The arc is the eighteenth arc in the series and the seventh story arc in the Yami/YOMI Saga.


Invited to a TournamentEdit

The arc begins in Ryouzanpaku with the dojo receiving a letter to a Southern Island. The elder mentioned that it was invitation sent by Yami. The letter explained that a martial art competition is held called Desperate Fight of Disciples (DofD) with fighters under the age of 20 that have skills from novice to expert can enter. At school, Kenichi Shirahama was watering his plants until Izumi wanted to take Kenichi somewhere during the holidays only to be turned down. In Gymnastic Club, Ikki Takeda wanted Miu Fūrinji to tell Kenichi to stop showing off at the Underground Duel Arena, since James Shiba had to step up his training. Takeda had to wear some contraption from his master to get stronger. Back at the dojo, Shio Sakaki was worried about having Kenichi fight in the tournament. But the elder wanted Kenichi to feel desperation in the tournament to gain more courage. Suddenly, Shigure Kosaka sensed someone was around which was Haruo Niijima hearing about the tournament. He told the Shinpaku Alliance to prepare for a trip to the Southern Island for the DofD Tournament. Nijima informed Freya and Kisara Nanjō while they were sparring with the Valkyries. Takeda heard about while he was training with Shiba in his shack. Nijima gave Thor the news while the latter was pushing boulders up a hill. Kōzō Ukita heard about the tournament while he was training at his old master’s dojo. Finally, Nijima played a flute at the ocean to signal someone. At Tibet, Siegfried was spinning on a wheel (which he planned to do for 40 days) until he somehow heard Nijima’s flute and departed back to Japan. Back at Kenichi’s house, Kenichi was telling his family that he is going on the trip to Southern Islands, but lied about why. His father gave a speech to Kenichi that gave him some courage and be a man. However, Kenichi’s mother found out her husband was hiding things under the bed (indicating that he’s lying). At the ocean, Ryouzanpaku was about to leave until the Shinpaku Alliance (minus Hermit and Siegfried) came to attend the tournament as well, Nijima said the tournament was also a battle between YOMI and the Shinpaku Alliance and a way to make the world learn about the Shinpaku Alliance. Takeda explained about his fights in the underground ring and Kisara explained about her and Freya fighting loads of armed opponents (both surprising Ukita who thought he went under normal training). However, the elder took Kenichi and left with everyone else from Ryouzanpaku on the Sekitoba to the tournament. The elder had cut a line on the dock and told them that the masters may not protect them all before jumping on the Sekitoba. Hermit arrived on a boat telling everyone that the line made by the elder was a sign for those who are willing to cross the line are ready to risk their lives. The Shinpaku Alliance headed got on Hermit’s boat and chased after Ryouzanpaku. At a training facility, Shō Kanō was showing his skills off to sport scientists. Kensei told the scientists that Yami needed the data for Sport Science to progress. Akira Hongō argued with them that martial artists’ abilities can only be measured when they are in a fight to the death. Hongō was talking about the Stanley Siblings (Castor and Pollux) fighting in the DofD Tournament, since Castor’s masters didn’t want them to hold back. Shō wanted to go, but his master forbid it and had him continue training while dodging rubber bullets and electric shocks with less air. While Shō was dodging everything, the Yami masters explained to the scientists that Shō has a body like someone at master level. Kenichi, Miu, and the Ryouzanpaku masters finally arrived at Despair Island for the tournament. The Shinpaku Alliance members are enjoying themselves on the boat (except Ukita who’s thought trained in the wrong dimension) while following Kenichi.

Welcome to Despair IslandEdit

At Despair island, Fortuna (the tournament’s owner) has one of the Nine Fists host it. The fist running it is the Laughing Fist, Diego Carlo, also the master of the Castor Siblings. Diego told Fortuna that he’d invited Ryouzanpaku to participate in the tournament. Ryouzanpaku arrived at the only entrance and found out the island is easy to defend and difficult to attack. Kenichi conviction was crushed by the fear from the tournament, but the masters dragged him in. The inside looked like paradise with a pool, some maids, and a feast. Kenichi’s afraid that Yami will kill them on plain sight, but the masters told him to relax, since they sensed no danger. A woman named Jennifer gave Ryouzanpaku a tour of Despair Island and explained that the only way out is the gate and any trespassing will most likely be deadly. There was an explosion of somebody trying to trespass on the island. What Kenichi doesn’t know is that the boat was the ship the Shinpaku Alliance was on as Matsui’s hat and the flag floated up. At the entry hall, there was a masked theme party with drug cartel leaders, mafia bosses, and weapon dealers that were going to see the fight. Diego jumps onto the stage to explain the DofD Tournament: the fighters have to be 20 years old or younger and it’ll be like a Roman Coliseum. Suddenly, someone hacked into the island’s camera to talk about why they’re not invited as well. A big Shinpaku Alliance logo showed up on the screen meaning that Kenichi’s friends somehow got on the island. Nijima and the underlings (with their faces hidden with the logo) demanded to be entered in the tournament as well. Diego found them behind the monitor forcing the Alliance (Nijima, Takeda, Ukita, Kisara, Thor, and Freya) to come out of hiding. Sakaki punched them all (an extra hard one for Takeda who tried to dodge it) in the head for not listening to the elder. Diego came with a bad tone, but liked the Shinpaku Alliance for putting on a great show and allowed them to enter. They were greeted by the Pankration Team and the leader measured Kenichi’s power by shaking his hand and found out Kenichi was the Strongest Disciple. The leader told his team to crush everyone standing in the way until they’re free. Then Kensei Ma was recognized by the Three Headed Dragon Team: known for the 3 biggest Chinese Martial Arts. The leader insulted Kenichi and the Shinpaku Alliance for how he sees them. Kensei revealed to Kenichi that the Three Headed Dragon and his ancestors fought each other showing the grudge. In Kenichi’s hotel room, the Shinpaku Alliance was also there enjoying themselves until Kenichi asked about Hermit. Matsui explained that Hermit sacrificed himself by acting as a decoy when they were spotted to save the Alliance. However, Kenichi and Nijima believe that Hermit is still alive and hiding somewhere. Outside, Ukita came to tell Kenichi that he was scared and thought he would die from his lack of abnormal training. But, Kenichi calmed him down by showing his fear as well. Ukita also asked to keep it a secret from Kisara (though Kisara and Freya were listening). At the masters’ room, Sakaki reported that the island is filled with defenses and elder believed the island is hiding something very important. They made a plan to do something in two days. In the morning, Kenichi put on his fighting uniform and went to the coliseum with Miu and the Shinpaku Alliance. Takeda told Kenichi that the Coliseum isn’t much different from the Underground Duel Arena until most of them had their spirits crushed from seeing that many people. Nijima wanted Matsui to wave the new flag what the former is wearing as a cape to show the world who the Shinpaku is. But everyone was willing to go when Mizunuma ran ahead of them and told them to come on. When all the teams got to the stage, Diego announced the first match: Shinpaku Alliance vs. Black Force Team.

Shinpaku Alliance vs. Black Force TeamEdit

The Shinpaku Alliance was arguing who should fight in what order. Mizunuma volunteered to go first despite everyone else wanting him to not to (even Nijima). Mizunuma is up against Member J, which was a one-side fight until the former used Backward Rapid Punches to injure the latter. Mizunuma explained that he’s fighting to avenge his master, Alan Subishi, when one of the YOMI members defeated all but Mizunuma at the dojo and put Alan in a coma. Member J crushed Mizunuma’s windpipe and tortured him in front of everyone. Diego suddenly pressed a button to transform the coliseum with a mote surrounding the ring. Takeda threw a towel up to surrender, but Diego continued the match when he saw Mizunuma still wanting to fight. Mizunuma kicked J in the nuts only to be knocked down shortly. Even defeated, the student still won’t go down. However, J was stomping on him so he won’t get up then spit on him. The loser was carried to the infirmary for medical treatment, but Akisame and Kensei Ma took charge just to make sure Mizunuma recovers. Takeda goes to fight Member J next to avenge Mizunuma (whose loss ignited Shinpaku Alliance to fight). Takeda begun the round with quick footwork, but was hit by some of J’s boxing punches. Takeda had to take off his shirt and retainer to fight easier. J punched Takeda again, but Takeda leaned back to avoid it and prepared for his one-hit KO attack. He knocked out J into the water with his Big Cat Eye Frog Punch and won the match. Akisame returned to inform everyone that Mizunuma will be okay and explained that Takeda’s attack was named after one of Shiba’s pets. J got back up to his team and was ordered by the Team Captain to commit suicide as punishment, but Kenichi knocked the gun out of the J’s hand and convinced him to live. Another one of the soldiers was about to shoot J until Thor almost pounded him from behind. Three of the Black Force Soldiers attacked with Diego announcing the match. However, Thor defeated the three with his Thunder Smashing Technique. Thor was about to finish off the leader until Freya knocked him back when she noticed the invisible steel wire that would’ve beheaded Thor. Diego changed the ring again by raising some pillars for Freya’s battle against the leader: Captain K. Freya was cut on the arm and legs and had a hard time fighting in the stone forest while the opposite effect is on K. Sakaki left the coliseum to use the bathroom and knew who would win the fight. The wire continued to cut, but only Freya’s clothes were getting cut. Freya used three of her ultimate staff techniques to push K back into his own wires and cut his shoulder. K used his claw gloves to have the wires fling him in the air and battle above Freya (returning the ball in his court). Luckily, Freya used the fourth of the five ultimate staff techniques to jump in the air and defeated K by striking on him like lightning to fire. K wanted Freya to kill him, but she refused. K wanted to commit suicide only for Diego to knock him away with the microphone and Freya telling him to live on.

Mysterious Teenager?Edit

Kenichi went outside and still doubted himself until the elder came and bribed Kenichi by saying that he would date Miu if he wins the tournament. Kenichi was filled with confidence that Ukita was impressed of until Kenichi saw that the elder entered the tournament under the guise of Mysterious Teenager Garyu X. Garyu X battled against the Kich Boxing Hurricanes Team with Gaien Osugi as the front man. Oosugi attacks, but tripped before making the first step and kept falling when trying to get back up. After 11 seconds, Garyu X offers Oosugi back up only for the latter run away when seeing the former’s mask. The camera caught Garyu X’s leg moving faster than 1/1000 of a second. Garyu X then pointed at the leader who was a 51-year old master class fighter disguised as one of the underlings of the Muay Thai fighters. The master attacked knowing Hayato Furinji’s head is worth 100 times more than the tournament prize money only to be knocked away in one hit. Diego planned for Hayato to fight the master class fighter for a splendid match. Kenichi thought that Garyu X would retire, but the elder told him that Garyu X will still fight in the tournament. Sakaki ran into an old friend, Jennifer Grey and was almost shot. The guard came when Jenny got caught, but she told him to return to his post. Sakaki told Jenny her father, Colonel Lancelord Grey, would be ashamed of her working for an evil man like Fortuna, but Jenny told him that her father died three years ago. Jenny summoned some more guards to escort Sakaki to the Command Center; however, Shigure was following closely behind. When Sakaki heard Jenny would turn him into an angel, he smashed a wall revealing American Soldiers held prisoner. Jenny betrayed the guards by shooting at them then Sakaki and Shigure defeated them. Jenny revealed she was on a mission from the FBI to destroy the DofD permanently.

Ryouzanpaku vs. Three Headed DragonEdit

Kenichi and Miu are now up against the Three-Headed Dragon Team. Kenichi was calm after knowing that the only thing that scared him was the elder. Diego turned the ring into an old peasant’s home from China and made the rules for a 2 vs. 3 Battle Royale. The match began with Chou Yin Lin using Bagua Steps to surround Kenichi and Miu. Then Kenichi was attacked by Chou’s High Speed Kick and both were attacked by all of the three at the same time using some invisible force that even Miu can’t see. Kenichi was knocked down, but Miu’s voice got Kenichi standing back up. The Three Dragon used their combination technique again, but this time only got Kenichi. Miu jumped over the attack and saw through the technique (circle, straight line, and spiral movements). Unfortunately, Miu doesn’t know how to stop the attacks and was run over again with Kenichi. Miu had received more hits from the Three Headed Dragon Team until Kenichi took the hit for her. Kenichi found out that the Dragon split him and Miu apart making it 3 vs. 1 instead of 2 vs. 3, so they should attack simultaneously as well. Kenichi and Miu’s combined power countered the Dragon’s combined attacks. Miu revealed that she used combo attacks with Kenichi with her eyes shut then defeated Yo Tekai with her ultimate move: Furinji Kouhou Yoku. Chou fought with their Bagua Steps against Miu, but was being beaten so Kaku Shin Ten threw his fan at Chou to be knocked out by Miu’s punch. Kaku sacrificed Chou to analyze Miu’s power, but Kenichi was enraged by that and demanded that he and Kaku fight one on one. Kaku was insulting Kenichi about friendship being stupid, but Kenichi explained that he was at the tournament with the help of his friends. Kaku knocked Kenichi down again and prepared to fight Miu, but Kenichi rises back up to fight Kaku. Kenichi threw Kaku in the air and hit him with a few strikes, but Kaku blocked it with Kakei and Kenichi was coughing out blood. Kaku managed to injure Kenichi and almost ripped his head off if Kenichi hadn’t moved his body with his head. Kensei Ma revealed that he tried to take Kaku in as his disciple. Kaku insulted Kensei Ma to use psychological warfare against Kenichi, but he already knows bad things about Ma and the good things about Ma. With Kenichi unable to move his arms, Ma signaled him to use that move before Kaku attacked again. Kenichi was pushed back by Kaku, but Kenichi hit Kaku with a Flowing Water Head butt. Shō Kanō was watching Kenichi’s fight hoping to bring Miu with him. Kaku remembered the time he first saw Kensei Ma. The Three Headed Dragon Team was sent to spy on the Phoenix Alliance. Chou and Yo decided to go back, fearing that they would get caught while Kaku continued spying on them. Kaku saw Kensei teaching the Phoenix Alliance in a weird way which made him laugh and fall through the ceiling. Kaku threatened Ma to pay a fee for his dojo being too close to Black Tiger’s territory, but Kensei Ma just introduced himself to Kaku. He was defeated (but unharmed) and sent back to his boss’ hideout. At the hideout, Kaku’s superiors ordered the death sentence to Kaku until Ma came to rescue him. He defeated three of the Black Tiger, White Dragon Alliance men with just three attacks. Kaku was spared, but was demoted to the lowest rank and must live with shame. Ma offered him to join the Phoenix Alliance. Back in the present, everyone saw Kaku daydreaming and he quickly snapped out of it. Kenichi saw that Kaku was afraid of changing himself. Kaku rushed with his Raisei to finish off Kenichi, but it was the other way around with Kenichi using his Palm Wave taught by Kensei Ma. Ryouzanpaku moves onto the next round. Kaku lies on the ground and sees that even though Kenichi is stronger, he has a lot of friends. Before passing out, he thought he could’ve been friends with Kenichi if he joined Kensei Ma. In the infirmary, Kaku woke up with his friends beside him and told them they would be punished by the Black Tiger Leader. Kensei Ma told him that he can’t go back to the Black Tiger White Dragon Council anymore unless they want to die. Yo told Kaku that they’re friends, but Kaku thought it was another one of Yo’s bad jokes.

Darkness at NightEdit

Kenichi woke up in his room from a nightmare about Nijima dragging him back to life for his plans. Akisame and Ma came in to treat his wounds and told Kenichi that its night and the other matches are going overtime. Akisame’s plan of remodeling is getting close to completion with Ma’s Chinese Medicine. Nijima explained to Kenichi all of the matches that went on while he was unconscious. Capoeira Team moved to the next round with the female fighter defeating all five of the New York Street Fighters. The Mongolian Bufu Team (a Sumo team from Mongolia that Thor cheered for) easily plowed through the Karate Team without taking off their hats. Tenchi Mushin Ryuu: Tsutomu Tanaka barely finished a call to his wife before defeating one of the Body Builder Five with one finger from his Ancient Martial Arts Technique. He then defeated the other four bodybuilders and moved onto the next round. Nijima told Kenichi that tomorrow he would face against Garyu X. Outside on the balcony, Kenichi was telling Ukita that he wanted to settle things with YOMI without involving anyone, but Kenichi blames himself for having the Three Headed Dragon Team get chased by the Chinese Mafia. Ukita pointed out that Kenichi should get stronger to turn his beliefs into reality. Suddenly, Kenichi saw Miu and Shō Kanō standing on the rooftops. Miu and Shō were trading their stuff back from the time they were at the Botanical Gardens. Shō promises Miu that if he she joins YOMI; she’ll get info about her father, Saiga Fūrinji. But Miu refused by thrusting kicks at him thinking she wouldn’t get the information she wanted. Unfortunately, Shō got behind her and strangled her into unconsciousness with one hand. Kenichi jumped to the next balcony to save Miu. Kenichi caught the ivy growing on the other balcony and went to fight Shō only to kick to the ground. Luckily, Kenichi landed safely on a bush and jumped back onto his feet. Shō sent his bodyguards to deal with Kenichi, but Kenichi easily kept them at bay. Kenichi was starting to weaken from his injuries in the match against the match against the Three Headed Dragon Team. Luckily, he was surprisingly saved by Ryuuto who’s crippled in a wheelchair and defeated the bodyguards with ease. Ryuuto told Kenichi to hurry up and go save Miu. Ukita was trying to find Kenichi’s master to help Kenichi, but couldn’t find them so went to get the rest of the Shinpaku Alliance. But the only person he could fin to help was Kisara and Nijima. At a fountain; Takeda, Freya, and Thor were still practicing for their next match until Shō jumped on the fountain alerting them. The three fighters warned Shō to let Miu go, but he took them all down in an instant. Takeda managed to get back up thanks to his master’s training. When Takeda wanted Shō to return Miu, he explained to Takeda that Miu’s father is the One Shadow of Yami and finished off Takeda with a punch to the gut. Suddenly, Miu woke up to find that Takeda, Freya, and Thor were killed by Shō and fought him in a rage. Miu fought him in a rage which Shō wanted her to be in to fall into the darkness. The elder sensed the battle, but felt he shouldn’t interfere. Kenichi finally got there and covered Takeda’s wounds. Shō told Kenichi that Miu has fallen into the darkness and there’s no way to bring her back especially when Miu hit Kenichi when he was trying to talk to her. However, Kenichi returned Miu to her senses by groping her breasts. Shō had to kill Kenichi to get Miu and said he’ll do it in one hit. But Kenichi caught Shō’s finishing blow only to be thrown back. Shō then decided to kill Kenichi at the tournament tomorrow and told Kenichi that he can’t protect Miu from all those trails before leaving. At the coast, Jenny met the rest of the Ryouzanpaku masters and was impressed by their speed. Suddenly, Kensei Ma felt an enormous ki that was being hidden which belonged to his brother Sougetsu Ma. In the infirmary, Akisame had to treat everyone that was injured by Shō and would not have saved them if they came 10 minutes later. Jenny explained that she has subordinates working in the control room. Akisame told the Shinpaku Alliance that Takeda, Freya, and Thor won’t be fighting in the tournament tomorrow and had to tie down Kenichi and have Kensei Ma give Kenichi stronger medicine to fight tomorrow. Kenichi found that Ryuuto is part of YOMI before Sakaki put him to sleep. The next day, Kenichi woke up Diego starting his announcements for the tournament and found out he unconsciously dressed himself and walked to the coliseum. Kenichi’s wounds hadn’t fully healed from last night.

Stanley Siblings vs. Nanken TeamEdit

The Nanken Team is up against the Diego’s own team of Castor and Pollux: Gemini Team. Diego transformed the ring into a wrestling ring to best suit his disciple. Kenichi recognizes Castor as the masked lady from the Underground Duel Arena. Dou Kokyoku starts the match with a flurry of punches at Castor, but Castor jumped out of her cloak and sombrero on the high edge and left a rose on Dou’s hair. Dou grabbed Castor’s hands, but somehow she was thrown against the ropes and with a perfect lariat followed by a backdrop. Castor body slammed Dou from above and ripped off her showing her bare breasts to everyone. Ryouzanpaku and the Shinpaku Alliance were shocked (like Miu poking Kenichi eyes out, Kisara kicking Ukita’s face, and Jenny pointing a gun to have Sakaki not look), but Dou wasn’t fazed at all. Castor piledrived Dou from the high edge and won the first match though she ripped her clothes to attract a lot of attention. Kin Dou Chou got in the ring only to be brutally attacked continuously by Pollux. He was then stopped by Castor; since he was suppose to follow her plan of her pretending to lose before Pollux can beat him up. Kenichi found out that Pollux wasn’t using Lucha Libre and wasn’t Diego’s disciple. Castor noticed Kenichi when he asked for a doctor to help the Nanken Team. She lied to the audience about Kenichi taking everything from her and her brother making Kenichi flee the coliseum.

Pankration Team vs. Jiu-jitsu TeamEdit

Kenichi ran to a church where he finds the Pankration Team Leader, Spartacus, praying for him and his siblings for protection. Spartacus didn’t want to fight, but his father, Fortuna, is forcing him and his siblings to fight. Somewhere else outside, Hermit attacked two guards to find Sougetsu Ma to train him again. A third huge guard appeared, but Hermit took him out as well with some advice from Sougetsu Ma who just showed up. Hermit reminded Sougetsu about the promise about teaching the true Chinese Kempo for 34 cases of wine and 2 extra bottles when the former was just a kid. Sougetsu decided to train Hermit for the next level and decided to cause havoc on the island. 

The Pankration Team is up against the Brazilian Jiujitsu Team. The Pankrations got into formation covering each other’s back. Andrew of the Jiu-jitsu Team rushed in first, but was being slammed down by one of the Pankrations. Kenichi returned and saw the Pankrations brutally beating the other team with one of them sent to the infirmary. The Pankration Team won, but Spartacus wanted the doctors to fix a small wound on one of his sisters.

Secret Training and WithdrawalsEdit

It’s Kenichi and Miu’s turn to fight against Garyu X with Diego changing the ring into a jungle. Everyone thought Garyu X would forfeit, but he punched Kenichi and Miu near the edge. Akisame found out that he’s using the 0.0002% Combination Technique to train Kenichi and Miu. The two fighters found out that the elder had to train them before they’re qualified to fight later in the tournament. Garyu X separated Kenichi and Miu for different types of training. The elder told Kenichi he needs to learn more fighting techniques and Miu should improve her techniques a lot. The elder unleashed ki so powerful that even the other Ryouzanpaku masters feel it pushing them (and Apachai’s shirt ripped apart). Kenichi wanted to run away, but Miu told Kenichi to fighting and even got beaten up for it. Despite getting beaten further and hitting After Images, Kenichi continued the fight showing his improved endurance. The elder revealed to Kenichi that he only learned half of Seikuken to finish his training from the mountains before his fight with Odin. The elder taught Kenichi to control his opponent’s movement and Miu to control her ki. Kenichi and Miu only attacked an after image, but the elder’s mask broke off forcing him to forfeit the match letting Ryouzanpaku move onto the semifinals. At the back, Pollux found Tsutomu hiding. Tsutomu participated in the tournament to find Kensei, but found out that Kensei wasn’t at Fortuna’s Island. He wanted the Stanley Siblings to let Kensei know before leaving and forfeiting the match that he’ll pay for his crimes. At Kenichi’s home, Siegfried arrive to find out where the Shinpaku Alliance and Honoka gave him a map to Despair Island.

Shinpaku Alliance vs. Capoeira TeamEdit

Back at Fortuna’s coliseum, Nijima was scared about the Shinpaku Alliance team reduced to just Kisara, since he heard Ukita didn’t do any abnormal training. Takeda, Freya, and Thor told Nijima that they will still fight the Capoeira Team in spirit to support Ukita and Kisara. Ukita also told Nijima that he will keep fighting no matter what. In the ring, the Capoeira Team danced while waiting for the Shinpaku Alliance. Nijima, Ukita, and Kisara showed up for the fight. Nijima decided to join in the fight to devise some strategies more effectively. Suddenly, the island’s defense systems destroyed an aircraft. Someone parachuted down into the ring and it was Siegfried to join the Shinpaku against Capoeira Team. Missiles and guns were fired, but Siegfried detached the chute and safely fell into the ring. Diego changed the ring into a burned down house. Miu noticed Siegfried’s back was bigger meaning that he had gotten stronger. Nijima scanned the Capoeira Team for info and found out which one’s the captain and that one of them is in love with Aisha (the female member). Nijima created the SFI Plan which involved Ukita giving up his life. Kisara didn’t Ukita to do it, but after Nijima whispered something in Ukita’s ear making him determined to go. The match began with Silvio (the hot headed member) jealous of Aisha caring about the leader. The Shinpaku Alliance scattered while charging with only Ukita coming at him. Unfortunately, they all kicked Ukita at the same time and knocked him down. Nijima announced that the SFI Plan had failed only to get Silvio to chase after him. Nijima kept taunting the hot headed kicker about how he’ll never be as good as his leader to get Aisha. Silvio was about to kick Nijima off the edge, but Ukita managed to get back up and throw Silvio into the mote, thus eliminating him. Nijima explained the SFI Plan means Death Pretend Return Plan. Nijima thought Siegfried was weak when took a lot of kicks until Siegfried protected Ukita from the leader when he ordered someone to do it. He quickly escaped from two of the Capoeira Team Members without them noticing and countered the leader’s kicks. Siegfried used his Nirvana no Canon to send the two at each other and through a wall. He defeated one of them with his Da Capo of Whirlwind Kicks. The other member, Eliot, managed to catch Siegfried so he wouldn’t counter, but Siegfried turned his head showing that he has no weaknesses. He sucked up some air and shouted in Eliot’s ear with Whispering of an Angel, thus knocking him out. Siegfried explained that he learned from the Mani ‘Khor Lo (a spinning wheel in Tibet) which was his master. Nijima wanted to continue fighting even after knocked down by the leader while having an inspiration, but hadn’t slept for 3 days while getting to the island and fell asleep. In Kisara’s fight against Aisha, the former was having a hard time hitting the latter. Kisara wanted Nijima to keep the leader busy for five minutes to take down Aisha. Miu suddenly noticed Shō Kanō was around and snuck off to find him. Nijima managed to create a trap using the rubble in the arena against the leader only for it to be kicked away. The Capoeira leader noticed Nijima’s plan and went to attack Kisara until Ukita blocked the attack and had to injure his hand before getting knocked out. Aisha was about to kick Kisara, but Kisara used Miu’s movements just like her fight with Freya and dodged it. Kisara caught Aisha’s kick and knocked her out with her own kick. Kisara then had to fight the leader with Miu’s movements being useless against him. Kisara had trouble until Freya came to the coliseum and scolded her that she was walking on Miu’s path instead of her own. Kisara used movements of a cat to combine with her Taekwondo skills to create Nyakwondo to scratch the leader’s face and kick sand at him. Kenichi had to get Miu for a while then came back and saw with Freya that Kisara’s animal instincts finally awakened showing that she possesses the Dou ki. The leader used Jogo to do more damage to Kisara, but got back up after remembering Noir and her vows to be stronger. The leader tried a kick while in a handstand, but his finger broke from Ukita’s squeezing. Kisara finished him off with a side kick giving the Shinpaku Alliance advancement to the semifinals.

Want to be FreeEdit

Outside, Miu was stopped by Ryuuto who revealed himself as part of YOMI and created Ragnarok to fight YOMI. Ryuuto prepared to fight Miu, since he didn’t want Miu to fight Shō by herself. Ryuuto told Miu about YOMI and heard about Sago Kuremi which had Shō Kanō’s secret. Sago Kuremi was a place that raises children to be great ninjas. Shō was bought by Yami and trained under Akira Hongō, the God Fist and was believed to be the one who inherits all the techniques from the One Shadow, Nine Fists. Miu thought that Kuremi Sago seemed familiar to her somehow. Ryuuto quickly left and Miu wanted to leave as well until she heard the Pankration Team planning to leave. When Kenichi shouted for Miu to come down, the Pankration Team attacked thinking that she’s trying to stop them. Kenichi rushed in up there, only to be saved by Miu and the Pankration Team. Spartacus revealed that Fortuna is his adopted father and he bought them with money to satisfy his curiosity of martial arts. He adopted 30 children for training, but only 5 (the Pankration Team of now) had survived. Kenichi and Miu offered to help them as the Ray of Hope with the help of the masters of Ryouzanpaku. Unfortunately when they left, Shō Kanō showed up saying he’s the Darkness of Despair. Back in the coliseum, the Mongolian Bufu Team is suppose to face the Pankration Team, but instead Shō Kanō came out telling everyone he killed them by showing Spartacus’ ponytail. Kenichi rushed in to fight Shō, but was stopped by the elder to have the latter fight in the tournament instead. Fortuna allowed it despite Shō killing his children. The Bufu team wanted to know the rules to make it a fair fight for Shō only for all of them to be attacked when Diego told them the match has already begun. Diego told them they should split up for his amusement, but they were quickly defeated before they heard the advice. Kenichi needed advice on how to fight Shō, but saw that Shigure is the only master with them right now.


. Nijima knew that the Shinpaku Alliance had to fight Shō next, but only Kisara was prepared to fight. He stepped and forfeited the match for his team knowing that they will lose. Kisara complained about Nijima’s decision, but Kenichi said that he will fight for them and Shigure explaining that retreating in a no-win situation is the best idea. Shō Kanō moves onto the finals. The next match was supposed to be Team Ryouzanpaku: Kenichi and Miu versus Team Gemini: Castor and Pollux, but Shō wanted the siblings to forfeit too. Shō and Castor were arguing on who should kill and were willing to destroy each other (with Diego’s permission) until the U.S. Military invaded the island making the audience evacuate, since all were criminals. Nijima told everyone to retreat while the YOMI members had to fight each other, but Kenichi and Miu stayed. With no audience, Diego ordered Team Gemini to forfeit the match and leave. Kenichi and Miu make it into the finals to fight Shō of YOMI. Kenichi told Miu to let him face Shō alone

Invading Despair IslandEdit

In the control room, the masters (minus Shigure) arrive to help Jenny start the invasion of Despair Island after disabling the auto-defense systems. The guards were trying to shoot down the jets, but Sakaki attacked them and bent the guns. Before going further, Jenny told Sakaki to refer to her as Agent Grey. The mafia groups tried to escaped, but were caught and arrested by the military with more from Agent Grey. When Fortuna announced the match to begin, Shō got in the first hit with his Spinning Hand attack and knocked Kenichi down. Shō told Miu that even though he would kill and won’t protect her, he still loves her. Fortuna was disgusted by a fight turning into a romance and wanted to make the Shinpaku Alliance his children until Agent Grey pointed a gun at his head to shoot him. Sakaki tried to stop her until he found out that Fortuna killed her father. Fortuna told them that he shot him while holding a school bus full of children hostage just to see the legendary gunman’s skills without a gun. Fortuna shot from his throne only for Sakaki to catch the bullets and Agent Grey to shoot back with her Colorado Shot. Jenny wanted Fortuna killed for revenge, but he pointed out that the person she shot was a dummy robot. Sakaki took Jenny to find the real Fortuna knowing he’s not supposed to interfere in Kenichi’s battles. Shigure led the Shinpaku Alliance (with most of the fighters in rolling beds) to the safest exit not knowing they were being watched by Fortuna himself. Fortuna sent a tank through a wall and in the way of Shigure and the Shinpaku Alliance. Fortuna had America’s latest assault rifles and other special weapons given to his army. Shigure had the Alliance run to the harbor while she battled the tank. The U.S. Special Forces were losing against Fortuna’s high tech weaponry until the Ryouzanpaku masters (minus Shigure) arrived. The elder used Fortuna’s men as Furinji Human Shuriken as weapons. Akisame saved some American soldiers by bending the fingers of Fortuna’s men and threw them back before they could give the killing shot. Sakaki easily dodged bullets while attacking the enemies. Kensei Ma used his Whirlwind Cloud-Breaking Techniques to knock away the men surrounding him. And Apachai was defeating men in armor with punches that even guns couldn’t damage. The elder flipped over a tank and ran away from a shooting helicopter. Apachai jumped onto the helicopter from underneath and destroyed with a knee attack. Shigure chopped off the cannon of the tank that blocked her path, jammed the caterpillar, and sliced the tank open to make the men surrender. Agent Grey was still locating Fortuna for revenge. Sakaki went to see how the children were doing while Kensei Ma and Apachai went to invade the fortress that controls Fortuna’s army. Apachai shot Kensei into the fortress then the latter took out all of the men in it.

Father FortunaEdit

The Shinpaku Alliance arrived at the gate of the harbor, but Fortuna arrived to take them. Matsui swiped his flag at Fortuna only to be blown away by Fortuna’s breath. He wanted Kisara, Freya, Takeda, Thor, Siegfried, and Nijima as his children. Kisara went for a kick, but Fortuna caught her to measure her strength showing that he was a Master Class Fighter. Luckily, the injured fighters got back up and Siegfried rescued Kisara to fight in what Siegfried called a Concert of Friendship. Nijima didn’t want them to fight fearing they’ll just replay the event of fight against Chisouken, but they didn’t care. Siegfried starts off by preparing for a counter attack while the others back him up only for all of them to be knocked down by Fortuna’s Poppy Knuckle. Fortuna offered them a choice to live as his children or die, but they choose neither and stood back up to fight. Nijima tried to think of a plan for everyone to escape, but couldn’t think of anything. Fortuna found out Sakaki was heading towards him so he sent some Master Class Fighters he hired to stop him, but were all defeated by Sougetsu Ma who betrayed him. Suddenly, Hermit showed up to battle Fortuna after a few new moves from his master. Nijima suddenly thought of a plan with Hermit put into his plan, but Hermit wanted to battle him alone. Unfortunately, he did many things that showed the difference between Masters and Disciples. Fortuna captured Hermit’s hand with his neck and kicked Thor behind him with a back kick. He caught Freya’s staff with his teeth and threw her into Kisara. And avoid Takeda’s Illusionary Lefts by swaying. Fortuna suddenly saw that there’s another fighter among them when a tiny spear hit his shoulder. It was thrown by Touchmaru who was left with them by Shigure. Nijima executed a plan by having all the fighters attack at once for more damage. Hermit didn’t want to do it, since the others were injured, but Nijima told him that they’ll still fight to the end. Hermit had everyone know that he was trying out his master’s ultimate move. They all attacked at once with Kisara’s Double Tornado Kick, Takeda’s Big Cat Eye Frog Punch, Thor’s Hammer, Freya’s Toufu, Siegfried’s Nirvana no Canon, and Hermit’s Kyousa. But Fortuna knocked away Hermit and prepared to kill him to force the rest to be his children. Luckily, Hermit’s Kyousa finally damaged Fortuna and Nijima told everyone to attack. Kisara used her Vandal Chagiri and Freya used her Sen Un (fifth and final staff technique) to attack Fortuna’s upper body. Then Takeda used his Shot Gun Liver Blow, Thor with Sabaori, and Siegfried with his Waltz of Hades to finish Fortuna off. Nijima scolded Fortuna by telling him that the combined force of the Shinpaku Alliance is 10 or 100 times its’ sum of individual members. Fortuna told them that Kenichi had been killed by Shō Kanō, but they all saw on the big screen that Kenichi is still alive and Kisara kicked him into unconsciousness. Hermit told Thor that Fortuna was only Master Class Garbage showing the way to being a master is long and hard. Hermit told them that all they can do now is watch Kenichi fight Shō. Sakaki finally showed up just in time to stop a tank, but it was Shigure who took over the tank. Sakaki then ran over to see the conclusion of Kenichi and Shō’s battle.

Kenichi vs. SpaurnaEdit

Miu felt something about Shō that she liked (despite what he said), but rejected him after Kenichi already promised her that. Kenichi got back up after Miu shouted for him. Kenichi took off his dougi and chainmail to become lighter in battle. Kenichi used his iron defense stance he learned from Sakaki to parry Shō’s ending blow, but got hit twice. Kenichi used Muay Thai Shoulder Guard Technique he mastered from Apachai to block all Shō’s kicks in order to survive. Shō threw Kenichi, but Kenichi used the Backward Roll technique from his times being thrown by Akisame. Kenichi tried to hit Shō with his Double Wired Hands he did from Kensei Ma’s training, but Shō knocked him down again. However, Kenichi got back up and touched Shō with a Yamazuki. Shō used his strongest combo: Nine Strikes, One Kill and knocked out Kenichi. Suddenly, the coliseum was set to self-destruct when Fortuna’s Fortress was invaded and the coliseum started collapsing. Then, Kenichi used the Ryusei Seikuken (the Ultimate Form of Sei) to dodge all the rocks while walking through. Fortuna showed up to kill everyone else, but Shō defeated them after being trained on how to fight people using guns. Shō attacked Kenichi, but couldn’t hit Kenichi in his Ryusei Seikuken until Kenichi showed emotion. Shō kicked Kenichi with his Gamaku after learning from a Jiu-jitsu Master in Yami. Shō remembers that he had to kill a bird he was caring for to live when ordered by the Akira Hongō when the other masters thinks he lacked something a true martial arts master needs. But Kenichi told him that he saw people that were forced to use martial arts to kill and will stop YOMI. Shō used the Seidou Goui the same move Odin used against Kenichi before being crippled. Shō’s Seidou Goui easily destroyed Kenichi’s Ryusei Seikuken. Shō explained that Kensei told him that if he used the Seidou Goui for too long, he would be crippled like the last test subject: Ryuuto. Shō released a lot of power of Ryusei Seikuken on Kenichi’s face, but Kenichi finally punched Shō in the face. Kenichi continued to hit Shō with basic techniques that has a lot of power and countered deadly blows, but only because he was unconscious at the time. Kenichi soon woke up when Shō told him that his soulless fighting is proving Yami is stronger. Shō used his Nine Strikes One Kill attack powered up by his Seidou Goui, but Kenichi used his Ryusei Seikuken again this time to counter Shō’s attacks and use Strongest Combo #3. Kenichi’s new and old injuries are at his limits while Shō’s mind and body are starting to break from the Seidou Goui, but both still continued to fight. Shō remembers that the loser gets disposed and the God Fist told him to keep winning while Kenichi remembers about being inspired by Sakaki to see more things in the martial arts world. Shō quickly hit Kenichi with an Issatsu, but Kenichi strikes back with a Mubyoshi. Kenichi understood Shō’s sadness and made him admit that he couldn’t learn his opponent’s flow. Shō collapsed, but Kenichi fell as well. Kenichi soon heard him being cheered on and woke up to see Nijima, Takeda, Kisara and Hermit to get back up. Shō got back up first and was about to kill Kenichi when he was about to get back up with everyone watching, but Shō missed and fell back down. The elder took the mike in the fortress and announced that Kenichi won the DofD Tournament, with everyone celebrating and Miu running up and hugging Kenichi.


Miu congragulates Kenichi for winning and asks if he's okay and how he's covered in injuries. Sho only watches on the ground and then notices a gunman about to shoot at Kenichi but Miu gets in the way and as the gunman shoots, Sho gets up and takes the bullets in his body. He tries to shoot again and ends up only having Sho taking the bullets in his left arm and, using the last ounce of strength he can muster up, kicks a rock and shoots it at the gunman knocking him out with Sakaki arriving to save them and Sho falls from the bloodloss. Miu is shocked by this and starts crying. Sho asks if she's crying for him and he takes out his fist for Kenichi to make him promise to protect Miu in his place now since he couldn't do it. Kenichi bumps fists with him and promises and Sho Kanou, leader of YOMI, dies on the field. Afterwards, Kenichi is out of the arena with his friends and masters congradulating him for winning stating it was a great fight. Jenny states she wanted to take Fortuna's life, but once she found out he was beaten by kids, she just laughed uncontrollably and stated he was too pathetic to kill and spared him to be arrested. She says her goodbye's to her freinds and Sakaki and they all go home. Miu makes sure that Kenichi is safe on their way home and Kenichi is keeping Sho's bird cage earing and states he has to become much stronger to protect Miu and for the challenges that await him in the future.

Huge loss for YamiEdit

At Yami Headquarters, YOMI heard that Shō died and most of them believed he had the most potential to become the strongest t disciple. However one of the YOMI members, Kajima Satomi, said that success can only be achieved by experiencing failure while beating each of three of the other members in three different games. Boris wanted to know why Yami can’t ignore the six masters. Kajima explained that Yami wanted to prove that Satsujin is the true power of martial arts. Akira Hongō came to the meeting of the One Shadow, Nine Fists in a rage, since Shō had died. He accused the other masters of doing it, but they had nothing to do with it. Kensei explained that it will be a while before they could get Shō’s body back and that he died while protecting someone from Ryouzanpaku. The Nine Fists were arguing about whose disciple was the best until the One Shadow had ordered them to be quiet. The One Shadow called Kajima in and appointed him as the new leader of YOMI.

Major FightsEdit

Story NotesEdit

  • This is the longest arc in the History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi manga series that consist of 71 chapters.
  • The other captains of the Shinpaku Alliance (minus Ukita) has shown improvements by the following:
    • Takeda knocked out Member J with his ultimate technique in one hit
    • Thor smashed through three of the Black Force Members
    • Freya used four of five staff techniques to defeat Captain K
    • Siegfried counter style improve and claimed to be invincible
    • Kisara created Nyakwondo to defeat the Capoeira Team Leader
    • Haruo Nijima identified master level fighters without his "scanner" breaking
    • Hermit learned a new technique to damage his opponent with delayed timing at one point
  • Miu has dark rage from her Dou ki making her a berserker.
  • Kenichi learned Ryusei Seikuken from Hayato Furinji and in his fight with Sho.
  • Shō Kanō was the second member of YOMI to be defeated by Kenichi.
  • Shō Kanō died protecting Miu from one of Fortuna's men.
  • Kenichi vows to Shō that he will get stronger to protect Miu.
  • Yami's goal was to elimiate Ryouzanpaku to show that the Satsujin-ken way was the true way of martial arts.
  • Saiga Fūrinji appointed Kajima Satomi as the new leader of YOMI.



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