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Fukujiro Yasunaga (安永 福次郎 Yasunaga Fukujirō) is the Japanese history teacher and the homeroom teacher of Kenichi Shirahama.


Fukujiro and Kyōko Ono pay a visit to Ryōzanpaku to check out rumors of Miu Fūrinji is living with another student, although the misunderstanding is eventually cleared up when they realize that said student was a live-in disciple. He is a huge fan of Akisame Kōetsuji's work and refers to him as sensei. His shiny bald head is a common source of jokes, such as when Haruo Niijima recognizes his head through its shine from far away while seeking help when he, Kenichi, Miu and Natsu Tanimoto get lost during their school trip to the snow due to Radin Tidat Jihan's attack.


  • The name Fukujiro means "fortune" (福) (fuku), "next" (次) (ji) and "son" (郎) (ro).
  • Fukujiro's surname Yasunaga means "peace, quiet" (安) (yasu) and "eternal" (永) (naga).