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The Hachiō Danzaiba (Eight Shining Executioner Blades) is a special group within Yami's Armed Division and are considered to be the Armed Division's equivalent to the One Shadow Nine Fists. Their strength is on par with the One Shadow Nine Fists. The news of their assembly was apparently so important that the One Shadow sent a member of the Armed Division to infiltrate Big Lock and share the news with Alexander Gaidar and Diego Carlo in hopes of convincing them to come out of their self-imposed imprisonment following their losses to Ryōzanpaku. Although it include many regular Yami's sword's wielding soldiers, they are eight principal members and they are apparently powerful enough to bring concern to Hayato Fūrinji about the safety of Kenichi and the Shinpaku Alliance. The leader Ōganosuke Yogi is said to be an invincible superman, a legend, and one of the few fighters in the martial arts world who is considered to be on par with the Elder of Ryōzanpaku. In a meeting with the One Shadow Nine Fists seven members are obscured in shadow, currently without their leader, but he has been shown in the background along with the other Hachiō Danzaiba members and the One Shadow Nine Fists. The masters have their disciples train together as a group to fight as a team.


  • Four of their members are Japanese (Ōganosuke Yogi, Seitarō Raigō, Rin Tachibana, Raki Hoshinano), while members like Mihai Știrbey, Edeltraft von Schiller, Marmaduke Brown and Mildred Lawrence seem to be from European countries based on their name. Mihai is a Romanian name while Edeltraft is German and the name Marmaduke is of an Irish origin though it is a name usually given to a male, and Mildred is a name that is used by many countries.
  • The author never delved into the characters' history or how and why the Hachiō Danzaiba was established in the first place, or whether there have been former members as well.