Kōan Shokatsu (諸葛 孔暗, Shokatsu Kōan) is a practitioner of Chuijiao (Poking Foot) disciple of Ryō Ma. He is more calm and polite than his partner is, though he is just as willing to use force when necessary. Unlike his partner, he tends to wear simple clothes with glasses and suspenders.

Ragnarok SagaEdit

Along with fellow disciple Genson Ryū, Shokatsu is sent by Hakubi to bring back his grandniece Renka Ma. They end up fighting Kenichi Shirahama at a waterpark. During the battle, Shokatsu is caught off guard by Kenichi's leg strength and is knocked down. Afterwards, Shokatsu and Ryū apologize for their actions and explain the situation, with the friendlier Shokatsu actually praising their strength. Then they leave for Hakubi's place with Renka.

Much later, during the Yami arc, Shokatsu and Ryū appear as escorts for Renka for her first day at Kouryu High. They run into a Chinese master, but the help of Ikki Takeda, they easily claim victory.

Yami/YOMI SagaEdit

The Eternal Sunset ArcEdit

Koan, along side Genson, arrive to back up the Shinpaku Alliance against the YOMI armed forces with Renka and Ryuto.


Protean Kick: A technique that involves the feet and the hands attacking the opponent at the same time.

Tatsukyaku: Also known as the stabbing kick, it is a technique that is used in Honshiken. The user kicks an opponent that is behind them with a swift kick to the back. This technique is used by practictioniers of honshiken to compensate for the lack of actual kicking techniques.

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