the boy let her win because of her gender making her angry.

Back in the present, Kisara was continuing giving Kenichi a beatdown with her steel-toed boots. But, Kenichi still refused to let Kisara pass with his pride.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • Kenichi vs. Kisara's gang: Round 2 (Winner: Kenichi)
  • Kenichi vs. Kisara (ongoing)
  • In the past - Kisara vs. a boy student (Winner: Kisara, only because the boy let her win)

Chapter Notes[]

  • Natsu revealed that he knows martial arts by his foot movements
  • Kisara's past reveals that she wants to be strong so she wouldn't lose to any guy


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