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Enshin Chou was the disciple of Jisei Ro.


Chou has always been seen wearing a hooded cowl which completely obscures his features, up until his battle with Natsu Tanimoto.


As mentioned by Rachel, Chou is very distant as he was never shown interacting with any of his fellow YOMI members prior to his death match with Tanimoto, and is usually seen looking out the window of one of YOMI's bases. He is also very stubborn, refusing his master's advise to stand down and forfeit his YOMI seat and openingly challenging Tanimoto.


D of D Tournament Arc[]

He first appears in a YOMI meeting after the apparent death of Radin Tidat Jihan. Later, after Shō Kanō's death, he is seen playing strategy games with Kajima Satomi and Chikage Kushinada. Chou also briefly appeared when Chikage, Kajima, and Rachel and Ethan Stanley were discussing new developments at the school.

Weapon Fighters Arc[]

Chou is the member of YOMI temporarily holding the Moon symbol until Tanimoto had gotten strong enough. The two then fight over the YOMI position, with Chou being slightly stronger than his opponent and matching his opponent attack after attack. Chou loses and coughs up blood when Tanimoto uses the same Kyousa used to defeat Fortuna, losing his position in YOMI.


Chinese Martial Artist: Like most members of Yomi his skill was above Natsu's in Chinese Kenpo. He was able to overpower Natsu for most of the death match and even temporarily KO him with one move. Both his master and Sōgetsu Ma remarked that he's a notch above Tanimoto in everything about Chinese Kenpo except experience in fighting various opponents.

Enhanced Strength: Chou is capable of matching Tanimoto's strength that he gained from Sougetsu's hellish training and was able to to temporarily knock him out which was something Kenichi was unable to do.

Enhanced Speed: He is fast enough to keep up with Tanimoto and temporarily outpace him.

Enhanced Durability: Chou is able to endure several of Tanimoto's techniques all the while delivering his own powerful ones that required the latter to use his most powerful one to defeat him.

Battle Log[]

Vs Natsu Tanimoto (Loss)