Genson Ryū is a practitioner of Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan (Seven Stars Praying Mantis Fist) and the more skilled of Ryō Ma's disciples. In addition to appearing more irritable and arrogant than his partner, he also tends to wear sunglasses and more modern and fashionable clothes.


Genson first appears with his fellow disciple Kōan Shokatsu to take Renka Ma back to Hakubi. Alongside Kōan, he ends up fighting Kenichi Shirahama, who easily defeats his teammate. As Genson fights Kenichi, he drives the latter into the nearby pool. Genson then fights with Kenichi in the water and shows surprise at Kenichi's leg strength, as the latter had been training in the water earlier. Genson and his opponent pass out under water and are rescued by the Elder, who interrupts the fight by splitting the water in half, comically annoyed with the way the battle was being dragged out. In the aftermath, Genson and Kōan apologize for the misunderstanding caused by Renka and leave with her to go back to Hakubi's place.

Ryū Genson reappears with his partner again when Renka transfers to Kenichi's school, and accompanies her to take down Black Tiger White Dragon thugs sent to kill her. While the three are evenly matched with the enemy master, Genson receives assistance from Takeda and the four are able to defeat the master with little difficulty.

Yami/YOMI SagaEdit

The Eternal Sunset ArcEdit

Koan, along side Genson, arrive to back up the Shinpaku Alliance against the YOMI armed forces with Renka and Ryūto.


Genson practices the Seven Stars Praying Mantis Fist, and is first seen using the Northern Praying Mantis stance. He was expected at the D of D by Kaku Shin Ten, whose expectations were likely based on either the latter's abilities or his renown in the Phoenix Alliance.

Enhanced durability: Genson is able to take beatings from Kenichi while underwater, and continue fighting while staying submerged for that amount of time.

Enhanced reflexes: After being kicked into the pool, Genson is quick enough to grab onto Kenichi's trunks and pull him into the water with him.

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