Gorobee Rofusagi is a master Kick boxer who partakes in the DofD tournament and secretly heads the Kick Boxing Hurricanes team.


Gorobee is bald and wears a skin-tight shirt. At 51 years of age, Rofusagi is well over the set age limit in which participents may enter, but he uses his blank appearence to get around those rules. It is likely that he altered his appearance significantly enough such that he appears at a young age.


Gorobee is one of the most dishonest masters seen as he is willing to sneak into a disciple fight to gain access to the millions of dollars of prize money of the DofD. He initially acts docile, but when he is exposed, he immediately disposes of his own team and challenges Garyū X himself, arrogantly attacking the master and believing that he could win.

Plot OutlineEdit

His team is placed against Garyū X as a ploy by Diego Carlo for a "good show", as the latter had already seen through his disguise. After Garyū X defeats Kaien Ōsugi, he exposes Rofusagi. Rofusagi effortlessly disposes of the rest of the members of his team, likely his students.

Rofusagi approaches Garyū X and attacks him arrogantly with his Super High Flying Dimensional Kick. However, he is easily blown away by one of Garyū X's fingers and sent flying into Diego Carlo's outstretched hand.


He demonstrates significant speed, enough to appear in a flash in front of Garyū X.


Chou Jikuu Tobi ChakeriRofusagi jumps into the air and strikes the opponent with a barrage of knee strikes at a blinding speed.