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Kōzō Ukita (宇喜田 孝造, Ukita Kōzō), also known as Ukita the Thrower, is part of the Three Man Army with Ikki Takeda and Taichi Kōga. He was a member of Ragnarök and later joins the Shinpaku Alliance and is currently a Third year student at Koryou High School in Class 3-A.


Ukita is a tall young man with a fairly lean and muscular build with short spike brown hair that sticks up and has the lower half shorter and has a scar under his chin. He typically wears his Judo outfit for fighting and his school uniform and has sunglasses at all times. Also to note is that underneath his thug-like appearance, especially the scar and the sunglasses, he has kind eyes and was said by Takeda to have been one of the five most handsome men in Ragnarök. Recently, Shigure has given him Steel Arm Guards, along with the rest of the Shinpaku Alliance.


Ukita was originally just a thug that enjoyed fighting and winning by using underhanded methods. He has a passion for Judo and that caused him to practice it and eventually join Ragnarök. Since his and Takeda's defeat at the hands of Shirahama Kenichi, Ukita has become much nicer and more honorable, going as far as to no longer act like a delinquent and fight to protect those dear to him. Since joining the Shinpaku Alliance, he's grown to be fond of the group and enjoys the time he has with them and the new friends he's made.

Ukita and Takeda are best friends and have known each other since their time in Ragnarök. They always have each others backs and are always seen together. Ukita has shown to be very loyal to Takeda, as when Takeda quit Ragnarök and Ukita was ordered to take him out, Ukita changed sides and choose to walk down the path Takeda goes down for the better. The loyalty and dedication Ukita has to Takeda as a friend is so great that Ukita was more than willing to interfere in his fight with Lugh and be the only one to try to save him without hesitation stating that even though he's a martial artist, he's Takeda's friend first, something Kenichi agrees with.

Ukita has a crush on Kisara, as shown when he tried to impress her by giving her a picture book and because he has pet cats to let her come over whenever she wants to play with them. He always tries to impress her with anything he can come up with and show how much he cares for her and will defend her from any attack without hesitation, such as when they fought against the Capoeira team members, he shielded her from the leader despite her saying he shouldn't. While Kisara denies any feelings towards him, she has shown to harbor even deeper feelings for him, such as blushing when he said he needs her help with something. She was also against the plan Niijima had that involved him getting beaten to death by the Capoeira team. She also worries over his condition in fights more than any other member despite her saying otherwise. She becomes flustered when others mention she likes him.

Ukita is also very oblivious to the obvious around him, such as Freya's crush on him and even Shiratori's. The prime example was when at the pool he walked right by Shiratori in her swim suit and only when she put on her jacket, he said he found her "doppelganger" that looked just like "him" but as a girl, resulting in Shiratori to kick him in the face and Takeda running off laughing hysterically over Ukita's blindness.

Ukita has shown to have a strong bond with Kenichi. The two are able to talk about things that Kenichi can't talk with about others. Kenichi even tells him things about him that his masters and other members don't know about, showing a strong amount of trust in him. The two can also relate about how they feel towards Kisara and Miu respectively. He even gave Kenichi advice on how to deal with Miu and was under the usumption they were very intimate with each other. He also can act like Kenichi when the two try to impress the girl they like. He later revealed to Miu that he has a strong amount of admiration of Kenichi due to how far he's come as a fighter and as a man so he's worthy of being with Miu and even thinks Kenichi helped inspire himself to become stronger. His master Machino also commented he's got fire inside his heart lately.

Due to the fact he's the weakest martial artist of the Shinpaku Alliance, Ukita has some self-doubts in himself as a fighter and even as a man. During the double date, when he tried to protect Kisara he was left unable to and Shiratori topped him in everything and Kisara said she'll protect him, somewhat hurting his pride in a similar manner to Kenichi. However, this would cause him to gain the courage to face Shiratori to win Kisara over and in an effort to prove his worth as a fighter.


While Ukita is the weakest martial artist of the Shinpaku Alliance, he has proven to be a reliable and very resilient fighter on his own right. He is capable of taking on several grunts and throw them with little effort with his Judo fighting style. His main fighting style is a rush in grab and throw style and typically uses it to throw his enemies into submission.

  • Judoka: Ukita is a practitioner of Judo, and as such he has excellent skills at using throwing techniques. Ukita's throwing skills are so great that he was able to climb up the ranks of Ragnarök and earn the nickname "Ukita the Thrower", becoming one of the three members of the Ragnarök's Technique Takedown Trio along with Takeda and Koga. He can throw most people both big and small with little effort and has been seen throwing more than one person at a time. With help from Chikage Kushinada of Yomi, he gained the ability to throw several members of Yami's Armed Division without using any of his strength for a short time (Which is similar to the Kushinada style of Jujitsu, which allows it users to effectively throw multiple opponents using 100% skill and 0% strength). He even managed to throw one of the weapon users of Yami once without Chikage's help, Chikage even pointed out he managed to do it without using hardly any strength at all, which is a sign that despite only being at mid-disciple level, Ukita has enough potential to at least use similar methods to the Kushinada's unique style, something that Chikage herself noticed.
  • Enhanced Strength: Befitting his large build, Ukita has great strength, capable of throwing people his age with one arm and grown men with both with little effort or tiring. He's also able to carry them and run at a considerable speed without slowing down.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Ukita's greatest feat doesn't lie in his strength, but in his stamina. Ukita has a remarkable amount of resilience and stamina that, while he's only a disciple, his stamina is already master level on par with Kenichi. He was able to take a massive beating from Berserker and able to try to fight back and later fought against Ryūto's grunts with little effort. In Niijima's SFI Plan, Ukita took a massive amount of damage but was still able to throw one of the opponents out of the ring, protect Kisara while taking even more damage from the other members and even break the team leader's finger before taking more damage from the leader and succumbing to his injuries. Even against master class opponents or weapon users he can take heavy injuries and still able to fight before he collapses from his wounds. Even after being thrown numerous times by Chikage, Ukita was still conscious and able to move despite the impact of her throws.


The Technique Trio

Ukita was originally from the Judo club before his dirty methods got him kicked out, causing him to become a delinquent and to join Ragnarök. He would then become a member of Kisara's gang, meeting Takeda and becoming a member of the "Technique Trio", along with him and Taichi Koga.

Ragnarök Saga[]

The Three Man Squad of Valkyrie Arc[]

Ukita is defeated by Kenichi.

Ukita is first shown with Takeda deciding who should fight Kenichi first. When Kenichi keeps trying to avoid them due to him not ready yet, Ukita decides to try him out and ends up losing easily. When they overhear some of Kenichi's "friends" state how they know him when in truth they just wanted to get close to him just to get to Miu, Ukita decides to kidnap them on the roof to lure Kenichi. It works and the two liars ditch Kenichi and Ukita decides to go at Kenichi first only to be defeated by Kenichi's Kao Loi. He later wakes up just as Kenichi and Takeda are about to fall off the roof of the building and pull both up just as Kenichi lost consciousness. However, Miu arrived and, believing Ukita and Takeda to have beaten Kenichi up, brutally attack the duo and knock them out. They all later go to Ryōzanpaku to heal themselves.

Valkyrie Arc[]

While decrying Takeda as having the attitude of a "sportsman", he felt a strong enough friendship to stand with him against Ragnarök's edict of execution after Takeda quit Ragnarök, switching sides during his planned ambush on Takeda and rejoining the Judo Club. When Kisara tries to attack Kenichi, Ukita and Takeda try to take her on and her underlings only to lose easily. He later thanks Kenichi when Takeda tried to take him to say his thanks though Ukita was just being too stubborn to admit it. He, along with Takeda, later joins the Shinpaku Alliance.

Siegfried Arc[]

After watching the video Loki put on the Shinpaku website about Kenichi's sister being kidnapped, Ukita with Takeda, Miu and Niijima rushed over to the church to assist Kenichi in saving her. However, they were ambushed by Loki's thugs and they all engaged combat with them and defeated the fakes. He was forced to carry Niijima to the church due to Niijima unable to walk in the church area due to a bad feeling inside him. He occasionally punched Niijima in the face from annoyance to his insults to others. He later watches Kenichi defeat Hermit and is glad his sister is saved.

Final Clash Arc[]

As more than half of Ragnarök has been defeated by Kenichi, Ukita starts training in their hideout with Takeda to get stronger. He is present when Niijima tries to blackmail Kisara into joining the Shinpaku Alliance until Siegfried bribes her with cats and she agrees despite her tough demeanor, prompting Ukita to wonder if Siegfried is a magician due to how he can pull out so many cats in his shirt. He appears to have a crush on Kisara, as he tries to impress her more than once. It is mentioned that he has pet cats as Kisara thanks him for the photos of them, which he hopes of getting on her good side.

As Ukita walks home with Takeda attempting to deny liking Kisara, they are attacked by Berserker. They fight with everything they have only for Berserker to easily defeat the both of them. After he and Takeda heal their injuries, they assist with the other members of the Alliance to fight Ryūto's thugs while Kenichi fights Ryūto himself. He cheers Kenichi on to win his fight with Ryūto.

Yami/YOMI Saga[]

Spark Arc[]

When YOMI was making their move, they send out Li Raichi and she ends up fighting Kisara first. Kisara becomes angry when she compares bust sizes and Ukita defends her. Eventually, Kisara, Ukita, Siegfried and Takeda are all defeated by her and saved by Kenichi and manages to defeat her. However, her father, Li Tenmon shows up and fights all the member and even with Kenichi's, Miu's, and Renka's assistance, they are no match due to Niijima finding out that he's a master comparable to Kenichi's masters. They are eventually saved when Kensei arrives and defeats Tenmon.

DofD Tournament Arc[]

Interestingly, Ukita was, much to his disdain, the only one doing normal training before the DofD tournament. Despite this, he travels with the others in the attempt to assist them in any way. He watches all the fights from the first day of fighting. During the night he has a private talk with Kenichi and is shocked to hear that he got his confidence to fight over the fact the elder promised him he would get to ask Miu out if he won the tournament. He seems to have grown close to Kenichi after getting to know him and even learns of many things about him that most of the members of Ryōzanpaku and Shinpaku are unaware of. The two talk about their relationships with others and how they feel about the girls they like, unaware that Kisara and Freya heard the whole conversation. He watches with Kenichi as Miu takes her hair clip from Sho back and attempts to help save her when Sho takes her away after knocking her out. As Kenichi goes after him, Ukita runs back to get Kisara saying he needs her help, causing her to blush (due to her accidentally hearing with Freya about how he liked her). When Takeda, Freya, and Thor are left in critical condition from Sho's assault on them, only he, Kisara and Niijima are left to fight in the next round the next day.

Ukita's talk with Niijima

When Niijima tried to forfeit from the DofD because of the incident that happened the night before, Ukita takes it upon himself to talk him out of this decision. Ukita tells him what he thinks and tells him that he would gladly go out there and fight rather than give up, which convinces Niijima not to forfeit. Him, Kisara, and Niijima enter the coliseum and announce that they will not forfeit. After Niijima's shocking announcement of participating in the match, and after Siegfried's sudden intro into the colloseum, Ukita tells Kisara that he will show her the meaning of survival and promised that he would not be a burden, after which the four of them enter the ring to fight against the Capoeira Team.

SFI plan "Fails"

For Kisara, Ukita allows himself to be sacrificed as part of Niijima's SFI plan, getting tremendously injured while one of the Capoeira team is taken out. Niijima then shouts out loud that the plan has failed and asks for someone to save him when he is about to be attacked by a member of the Capoeria team. This however was just a ploy to get rid of the member with the weakest mind, as the real SFI plan was for one of the members to let their guard down as Ukita ambushes them from behind and throws him out of the arena.

Real SFI plan complete

Despite the plan being a success, Ukita is left with broken ribs and is in bad condition. He then serves as a shield for Kisara as he blocks the leaders attacks as long as he can so she can take out her opponent. Ukita knows that he cannot beat their leader, so he tries to take his arm with him before he defeated, which leads to more brutal assaults from the captain. Ukita continues to get assaulted until he is unable to take more attacks from his enemy. Knowing how soon he is going to be defeated, Ukita makes one last attempt and as he falls against the Capoeira team captain, he reaches out and manages to break one of his enemy's fingers to give Kisara a small advantage. Kisara uses his sacrifice to win the match and thanks him for his efforts. Ukita was left immobile from being able to fight Fortuna with the other members. He then hears about Kenichi's victory against Sho.

Ukita shields Kisara

Yomi in School Arc[]

After returning home, Ukita and Takeda find out they have to repeat their 3rd year together. He and the other members are shocked when members of YOMI transfer to their school. When Rachel starts showing interest in him, Kisara kicks him for not wanting him to stare at her, showing jealousy

Master-Disciple Tag Match Arc[]

When Takeda decides to have a match against Kenichi to see how far he's come from first meeting him, Ukita cheers Takeda on. He and the others are shocked by James only shaving a small part of his mustache off.

Weapon Fighters Arc[]

When Freya and her grandfather are kidnapped by Yami, Ukita and the other members go out and try to rescue them. However, when fighting the armed Yami members, Ukita is injured due to him being the weakest member and not having any specific moves. They would eventually find Danki and Kenichi and watch in amusement when Miu would hug Kenichi glad he's alright.

Okinawa Arc[]

Ukita is among the other members of the Shinpaku Alliance, who stay over at Okinawa to assist Kenichi. He plays cards with Kisara and Freya believing the night was calm unaware that the masters and Kenichi already left.When Kenichi comes back from his fight with Tirawit and sleeps for two days, Ukita is among those who visit Kenichi over the two days.

Yami Transport Data Arc[]

When the pro-Yami faction in the government overtakes the anti-Yami faction in the government, Ukita and the other members of Shinpaku go to Inspector Honmaki's house to learn about the whereabouts of the disc. Ukita and the other members of Shinpaku dispatch the Yami weapon users, however, Ukita has considerable difficulty in dealing with them, until Chikage Kushinada steps in to correct his movements, allowing him to more easily throw his opponents. This extends to the chase to the politician Ishida's home, when Ukita's movements are manipulated by Chikage so that he is able to throw the weapon users. When Chikage is attacked, Ukita steps in and is enraged how the weapons user tried to hurt a little girl. He grabs the Vajra, unleashing a new judo move upon the weapon user. At Chikage's advice, Ukita names his move Arashi Guruma. Ukita offers to carry Kenichi due to the latter's injuries from Kokin still affecting him. They arrive as the other members have defeated their opponents and Kisara yells at Ukita to not look at her due to her clothes being ripped. When Ishida the Congressman is revealed to be a member of Yami and destoy's the data Niijima had, the group fights him. The Shinpaku Alliance and Chikage were about to fight a losing battle until Sakaki showed up and easily defeated him. Sakaki congratulated the Shinpaku Alliance for their strength and clearing Ryōzanpaku's name.

After returning to school the following day, Ukita asks Kenichi if things between him and Miu have developed, causing Kenichi to be flustered. Ukita asks if he'll miss the time he's had alone with her, to which Kenichi stutters.

The Tidat Kingdom Arc[]

After hearing Miu was kidnapped by Jenazad, Ukita shows sympathy towards Kenichi knowing how hard this is for him and offers his assistance to save her. He then wishes him the best of luck in his quest to save her from Tidat. He later hears Rachel's offer to help them find Miu's location and they all work on sending the knowledge to Kenichi.

Return to Japan Arc[]

After Miu had returned home, Ukita was happy to see how much Kenichi had gotten so close to Miu after saving her. He later showed to be involved with Kisara, taking her on a double date with Takeda. However, he was upset that Kisara invited Shiratori with them and she told Ukita to not think so much about the double date that was planned for the others since Shiratori is coming with her and becomes flustered when Ukita wants to live to the fullest. When she mentions she wants Shiratori to come with them, Ukita wants to know their relationship but Kisara doesn't know what he's talking about and kicks him in the face. The next day, he talks with Kenichi, asking for advice because he believes his relationship with Miu is "more advanced" than his is with Kisara despite what Kenichi says. Kenichi just tells him to do his best and it will all work out, resulting in Ukita thanking him.

On the day of the double date, Ukita dressed nicely and arrived and was surprised that Takeda arrived there with Freya and was even more surprised to see Kisara all cute in a skirt asking if it was for him despite her saying she didn't and only did because of Miu's advice, then Ukita says it really suits her. She then tells him to shut up since he's exaggerating things. When she almost falls over, Ukita tries to catch her only for Shiratori to arrive and catch her, making Ukita jealous. He continuously tries to impress Kisara only for Shiratori to outshine him every chance. When some thugs arrive and Ukita tries to protect Kisara, Shiratori interferes and defeats them. He is shocked at seeing how strong Shiratori is and notices that he uses Taekwondo like Kisara. He then yells at Shiba for ruining the date with his thugs. When fighting them, he gets a little hurt from his pride when Kisara says she'll protect him, but seems to smile regardless. Afterwards, Ukita trains at his dojo with his master Machino who comments how pumped Ukita is and how glad he is that he's back on the right track and has a light in him and shouldn't quit. He leaves and runs into Miu and they talk about the date, but Ukita just comments on how amazed he was by Shiratori's strength and Kenichi's resolve to become stronger for Miu and how he's overcome so many obsticals yet he thinks he himself isn't worthy of Kisara because he can't protect her. However, Miu points out that you don't need to qualify with someone to love them, and after hearing some of Miu's honest feelings for Kenichi he thanks her.

The next day at school Ukita challenges Shiratori to a fight for Kisara, to which he agrees while Kisara is flustered after hearing this. He walks home later with Miu and Kenichi and talks how he has doubts in himself since he's not talented like Miu, Siegfried or Takeda but can't just give up without trying and feels if he loses he will have lost the last thing he has. As Kenichi encourages him to fight his best, Takeda and Shiba arrive and Shiba says he'll lose since he has no talent unlike Shiratori, but Ukita still wants to fight. On the day of the fight, Kisara watches the two fight and Ukita prepares to fight Shiratori. Despite his best efforts, Ukita loses and comments on how strong Shiratori is. Just as Kenichi tends to him, an assassin arrives and tries to kill them as he sets his sights and tries to shoot Kisara, Ukita rises up and grabs him while the gunman has his gun on Ukita's back and Ukita says he'll protect her and they fall off a ledge. They are saved by Shiba and he acknowledges Ukita stating it is to be expected of Takeda's best friend. He's later taken to Ryōzanpaku to heal. The next day Takeda tells him that Shiratori is actually a woman, but Ukita doesn't believe him.

Titan Arc[]

Following the discovery of a Yami base, Ukita and the rest of the alliance travel to the location but are forced to stay by the masters. However, after they leave, a limo that took the YOMI members from before arrive and Berserker and a member named Lugh come out and prepare to fight them. As Lugh states he's fine with whoever decides to fight him, Ukita rushes in to attack him only for Siegfried to save him and becomes shocked as Siegfried reveals that he's discovered that Lugh is blind. He later watches as Takeda steps in to fight Lugh alone and tells him to not lose. However, as Takeda lunges at Lugh with the intent to sacrifice his left arm, Ukita asks if he's really alright with that after all the work he put into saving his arm, telling him not to try acting cool and destroy his arm after all the work he put into it. Not wanting Takeda to sacrifice his arm, Ukita pleads with everyone to stop him but to no avail. Ukita then takes the initiative and lunges at the two of them stating that even though he's a marital artist, he's Takeda's friend first and refuses to let him sacrifice his arm. However, Kenichi steps in and stops Takeda, saving his arm and agrees with Ukita, much to Ukita's relief. Lugh then decides to leave noting a master coming, but not before promising Takeda that he'll crush him first next time, causing Takeda to try to stop him and Ukita has to hold him back telling him to just let it go.

He later attends the amusement park with the others and sees Shiratori, but walks right by her and as Takeda tries to show him who Shiratori really is, Ukita says he was looking for her and that he found her "doppelganger" that looks just like "him" but as a woman and says if one of their doppelgangers they die and tells her to be careful and gets a kick to the face for his obliviousness over her gender. At night, Ukita rests from the rides and later comes across Freya fighting Ryūto and tries to help her and gets thrown into the river by Ryūto and swims away to shore. He eventually makes his way to Renka's and Rachel's fight and gets a nosebleed seeing the two almost naked which caused the two to throw objects on fire to him which has Ukita running to another area. He then arrives at Kisara's fight with Chikage and asks why she's hear and wonders if she followed them to the park and Chikage suddenly grabs him from behind and hurls him to the ground stating it was fun but now has to kill him while having an emotionless face.

As Chikage throws Ukita numerous times, the latter tries to reason with her as Kisara angrily attacks her only to be thrown to the side. As Chikage states how she can't do it, Ukita tries to tell her why only for her to throw him again and tries to tell her to stop this. She continues to attack both of them as Kisara begs her to stop or Ukita really will die at this rate. Luckily, Chikage finally regains her senses as Freya enters to save Ukita as Chikage bursts into tears over what she did. Mikumo then shows up and takes Chikage away intending to turn her back into a cold blooded killer. Freya then takes a barely conscious Ukita away from the flames.

The Eternal Sunset Arc[]

Days later, Niijima greets most of the alliance after the battles and Ukita is shown that he later survives his injuries, but is heavily bandaged afterwards when he's seen at school while commenting he thought he was going to die. Niijima points out how Rachel and Chikage haven't gone to school lately and Tanimoto is going to school like nothing happened. When asked about Kenichi and Miu's whereabouts, Niijima states that they went to see the people who got out of the darkness: Ryūto and Rimi. Several days later, along with the rest of the captains, Ukita gathers at the base waiting for Kenichi and Miu. Kenichi and Miu notice that Apachai and Shigure have been waiting at the base asleep the whole time, waiting for everyone to show up. Ukita watches surprised as Miu tries to wake Shigure up, only for her to get her clothes cut off by the sleeping master. Shigure then wakes up and tells them that she has something to give them, and then takes the bag away from a sleeping Apachai and hands all of the captains the arm protectors that she made for them, then demonstrates how strong the gear is against a weapon, which amazes everyone.

Later, he is informed of Shigure's capture by Miu and Kenichi and notes how the elder isn't back yet. Once the alliance learns of her location, all the alliance members set out with Okamoto to find her. While on the way, Ukita joins the others in training with Okamoto who informs them all about what they need improvement on. Afterwards, when they rest, Takeda interrupts Kenichi and Miu's talk and finally reveals that Miu's father, Saiga Fūrinji is the leader of Yami. While most take surprise in this revelation Miu admits she suspected this and wonders if her father murdered her mother. As everyone gets ready, Ukita expresses to Kisara that he will protect her and to use his body to "block bullets, step on me, and go forward", despite Kisara rejecting this notion she does say that she will protect him. Freya adds that she will also protect him, to the surprise of Kisara and Ukita. Just then Okamoto enters to tell them of there arrival and the Shinpaku Alliance readies for battle.

After Okamoto takes out the soldiers at the bay, Ukita and the others dock on land and enter the forest. Once they are ambushed by Yami soldiers to which Ukita and the others are able to easily fend off, much to the soldiers surprise. After Okamoto agrees to hold them off on his own with his men, Ukita and the others escape. After reaching a waterfall, Ukita and the others are confronted by the YOMI disciples. After seeing them launch towards them, Niijima tells Miu and Kenichi for them to take advantage of the situation and run. Though hesitant, the trio leave after Ukita and the others encourage them to move ahead. After they leave, Ukita and the others lunge towards the Satsujinken disciples

As the disciples continue to battle, Edeltraft's disciple is about to land an attack on Ukita, which Rachel Stanley notices as she jumps into the fight. She appears to protect Ukita, pinning him between her legs and stopping the attack from Edeltraft's disciple, though she proceeds to throw Ukita into the ground afterwards.

As he watches as Chikage begins her ruthless assault on his friends, Ukita curses her. Ukita is then devastated as Siegmarigen's attack connects and Kisara falls to the ground. He charges over at Chikage in a rage just as sword-wielding soldiers arrive, who appear to be reinforcements for Yomi.

As the reinforcements overwhelm the alliance, Ukita protects an injured Kisara by blocking two blades with his bare hands. Just as he's about to be killed by Edeltraft's disciple, Chikage rushes through the battlefield and throws the fighters attacking Ukita. Confused, Ukita questions Chikage's motives as that they will be supporting the Shinpaku Alliance, albeit temporarily, in order to protect their masters' pride.

As the battle progresses, two Yami masters: Chin Sougaku (crescent moon spade) and Ortal Sin (jamadhar) show up shocking everyone. However, Ryūto, Renka, Koan Shokatsu and Genson Ryu, Renka's fellow disciples, also arrive and attack the enemy reinforcements. A soldier charges towards Ukita but Kisara wakes up and defeats him before Chikage can reach the opponent. It is revealed that Shigure also gave Kisara a chain vest along with her arm guards, as she is a close-range fighter. Kisara aims a kick at Ukita in embarrassment as she is not wearing anything underneath the chain vest, but Chikage deflects the kick scolds Kisara as Ukita has been protecting her while she was unconscious. Kisara promises to return the debt to Ukita as she and Chikage fight off the approaching soldiers.

They all defeat the masters as after the armed forces retreat, they celebrate their victory.


In the Epilogue, it's revealed Ukita has successfully graduated from High School and is now a college student along side Kisara, finally gained her affections and in a relationship with her.

Battle Log[]

Present Battles[]

  • vs Kenichi (Loss)
  • vs Kisara's thugs (Won)
  • vs underling's of Ryūto (Won)
  • vs Raichi Li (Loss)
  • vs Yami weapon's user (Won)
  • vs Shiratori (Loss)

Team Battles[]

  • with Takeda vs Miu (Loss)
  • with Takeda vs Kisara and her underlings (Loss)
  • with Takeda and Kenichi vs Loki's thugs (Won)
  • with Takeda, Miu and Niijima vs Loki's thugs (Won)
  • with Takeda vs Berserker (Loss)
  • with Kisara, Takeda, Siegfried and Shinpaku grunts vs. Li Raichi (Loss)
  • with Kenichi, Miu, Renka, Kisara, Siegfried, Takeda, Niijima, and Shinpaku grunts vs. Li Tenmon (Loss)
  • with Kisara, Niijima, and Siegfried vs. Capoeira team members (Won)
  • with Takeda, Kenichi, Miu, Thor, and Kisara vs Yami weapon's division (Won)
  • with Kenichi and Chikage vs Yami weapons division (Won)
  • with Kenichi, Miu, Thor, Takeda, Kisara, Chikage, Freya, and Siegfried vs Ishida (interupted by Sakaki)