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The Disciple Plans Arc is the third arc of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi.


Kenichi vs. Shinnosuke Tsuji[]

After hearing Kenichi defeated Ikki Takeda, Ragnarok sent Shinnosuke Tsuji to fight Kenichi. Kenichi is stronger than Tsuji, but the latter has more fighting experience giving him the victory. Miu Fūrinji wanted to help after watching from the bushes, but Kensei Ma told her that interfering would hurt Kenichi's pride. When Tsuji was about to deliver the final blow, Takeda interferred and took Kenichi to safety. To ensure this, Kensei destroyed the bridge that the chasers were on.

Days at the Dojo[]

Haruo Niijima spread the news about Kenichi's loss to Tsuji having more delinquents chase after Kenichi. The masters at Ryozanpaku decided that Kenichi must live at the dojo as their disciple and train in martial arts 24 hours a day to get stronger.

Dojo Hunters[]

Some Dojo Hunters led by Gonzo Kumidori came to Ryozanpaku Dojo to take their sign. Gonzo wanted to fight Sakaki, but the masters arent’ home. Kenichi quickly stepped in so he didn’t want Miu to fight the dojo hunters. Kenichi didn’t do anything until Gonzo relaxed his muscles. Kenichi delivered a strong punch that gave Gonzo some good damage. Sakaki stepped in after Kenichi’s effort and defeated all of the dojo hunters and sent them to Akisame’s Clinic earning Ryozanpaku a lot more money.

Fūrinji Island[]

Ryōzanpaku decides to go on a vacation to Fūrinji Island and brought Honoka along. But in reality, the masters were actually preparing to throw Kenichi into the martial arts world. At the beach, the masters wanted Kenichi to dive off a cliff and into the ocean, but Kenichi can’t swim. Shigure taught him many swimming techniques, but Kenichi still wouldn’t jump off the cliff when she brought Kenichi there. Suddenly, Honoka drifted off shore and was being attacked by three sharks. Shigure killed one by shooting with arrows, but soon ran out. Kenichi finally gained the courage to jump off the cliff to save Honoka and knocked out the second shark with an elbow strike. Hayato defeated the last one by running on the ocean and punching multiple times in the face. Everyone celebrated Honoka's rescue by having shark for dinner. The masters saw that Kenichi was well on his way to becoming a great martial artist.

Major Fights[]

Arc Notes[]



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