Ellen is a friend and disciple of Shigure Kosaka and a friend of Tochūmaru.


Ellen was a young rich girl who moved to Japan with her father and butler, Carner. Despite going to great lengths to learn japanese she refuse to say a word to anyone and refuse to go to school. The reason for this is because all of the other kids were making fun of her for not understanding japanese culture. In order to help her, her butler arranged for someone to help her understand japanese culture, and the person arranged to help her ended up being Shigure Kousaka. Despite some minor misunderstandings about Shigure's habits, she began to ask questions about her mouse, Touchumaru and when she tried to touch him he slapped her hand away with his tail. Shigure told her that he won't let anyone who he does not recognize as his friend touch him, which motivates her to learn from Shigure in order to earn Touchumaru's friendship. Shigure agrees to teach her the way of the sword for seven days in order to help her learn one technique to impress him. On the final day of her training, she was told to slice two canndals without putting them out, she was able to cut the candles perfectly but one of the flames went out. Disappointed that she failed, her butler asked for one more chance but Ellen told him that she was ok with her failure. Impressed with her attutude, Shigure told her a secret phrase for becoming friends with Touchumaru, "Please be friends with me", which turned out to be the only thing she needed to say make him like her. Then she figured out that the only reason she was training was so that she could be brave enough to say those words. The next day she went to school and finally made friends, with Shigure watching proudly from afar. Plus Shigure was paid quite the bundle of money for teaching Ellen.

She can later be seen walking down some stairs when Nijima is being chased by Berserker.

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