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Battle 60 is also called "Pierrot"


Kenichi continued to guard against Kisara's attacks until Kisara tricked Kenichi into lowering his guard by saying that he has a crush on her. Kisara decided to forget about destroying the play. Kenichi saved the play, but he remembered that Miu was still going to kiss Tanimoto.

At school, the final scene was about to end as Miu was acting out the death scene of Romeo & Juliet. Everyone in the audience cheered how great the play was. Shigure pointed out that Apachai went missing. Sakaki went to look and saw Apachai joined a basketball gym and was playing a game in the gym. The game was over and Apachai scored the winning basketball and bouncing it off the other team's basket. Before Apachai left, he encouraged the team to try hard and later the team became a contender for the National Title. After the play, everyone congratulated Miu on her acting in the play. Tanimoto greeted the masters, but Akisame told Tanimoto he knew about how he didn't like the acting.

Outside, Kenichi was moping on how he thinks that Miu's going to hate him for missing the play until he saw Tanimoto smashing the flower some girls gave him. He saw Tanimoto with his cold attitude and that he's only acting to be a model student. Tanimoto thinks Kenichi is only acting to be the hero of justice, but Kenichi told him it's true. As Kenichi left, Tanimoto puts on Ragnarok gloves revealing himself as on the Eight Fists.

In front of school, Miu was mad that Kenichi didn't come to see her play, but heard from Niijima that Kenichi fought to protect the play.

Characters that Appeared[]


  • Kenichi vs. Kisara (Draw, Kisara's left the battle)

Chapter Notes[]

  • Kisara decided not to ruin the play
  • Natsu Tanimoto was revealed to be Hermit


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