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Battle 62 is also called "Steel Fist"


Kenichi tried to persuade Hermit to continue the fight off the bus, but Hermit responded by using Uryuu Banda to bend the roof of the bus that was meant for Kenichi. Ma recognize that technique is from Hikaken, a martial arts move that's used for actual combat. Hermit then struck Kenichi from the back of his neck for a kill, but Kenichi quickly recovered with help of his master's harsh training. Hermit told Kenichi that all of the nice things was an act and he'll keep doing it to enter the underworld. The attack on the Drama Club, cleaning up the mess and getting close to Miu was all an act. However, Kenichi saw in Hermit's eyes that he was sad and needed a friend. Hermit knocked Kenichi off the bus, but Kenichi also pushed Hermit off the bus with a Palm Strike. Luckily for both, Kenichi was saved by Sakaki and Hermit barely held onto the bus as he drove away. Sakaki shredded his suit with his ki, but was stopped by Kenichi and Ma. Kenichi believed that he'll fight Hermit again.

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  • Kenichi vs. Hermit (Draw)

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