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[[Category:Chinese Kenpo]]
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(First Seen: Battle 160) A style of fighting that "obtains victory through negative grounds," its style is of ancient origin. The only known practitioners in the manga so far are Li Raichi and her father, the Ground Fist, Li Tenmon. It has been said that it originated from the Eight Immortals of Taoism. It is mostly aerobics and kenpo, but the Chichouken (as explained by Renka) is one of the more difficult forms of kenpo.

Known Users

Known Master's

Known Expert's


Chishou Renkan Shouken Kyappou (First seen: Battle 166): An extremely high level chinese kempo technique and a secret technique of the palm (Zesshou). The user takes a deep breath then charges at the enemy. It involves numerous attacks at the enemy while trapping them in a very small area and then delevering numerous palms and punches in every possible direction.

Zui Quan: Drunken Fist.