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Hibiki Yūki (結城 ひびき Yūki Hibiki), not to be confused with Hibiki Kugenin or Siegfried the fifth fist of Ragnarok, is the flail-wielding member of the Valkyries under Kaname Kugatachi or Freya the third fist of Ragnarok and the only one thus far to have a known name.

Role in the Story[]

Hibiki first appears when the Valkyries attack Kisara Nanjō for treason against Ragnarok and it is during Kisara's attempt to take an injured cat to the vet that Hibiki emerges and prevents her from fleeing by using her flail to tie her up. The Valkyries proceed to beat Kisara until Miu Fūrinji and Kenichi Shirahama arrive. Miu runs away and brings the cat to the vet while Kenichi stays behind to help Kisara. Kenichi refuses to fight the Valkyries and instead flees with Kisara in tow. Hibiki, furious at Kenichi for being "sexist" ruthlessly pursues him with the others. Just when they think they have the two cornered, Shigure Kosaka rescues them by cutting all of the Valkyries clothes off and destroys their weapons, ridiculing them for their bad form. They vow to get revenge on Kenichi as they flee.

Later, Hibiki returns with the other Valkyries in order to defeat Kisara and Miu, saying that they've improved after Shigure's lecture. However, despite this, Miu easily defeats all eight of them after they insult her.

In the Yami arc, Hibiki joins Shinpaku Alliance after some persuasion by Haruo Niijima. She trains with Kisara and Freya before the DofD tournament, but none of the Valkyries accompanied the rest of Shinpaku to the island.


  • Hibiki's surname Yūki means "tie, bind" (結) () and "castle" (城) (ki).


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