The Introduction Arc is the first arc of the Ragnarok Saga and the very first arc in History's Storngest Disciple: Kenichi series.



A young high school boy, Kenichi Shirahama, is accidentally thrown by Miu Fūrinji while running late for school. Kenichi joined his school's karate club, but he was a punching bag due to him having no talent. Tsukuba wanted to throw him out of the club, but had him fight in match Daimonji, with the loser having to leave the club. Haruo Niijima later insulted Kenichi for being weak and not having any special talent. Later that night, Kenichi saw Miu getting harassed by some thugs. Kenichi tried to stop them, but only hit the leader in the face with one punch. The reaction had Miu take down all three thugs by herself impressing Kenichi. Seeing Kenichi's desire to get stronger, she invites him to join Ryozanpaku dojo. In the dojo, Kenichi meets the masters for each different fighting style; Shio Sakaki (Karate), Akisame Kōetsuji (Jujitsu), Apachai Hopachai (Muay Thai), Kensei Ma (Chinese Kenpo), Shigure Kousaka (Weapons), and Miu's grandfather, Hayato Fūrinji (Hayato Fighting Style). Kenichi wanted to learn Karate, but Sakaki turned him down saying that he would die in three days if Sakaki trains him. Instead Akisame trained him to build up his strength and stamina with cruel exercises. At the night before the fight, Miu taught Kenichi some stepping techniques for manuevering. Back at school, Kenichi and Daimonji battle begun. Kenichi was able to avoid Daimonji's attacks with Miu's stepping techniques, but couldn't land a blow strong enough to hurt the latter. Kenichi managed to knock down Daimonji by using a throwing technique and Tsukaba declared Kenichi the winner. Unfortunately, Kenichi declared that he lost the battle for not using a Karate technique to knock down Daimonji and left the club.

Kenichi vs. Tsukaba (Rounds 1+2)Edit

Tsukaba grows suspicious of Kenichi's training techniques for a few days and comes after him to beat him to a pulp. However, Kenichi left a mark on Tsukaba's leg as a vow for a rematch. After Akisame heard about the event, he decided to teach Kenichi some martial art skills. Sakaki also decided to help by teaching Kenichi one of his techniques. A few days later, Miu attacked Tsukaba to save a guy that he was bullying until Kenichi stepped in for a rematch. Kenichi used one of the techniques Sakaki taught him to land the first blow then one Akisame's throws to finish him off. However, Kenichi was being targeted by people working for a gang called Ragnarok.

Major FightsEdit

Arc NotesEdit

  • The main protagonists Kenichi Shirahama, Miu Furinji are introduced.
  • Haruo Niijima is introduced.
  • Ragnarok is introduced.
  • The masters of Ryozanpaku are introduced.
  • Kenichi trains at Ryozanpaku to protect his loved ones.



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