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Kenichi Shirahama (白浜 兼一 Shirahama Ken'ichi) is the title character and main Protagonist of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi. He is the Disciple of the six masters of Ryōzanpaku, studying martial arts from them to not only get stronger, but to ultimately gain the strength and courage needed to protect the people and values that are most important to him. He is also a member and the honorary "co-founder" of the Shinpaku Alliance, alongside the founder Haruo Niijima (the latter of which he is not entirely happy about) and is currently a second year student at Kōryō High School in class 2-E. At the conclusion of the series, he not only marries the love of his life, Miu Fūrinji, but he finally becomes a Master himself.


Kenichi was born to Mototsugu Shirahama, a businessman to an unknown firm and Saori Shirahama, a homemaker and later in his adolescence, brother to his sister Honoka Shirahama. Contrary to many characters in the series, Kenichi grew up in an average lifestyle and was friends with Ryūto Asamiya, and were best friend back when they were 6 years old mainly because they both were picked on by others, Kenichi's life changed abruptly when he and Ryūto saw a young Miu defend an elder woman who was being harassed by thugs. Miu was about to be attacked from behind by one of the thugs when Kenichi used Ryūto's whistle to alarm her and allowed her to defeat him and alert her grandfather. However, the thug accidentally let a bottle he held fly in the air and bash Kenichi in the head, knocking him unconscious and Miu thanked Ryūto thinking he thinking that he was the one who blew the whistle. After seeing Miu defeat the thug trying to assault a kind old lady, both Ryūto and Kenichi vowed to become strong, but Kenichi forgot the fact and that it was Miu who traded him the Yin Yang badge he carries on the neck of his shirt all the time for a cat badge, as a remainder of said promise. Because of this, Ryūto would want the badge, but Kenichi would refuse because of Miu giving it to him and the two would fight over it and though Kenichi won, yet he gave the win to Ryūto, leaving Ryūto angry. Kenichi would eventually move one day with his family and not be able to say goodbye to Ryūto due to his father being overly dramatic. This would cause Ryūto's friendship with Kenichi to be destroyed.


Kenichi is good-natured, timid, polite and cowardly, frequently treated as a friendless loser at the beginning of the series. He loves gardening and reading How to... books. However, it all changed when he met Miu Fūrinji, and shows no fear in the face of true danger. After the fateful meeting, he decided to stand for himself and be truly strong; or at least, strong enough to protect those who are dear to him. Though he's constantly considered cowardly at the beginning of the series, he shows that when his loved ones lives are on the line, he's actually much braver than he appears, going as far as to jump into an ocean full of sharks and fight one of them just to save his sister Honoka. He continuously grows more brave and confident in himself to the point he now rushes into any form of danger without a second thought.

After entering Ryōzanpaku he has slowly begun to change. Although at first he ran at the very first sign of danger, and didn't want to train unless forced by his masters, he endured the hard training and is slowly growing to love martial arts. He was not seen as a serious fighter by any of his opponents, which has led to many victories over seemingly impossible odds (Boris notes that Kenichi has had the bad, or good depending on how one views it, luck of fighting martial artists who were stronger than him in terms of pure skill in every one of his main battles), and his care for his newly found friends has made him prove victorious time and time again, thus changing his attitude to the point where many of his classmates think he is cool.

Due to Kensei Ma's influence on him, Kenichi has shown a bit of a perverted side, such as when Ma takes Kenichi to a secret location to watch Miu and Shigure bathe in their usual spot (and later uses him as a decoy to escape). Kenichi was even given magazines based off of pictures of Miu and Shigure and other nude pictures (though Kenichi states they are really only pictures of chickens or baby chicks and at times Tōchūmaru posing covering them). Kenichi even used Ma's technique when he told him to let Miu attack him so his face would be shoved into her chest (which was later proven so Kenichi would learn a head-butt move) and even said how wonderful it felt. However, despite Ma's influence, Kenichi has shown a modest and innocent side towards women, such as when he ever sees Miu's breasts almost sticking out, seeing her almost naked, accidentally seeing up her skirt or seeing Renka's breasts causing Kenichi to be very flustered. When Shigure wanted to bathe with him, he was very flustered and wished not to, showing innocence. Whenever he sees women barely dressed or almost naked, he tends to have a nosebleed.

Unlike most of the other characters, Kenichi tends to think logically, often crushing the dreams of young fighters who strive to create a strong gang in the future. He also sticks to his convictions, be it fair (such as never hitting a guy with glasses) to very controversial, such as his belief to never hit a girl, no matter the situation. This vow often backfires as when women try to fight him, as they become extremely irritated and mistake it for overbearing sexism (this is proven false as Kenichi has no problem with other men, such as Hayato Fūrinji or Natsu Tanimoto, fighting females). Kenichi even cares about the enemy's health and always tries to help them. Despite his strong moral standards, Kenichi is not above buying perverted pictures of Miu and Shigure from Ma or going with him to spy on them while they're bathing. He is still scared of delinquents as shown at his school, despite defeating opponents like Shō Kanō and other YOMI members.

Though his masters claim that he has no talent or whatsoever for Martial Arts, this could possibly be a ploy to motivate him to work harder. Despite the fact that Kenichi has not even been studying martial arts for a year, he has defeated countless opponents who have been studying for their entire lives and considered true genius. Hayato Fūrinji, the Elder of Ryōzanpaku has stated that Kenichi reminds him of himself in younger days. The claim could be an encouragement from his masters not to be laid back. While his masters always states that Kenichi has no talent at martial arts, Akisame stated that Kenichi is a genius at hard work. This is further reinforced where Odin commented that Kenichi has mastered the essentials of the Seikūken in just a matter of days.

Though he is no longer picked on by the delinquents at his school, Kenichi's excessive mistreatment by others is one of the main sources of humor in the series. He is constantly ridiculed and looked down on, physically abused for no reason, denied his only pleasures of reading and gardening, and receives no praise at all for his accomplishments and actually only gets ridiculed more (sometimes by people much weaker than himself). As a result of this, Kenichi is frequently shown to be very susceptible to negative comments about his appearance or strength, easily falling into (comical) depression whenever someone scoffs at his abilities (so much so that Miu once referred to name calling as Kenichi's "Weak Spot").

Kenichi seeks "enough power to protect those that he loves". However, the Elder told Kenichi that saying that is the same as stating "I want the power to kill those who are my enemies". What Kenichi really seeks is the power to definitely protect his loved ones by defeating his enemies without causing more than enough damage to and protecting them as well. Hayato Fūrinji stated that this is already the level of strongest in history. Kenichi seems to have another power within him, which his opponents often describe as light in the middle of darkness. This often results in many of those he has defeated turning over to the good side. Rachel Stanley described him as a ceramic vase being beautifully crafted. Isshinsai Ogata also states that Kenichi possesses infinite potential inside him and that his bases are so solid, he could become the highest building ever.

Kenichi has constantly shown to be a very kind, selfless, polite, and helpful young man and always put others before himself. Even when it comes to his enemies, he shows them respect and never speaks ill of them and even cares for their well-being and refuses to allow them to ever speak ill of others. Whenever he's injured or someone else is, he states the other people injured should be tended to first. He constantly tries to befriend others such a Chikage, even if they were former enemies and always acts friendly towards them. It is because of his kind nature that he lacks killing intent due to his desire not to kill others. Several people are moved by his kindness and selfless nature, to the point they even change sides and befriend him. Because of his kindness, Ethan Stanley states that his heart is enormous. Chiaki Yūma would state his heart has become even stronger lately from his continuous fighting.

Despite his friendly, kind nature, he does enjoy teasing Natsu Tanimoto. He usually does this by annoying Tanimoto (by adding the chan suffix in his name or acting friendly), and once Tanimoto gets so irked to the point that he attacks Kenichi, Kenichi points out people are watching, causing Tanimoto to revert to his false persona.

He has a habit of constantly watering plants and tending to his books when he gets excited. His habit of this kick in when he and Miu held hands. He also is very intelligent in plant types, such as knowing how they work or grow and considers them some of his closest friends, which was shown when he relied on plants to save him from Shō Kanō. He also is afraid of weapons, as he usually shouts "weapons are scary!", though he slowly loses his fear for them. He also has a fear of riding scary or dangerous rides such as roller-coasters, much like Thor (though his fear is mostly due to his hellish training from Akisame's brutal machines which seem to have left a bad impression on Kenichi).

Kenichi is known for being somewhat attractive by numerous girls his age throughout the series due to his strength, bravery, and kind heart. Yūka Izumi loves him due to his kindness and tries to ask him out more than once only to be interrupted or Kenichi leaving before she notices he left and Kenichi is oblivious of this. Raichi Li is attracted to him due to him standing up to her and considering her a friend and admiring him for his kindness. Rachel has shown to find him "cute" and has an attraction towards him, going as far as to kiss him on the cheek, causing Miu to be very angry and jealous from her. Also Rachel also appreciates him and his friends saving her from Jenazad and helping her brother. Renka Ma is attracted to him due to how strong he has become and brave, going as far as transferring schools to be close to him and always trying to cling to him and fight over his attention with Miu and her "strong liking" has eventually developed into "strong love" which she refuses to admit, but her emotions prove otherwise. Also, Renka also is taken back by him when he compliments her in anything and blushes around him when he does. Miu developed feelings towards him when he proves his worth as a fighter and when she sees how much he cares for her in numerous moments and is very appreciative of everything he does for her as a friend. Miu even gets jealous and possessive of Kenichi when other girls are around him and fights for his attention. When Kenichi saves her life on the School Ski Trip, Miu tearfully hugs him and thanks him for saving her, making Miu much more open physically and emotionally. Whenever Kenichi is done fighting a long fight, she is usually running up to him and tearfully hugging him and states how glad she is when he's alright. When Kenichi tries to state how he wants to protect her more than anything, Miu starts to understand her feelings for him, going as far as kissing him on the cheek. Since then she's started acting more happy, cheerful, and eager to be around him. According to Junazard, Miu's feelings for Kenichi has developed into love (though Miu doesn't seem to be aware of this). Miu has even stated she does not mind dying for Kenichi so he can live. Kenichi has earned the trust of the One Shadow, Miu's father for protecting Miu from Junazard and stopping him and breaking the his spell on her.


Kenichi's physique change after the Anime

Kenichi is a young man of average height with medium length spiky brown hair in the back and some hanging in the front on the sides and brown eyes. He usually wears his long sleeved blue school uniform with the Yin Yang badge trade to him by Miu for a Cat badge when they were younger. When he first started practicing martial arts, Kenichi wore just a traditional dougi when training and fought in civilian clothing but after the Ragnarök Arc, he begins to start wearing a dougi (for Karate and Jujitsu), chainmail underneath (Weapons), muay kaad chuek on his hands (Muay Thai) and Kung Fu Pants and shoes (Kung Fu/Chinese Kempo) for when he trains or fights. He wears his wrests guards given to him by the Elder and Miu whenever he fights with a weapon users. When not in school or training, for casual wear, he's seen in jeans and a plain shirt that tends to either be plain or nice looking and with stripes.

Physically, Kenichi has changed over the course of the story. In the beginning, due to his inexperience in fighting, he was a thin and somewhat scrawny and frail physique. After his continuous training with his masters, Kenichi's physique has become lean yet well-muscled and defined all-around body. His most notable feature of his appearance is the band aid that he constantly wears under his left eye which hasn't changed.


  • Mixed Martial Artist: Since entering the Ryōzanpaku dojo, Kenichi has been trained in six different styles of martial arts: Karate, Muay Thai, Chinese Kenpo, Ju-Jitsu, Kōsaka Style, and Fūrinji Style, which makes him a Mixed Martial Artist. While being trained in six different styles, none of the masters have made Kenichi concentrate on only one type of martial art style and in fact, have him learn several variations of their martial arts. Despite this, the masters have focused Kenichi's training on physical conditioning and in practising the basic forms and techniques of each style to the point of refinement. This would give Kenichi a solid martial arts foundation and in turn allow him to develop his own techniques and fighting style in time. As a result of practicing so many fighting styles and the hellish training he undergoes on a daily basis, Kenichi developed from a weak person who was repeatedly bullied and beaten to a powerful and extremely versatile fighter, who has received praise and respect on multiple occasions from several disciples and masters, friend or foe alike:
    • Karate User: Sakaki has taught Kenichi multiple stances and Kata from different Karate styles, which has taught him the essence of self defense and countering. Sakaki has mainly taught Kenichi a variety of defensive techniques, stressing the philosophy of "Defense" being the true nature of Karate; as a result, Kenichi has a very strong sense of defense, being able to effectively attack and defend at the same time using the techniques he has learned from Sakaki.
    • Muay Thai User: Apachai has taught Kenichi the art of Muay Thai. At the beginning, most of Apachai's attempts to train Kenichi resulted in him almost dying, but as time went on Kenichi slowly began to learn how to survive training with him, which greatly increased his defensive capabilities. Plus, as a result of training in Muay Thai with Apachai, Kenichi has gained many techniques that allow him to overpower many physically strong fighters. Apachai has also trained him to "attack through" his opponents, which allows him to easily fight against opponents with strong defenses.
    • Jujutsu User: Akisame has always been teaching Kenichi different throwing techniques from more than one variation of Ju-jitsu. As a result, Kenichi is able to throw his opponents in various positions and put them in various submission holds. Kenichi has even begun to learn throwing techniques that involve using no strength and using the enemy's own power against them. Although it has been shown that Kenichi can only achieve these kinds of techniques when using Ryūsui Seikūken.
    • Chinese Kenpo User: Kensei Ma has taught Kenichi various types of Chinese Kenpo, although his has mostly learned the soft forms of kenpo, including: Baguazhang and Taichi. Because of this, Kenichi has learned the Kung Fu principles of "Inner Strength", which has made Kenichi's body incredibly durable to internal damage and even given him the ability to cause internal damage to his opponents.
    • Kōsaka Style User: Despite being an unarmed fighter, Shigure has taught Kenichi the basics of the Kōsaka Style, how to use weapons and fight against weapon users. Shigure has mostly taught him swordplay and techniques that counter melee weapons. Because of his refusal to use weapons however, Kenichi has had to learn how to adapt these techniques of the Kōsaka Style with his own techniques, in order to effectively use them without a sword. Kenichi achieved this by using knifehand strikes he learned from Karate as a sword substitute. This has given him a great sense of adaptability during his fights and has even given him a unique new form of counterattacking.
    • Fūrinji Style User: Hayato has taught Kenichi only three techniques from the Fūrinji Style: Seikūken, Ryūsui Seikūken and Korui Nuki. Despite only knowing these three techniques, Kenichi has taken full advantage of the benefits each technique gives him in battle, from an absolute defense, to outmanoeuvring his opponents, and finally, to a technique that can break almost any defense. Additionally, in the process of teaching him these techniques, Hayato has given Kenichi greater reflexes, more balance, and has given him greater use of his Ki.
  • Immense Determination: The Ryōzanpaku masters mention that Kenichi has no talent for martial art but he is a genius at hard work and getting beat up, which enables him to improve at an amazing rate. Kenichi has defeated countless opponents who have been studying martial arts their entire lives and were considered true geniuses. Even in the midst of battle, Kenichi is able to calculate and develop a strategy quickly and even outsmart even the most intelligent of fighters, such as being able to trick Ryūto's inner eye technique with his Ryōzanpaku's Rhythm he just made up, something Akisame noted was a genius move on Kenichi's part. The Elder stated that though Kenichi lacks killing intent, he has incredible memory, being able to remember and perceive even the most complicated techniques his masters teach him and be able to use them in a short amount of time.
  • Enhanced Physical Prowess: Over the course of the two years that he has spent at Ryōzanpaku, Kenichi has gone from a very physically weak person who gets bullied day in and day out, to a powerful fighter who has defeated numerous opponent's, thanks to the hellish training that he receives every day at the dojo. All of the masters have combined their training methods in order to give Kenichi a body that is perfectly suited for all the styles that they are teaching him. Akisame and Kensei have completely redesigned Kenichi's body over the course of two years, as they have continuously experimented with new ways to train his body. Akisame has made Kenichi undergo his special muscle enhancement training, which has developed a body that has absolutely no useless muscles in it and an almost inhuman amount of strength and speed, and Kensei has strengthened Kenichi's organs and core using various methods from multiple forms of Chinese Kenpo and medicine. Sakaki has trained Kenichi in various exercises involving strengthening the toughness and flexibility of his body, Shigure's weapons training has helped with Kenichi's reflexes in a lot of different ways, and just surviving one of Apachai's attempts to safely train him counts as endurance training. After training with the Elder, Kenichi's physical development reached an even higher level, giving him more agility and balance and completely speeding up the other masters training, forcing them to start trying slightly harder during his training sessions. He is able to take damaging hits from a Dou Ki user and the strongest member of Yomi, Kajima's, strongest technique. Also, according to Kajima, the fact that Kenichi's body can survive being hit so many times by his strongest technique: Shinogidachi, means that he must have mastered the principles of Yin Kung Fu, which involves strengthening the body's defenses to it highest point using both Ki and his own blood vessels, and Kenichi himself admitted that this was only because of his training in Ryōzanpaku for the past year. As a result of this extensive condition training, he has also developed the following:
    • Immense Endurance: Even before starting his training, Kenichi possesses a level of endurance that is nearly at master level. Since beginning his rigorous and gruelling training, his endurance has grown considerably higher. Even when he was battered, bleeding and barely conscious, he was able to unleash a powerful "Mubyōshi" and "Korui Nuki" against Pengulu. According to himself, he was a prodigy at getting beaten up. During his early fights, Kenichi was able to withstand a body battered and even fractured or broken bones from skilled enemies who trained far longer than him, and ultimately win. Even taking a critical knife wound from Jihan, Kenichi was able to win the battle despite the blood loss. Against Shō Kanō, the former leader of YOMI, Kenichi was also able to win despite sustaining broken bones and bruised organs. Kenichi can also take high-voltage electric shocks with little damage (thanks to Akisame's training). Kenichi's endurance now can also take a serious direct kick from Apachai, and quickly jump back to his feet, seemingly unfazed and amazing his masters. The pinnacle of his endurance was seen against another Grand Master, Isshinsai Ogata. Despite being hopelessly outmatched and taking a severe one-sided beating, he still had the fortitude to fight on, something Ogata praised him for. Also, after taking a critical blow from Ogata that initially left him incapacitated, Kenichi was soon after, capable of returning to his feet to save Miu from falling rubble. He's able to endure and retaliate against powerful hits from Kajima whilst the latter was using his Dou Ki in his attacks.
    • Enhanced Speed: He can outrun a truck on full speed due to the amount of running he does with Akisame. Currently, his speed has increased enough to the point he can close a considerable distance in seconds. Although Kenichi has become very fast, he isn't fast enough to keep up with Miu unless she holds back (a lot). His speed has reached a point that during sparring matches with Akisame, Kenichi kept up and even blocked his attacks (albeit the said master was still holding back considerably). Even in a severely battered state at the hands of Ogata Isshinsai, Kenichi still managed to save Miu from a collapsing building on fire, closing a good distance in mere moments. He has even shown the ability to outstrip someone as fast as Satomi Kajima, the leading disciple of Yomi.
    • Enhanced Strength: While initially Kenichi was scrawny and his strength was below average, the amount of training Ryōzanpaku placed on him greatly increased his overall abilities. His newfound strength has allowed him lift and pull large amounts of weight during daily chores (which the masters force him to do) and knock out less skilled opponents with a single strike. His leg strength has grown great enough to withstand tremendous amount of impact, he was able to kick Genson in a pool without facing any resistance from the water. Having undergone the unique physical conditioning regimen of Akisame, Kenichi's musculature has been rebuilt, now possessing a lean but well-defined physique. He can push Berserker back and throw him at a considerable distance and smash the ground with just a punch.
    • Enhanced Agility: During his second training with Hayato, Kenichi's leg strength and dexterity were pushed to higher levels, granting him greater agility and a more acute sense of balance. His newfound agility has been commented by the other masters, even forcing them to put a bit more effort in their sparring sessions. Kenichi has also developed acrobatic abilities almost at Miu's level, able to easily scale and glide down a skyscraper with complete control and no wasted movement.
  • Lack of Killing Intent: Despite his strength, it is noted by his masters that Kenichi lacks any form of killing intent even towards his enemies. It is most likely because of this many stronger opponents tend to look down on him and become overconfident in their own abilities, which leads to their downfall and the fact Kenichi's heart is very gentle and his desire to end fights peacefully and only leave them unable to fight any further. Also because of his lack of killing intent, he is able to avoid detection from all three levels of Master Class fighters for a period of time.
  • Immense Sei Ki: Kenichi uses Sei Ki, giving him a style which allows him to fight with a calm and peaceful spirit instead of with rage and anger. This allows him to calmly observe his opponents and see what is in their heart. Even when his emotions overwhelm him, Kenichi demonstrated his ability to channel emotions such as anger into his Sei Ki. Statements from Akisame indicate that such as feat requires a high level of talent. On one occasion, he instinctively unleashed his ki so fiercely that his master martial artists were surprised. Even a master-class martial artists like Christopher Eclair were startled by the intensity of Kenichi's ki, momentarily mistaken it for Sakaki's. Also complimenting it's potency is Kenichi's excellent control over his ki, allowing him to use such complex Sei techniques as the Ryūsui Seikūken instantly and to a near-perfect degree. During his battle with Satomi Kajima, Kenichi's control over his Ki became so well-developed that he completely skipped one stage of Ki mastery and managed to reach the last stage: known as the "holding" of Ki, a stage that normally only masters can achieve, hinting that Kenichi's Ki control has possibly become just as great as a master class fighters. Seeing Kenichi reach this stage left both Miu and one of his masters, Shigure completely speechless.
  • Botanical Knowledge: Though not a useful skill at times, Kenichi has repeatedly shown to have a large amount of knowledge and expertise in plants, which has been useful in tracking the location of others and even saving his life when chasing after Shō Kanō.


Ragnarök Saga

Introduction Arc

At the start of the story, Kenichi is a first year high school student who is viewed as a weakling by the rest of his school and was ranked as the weakest student. However Kenichi joined his school's karate club, but he was considered worthless and degraded to a punching bag due to him having no talent, especially by a fellow club member Makoto Daimonji. While walking to school one day, he bumps into a strange girl with the skills of an assassin, who he immediately finds her cute and strong, but ends up getting both of them late.

Later that day, Haruo Niijima insulted Kenichi for being weak and not having any special talent. While at the karate club, Kenichi is reduced to his usual punishments. The head of the club, Tsukuba, wants to throw him out so he has him fight Daimonji with the loser having to leave the club. As Kenichi walks home depressed about his predicament, Kenichi sees Miu getting harassed by some thugs and see no one is willing to help but instead acts as if they see nothing. Kenichi tried to stop them, but only hit the leader in the face with one punch. Just as the leader took out his knife to kill Kenichi, Miu take down all three thugs by herself impressing Kenichi. She comforts Kenichi and thanks him for helping her. Miu, seeing Kenichi's desire to get stronger and strong sense of justice, she invites him to join Ryōzanpaku dojo. However, due to how scary and hellish the masters are and their training methods, Kenichi becomes terrified and tries to escape. However, Miu encourages him and teaches him some stepping moves. With these moves, Kenichi is unable to attack Daimonji, but able to win and dodge his moves. Unfortunately, Kenichi declared that he lost the battle for not using a Karate technique to knock down Daimonji and left the club.

Tsukaba grows suspicious of Kenichi's training techniques for a few days and comes after him to beat him to a pulp. However, Kenichi left a mark on Tsukaba's leg as a vow for a rematch. After Akisame heard about the event, he decided to teach Kenichi some martial art skills. Sakaki also decided to help by teaching Kenichi one of his techniques. After Miu saved someone Tsukaba was bullying, Kenichi also stepped in and, using Sakaki's move he taught him, easily won. When Daimonji appears again attacking the gardening club's flower shop, which angers Kenichi greatly. Again, he attempts to attack Kenichi, but is easily defeated and knocked out.

The Three Man Squad of Valkyrie arc

In order to become strong enough to protect others, he becomes a disciple of Ryōzanpaku and eventually lives there, so that he can fully embrace his masters' teachings. Despite his whiny nature, he grows to be a strong fighter when motivated, usually when using his skill to protect others, adversary and ally alike. He also grows to develop a strong respect for all of his masters despite originally being scared of them.

Through his hard work, Kenichi has developed a unique fighting style since he instinctively combines all the different types of martial arts he learns from his masters: Karate, Jujutsu, Chinese Kenpo, and Muay Thai]]. He called it the Saikyō Combo. He has 3 so far. He sometimes creates new moves by combining the techniques from each style of martial arts. After he learned how to use Ryūsui Seikūken he combined it with Saikyō Combo 3 and used it against Shō and the combination of the two techniques sapped all his strength. His physique also happens to be far above average as he has been through hellish training with his masters; his speed, stamina, muscle mass, and strength have all increased, and he can take very serious hits without much injury due to being knocked around on a daily basis at the dojo. Miu even commented on how Kenichi is a genius in getting beaten up.

His greatest strength lies in his endurance, in no small thanks to the extreme training he endures under his masters. When Kenichi was training with Elder back in Black Valley, the Elder told him not to practice martial arts for a week. After hearing this, Kenichi felt that he would be rusty if he didn't practice his martial arts. On a side note, it appears that Kenichi can intimidate his masters, with probably the exception of Shigure, by looking at them a certain way. He fights to protect someone he cared about like Miu. He seems flustered when somebody said if he like Miu and can't forgive someone if somebody hit her.

Because of Kenichi's efforts, a gang called Ragnarök drew their attention to him for defeating Tsukuba (and because of Niijima spreading the news all over school). Kenichi's daily routine changes to incorporate the constant huntings of Ragnarök members who want to fight him. After a month of training with the masters, Kenichi's "friends" Shimayama and Tanaka were held hostage by members Kōzō Ukita and Ikki Takeda to lure him out and though Kenichi didn't want to go due to him thinking he didn't have any other friends, he went to save them from getting hurt and arrived to save them from Ukita and the two liars ditched Kenichi due to them having originally bullied him and only getting close to him to get close to Miu.

After defeating Ukita, Kenichi would fight Takeda the Puncher in a fight incorporating the rules of boxing (3 minute rounds, 3-falls, 1-minute resting period) who explains his past to Kenichi and states that friends are a burden to him while telling Takeda about having friends makes one truly strong despite his protests. He defeats Takeda using Apachai's Muay Thai and both fall off the school roof. Kenichi is shocked to see that his left arm can't move and just as the two are about to fall off the edge, Ukita saves both of them. Kenichi tells Takeda his arm can be fixed and takes him to Akisame's clinic and fixed his arm after a lot of painful treatments. Since then, the two became good friends and with Ukita quits Ragnarök and allied with Kenichi.

Disciple Plans Arc

After Takeda was defeated, Shinnosuke Tsuji was sent to fight him however Tsuji becomes interested in Kenichi and offers Kenichi a chance to follow him and not worry about the thugs from Ragnarök anymore but Kenichi declines and states that being a gang member is not a reasonable ambition. An Angered Tsuji fights Kenichi and they fight on equal terms for most of the fight but because Tsuji has more experience than Kenichi, he gains the upper hand and almost breaks Kenichi's leg, However Takeda arrives and saves him, and escapes. Haruo Niijima]] spread the news about Kenichi's loss to Tsuji having more delinquents chase after Kenichi. The masters at Ryōzanpaku decided that Kenichi must live at the dojo as their disciple and train in martial arts 24 hours a day to get stronger. When dojo hunters arrived at Ryōzanpaku wanting to fight Sakaki, Kenichi stepped in to fight and gains he upper hand temporary and afterwards Sakaki stepped in after Kenichi's efforts and defeated them all and gained more money after sending them to Akisame's clinic.

After days in Ryōzanpaku, the masters decide to take a vacation/training retreat on a private island, along with his sister Honoka, and it is he revealed he didn't know how to swim. Shigure teaches him some swimming techniques. When they told him to jump off a cliff in a lesson in bravery, he was afraid, but once he saw his sister surrounded by sharks and Shigure took out one of them, Kenichi jumped in without a moments hesitation to save Honoka and knocked out the second shark with an elbow strike. Hayato defeated the last one by running on the ocean and punching multiple times in the face. The masters saw that Kenichi was well on his way to becoming a great martial artist.

Valkyrie Arc

When Tsuji wanted a rematch due to Takeda's interference, Kenichi went to make peace with him, but Tsuji wanted a rematch to show everyone

Kenichi using Crane's Neck Blow after learning it after one day

who is stronger. Kenichi defeated Tsuji with just one punch again. After telling Tsuji that he still has his friends, Tsuji warned Kenichi that Takeda’s punishment presented by Valkyrie will happen soon with Hermit watching. Kenichi went back to the dojo to start his technique training. That night, when Takeda and Ukita were about to be taken out by Ragnarök for their betrayal, Takeda's phone accidentally speed dialed Kenichi and he arrived with Miu to save the two. Though Kenichi was doing very well, one of the men was about to stab a trapped Kenichi, until he was saved by Nijima (who created the Shinpaku Alliance to challenge Ragnarök). While Shinpaku freed Kenichi and took care of Takeda and Ukita, Miu remembered that Hermit was watching. Kenichi was declared its co-founder and commander despite his protests and annoyance by Niijima.

Hermit Arc

At school, Niijima wanted Kenichi to join despite his protests to him and the flag. When Miu was in a play of Romeo and Juliet and there would be a kiss, he was upset. When Natsu wanted him to protect the play, Kenichi promised him for his and Miu's sake. However, Kisara wanted to ruin the play, Kenichi heard Kisara’s gang coming to ruin the play; he came not to fight her, but to prevent her from ruining the play by just taking the kicks. Due to his “no-hitting women” principles, Kisara was angry by him for going easy on her and fought hard against him. Eventually, Kisara decided not to destroy the play, but the Kenichi missed the event. However, Kisara had a different sense of respect for him. When Kenichi came, he saw Natsu throw a bouquet of roses to the ground and stomped on them. Natsu showed Kenichi his true expression (anger) and told him that he hated acting, revealing his true self.

Though Miu was upset, she told Kenichi she found out what he did for her and thanked him and was shocked (and relieved) when he heard Miu say she didn't kiss Natsu. Hermit showed up in front of them and Hermit revealed himself as Natsu Tanimoto and knocked Kenichi off the bridge and onto a bus starting the battle with Sakaki and Kensei chasing after them. Hermit told Kenichi that he used his acting skills to make the latter look bad while making the former more popular. Kenichi saw loneliness in Hermit while trying to avoid his deadly blows. Hermit quickly knocked Kenichi off the bus, but Kenichi turned it into a draw by using his own kung-fu moves against Hermit. Kenichi vows that he would be the one to defeat Hermit.

Siegfried Arc

A few days later, Kenichi gets a letter from a mysterious girl to ask him on date which made Miu]] jealous and jumped away. Kenichi was passing by the café on his way to his date until he saw the Shinpaku Alliance in danger. He tried to ignore it until he heard Mizunuma remembered that Kenichi said that even bullied kids can become heroes. Kenichi came to fight Loki and his men with Takeda and Ukita (who came in not too long after). Kenichi charged to battle Loki, but Loki used dirty tricks and weapons to score the first hit. Kenichi eventually defeated Loki with his strongest combo causing his men to retreat. However, the guy Kenichi defeated was an impostor. Takeda and Ukita asked Kenichi to find a place to meet for their dates, but found out it was Nijima who lured them all here to fight Ragnarök. The three gave chase to Nijima wanting to beat him up.

When Niijima tells Kenichi about Siegfried, the 5th Fist, and how he's like a zombie and won't go down no matter how

440631-arigatou.history s.strongest.disciple.kenichi.ep30. x264.aac 2143ce0e .mkv snapshot 16.04 2011.07.11 13.53.47 .jpg

much damage he takes, Kenichi refuses to help Niijima. The next day, Kenichi is informed that Niijima is kidnapped. He and Miu go try to find him, but only manage to find what's left of his clothes. Though Kenichi views Niijima as a bad person and nothing but a joke, he calls him a "bad friend" and decides to save him regardless.

Kenichi and Miu reached to where the two fists are. Kenichi demanded that Loki tells him where Nijima is, but Siegfried came out to fight after having his inspiration ruined. Kenichi then fights Siegfried. Kenichi knocked down Siegfried on the first hit, but Siegfried quickly recovered and attacked. No matter how times Kenichi attacked, Siegfried got back up and knocked him out. Kenichi decided to change the flow of battle which revealed Siegfried’s “death” was actually a round attack to counter. Kenichi used the stuff he learned about Karate, Jujutsu, Chinese Kempo, and Muay Thai in one punch called Mubyōshi. Kenichi’s Mubyōshi has so many hits that Siegfried couldn’t counter and was defeated. Siegfried thanked Kenichi for having a wonderful fight that was like a symphony then collapsed.

Sometime later, Kenichi was shopping with Honoka, they were separated after the latter was looking at clothes while the former was still walking. Honoka interrupted a battle between Hermit and some thugs when she thought Hermit was in trouble. Honoka noticed Kenichi wasn't with her and was about to be attacked until Hermit saved her and took her to his house. At Kenichi’s school, Kenichi went to the Shinpaku Alliance meeting just to hide from Miu who he didn’t want to face after abandoning Ryōzanpaku. However, it was Loki telling them that he’s holding Honoka hostage at an old church to lure Kenichi into a trap. Kenichi rushed over to Loki’s location and unknowing passed by Miu who was apologizing for the master’s intensive training.

After arriving at the church, Kenichi arrived to fight Hermit to save Honoka. While fighting, he was at a disadvantaged due to Hermit's long range fighting. After hearing Hermit's past and reasons for living, Kenichi gained the strength to fight stating he could tell he didn't want to do this to Kenichi or Honoka. Hermit knocked down Kenichi again, but got back up and hit Hermit with a Soutenshu he learned from Kensei Ma. Loki interrupted the fight and had Kenichi take beating if he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Honoka. After seeing Hermit save Kenichi's sister, he finally went on the offensive and punched Loki in the face hard enough to make the latter bleed. With Odin stopping Loki's assaults, Kenichi and Hermit continued their fight with both having heavy injuries. The two fighters continued until Hermit lost consciousness after Kenichi hit him with a Kao Loi. Sakaki and Akisame finally came out of hiding and congratulated Kenichi on a wonderful fight. At school the next day, Natsu returned greeting by the girls and was saying hi to Miu. But when he talked to Kenichi, he told him that he’ll be waiting for a rematch, suggesting a rivalry between the two with Natsu mellowing out a little.

Relations Arc

When Kensei goes on a trip to find his brother, Sōgetsu Ma, Kenichi follows and the two eventually tag along. When arriving at his destination, they run into Renka Ma, Kensei's daughter and attacks her father to bring him home but escapes. Kenichi then tags along with her while she believes him to be weak due to him not able to defend himself against her and the two defeat some Mafia members and head out to find Sōgetsu. Renka would also develop feelings for him (though she would hide it by kicking him in the head). Renka would try fighting her uncle and be defeated and later saved by her father. He continued to watch his master fight his brother and was shocked when he was told to leave Sōgetsu in the fire to die. Kenichi refused to leave him to die and tried to save him but Sōgetsu pushed him back in the elevator due to him refusing Kenichi to die with him. Eventually, Kenichi and Kensei went home back to the way things were before despite Kensei not going to see his daughter.

However, Renka would later come to Japan to find her father and take Kenichi back with her, causing Miu to be jealous, suggesting she may have

Historys strongest disciple kenichi v11 c96 k h illuminati.kenichi 11 135.jpg

feelings for him. The two would fight over his attention and Kenichi would tell Renka why he decided to train martial arts and Renka would respect that. Since then, Renka and Miu would become rivals for his attention, and Miu like Renka for her cat like hair. When Renka took Kenichi to a public pool in an attempt to grow closer to him, two thugs would arrive and try to fight Miu and Kenichi would step in and defend her. However, the thugs were in fact only there to bring Renka home and Renka, knowing Hakubi needs her help, decided to go home and wishes to return someday.

Knowing that Ragnarök may go after his sister again, Kenichi decided to bring the fight to them instead. He traveled to a sumo spot with Takeda, Ukita and Niijima to fight Thor one-on-one with the bet that if Thor loses, he must quit Ragnarök and if Kenichi loses he'll become Thor's sumo apprentice. Eventually, Kenichi shifted Thor’s center of gravity and tossed him up and out of the ring making Kenichi the winner. Thor honored the deal and said he would quit Sumo, but Kenichi told him it was a bet to leave Ragnarök and he should keep improving his Combat Sumo. Kenichi was carried out by the Alliance as a victory.

Betrayal Arc

On the way to Ryōzanpaku, Kenichi and Miu saw Valkyrie (a.k.a Kisara) who they thought was kicking a kitten in a box, but actually saw her feeding it. When it started raining, Miu stayed with Kisara for the kitten to be safe while Kenichi went to go get help. Miu went to get an umbrella to keep the kitty dry, but Freya’s Valkyries showed up to punish Kisara for her betrayal. Kisara couldn’t fight them, since she had to protect the kitten. Luckily, Miu returned with Kenichi to help her when they saw Kisara in trouble. Unfortunately, Kenichi couldn’t fight them due to his “no-hitting women” policy. Things got worse when Freya showed up and knocked Kenichi down with a hidden weapon then left to be finished off by the Valkyries. But, Kenichi got back up and escaped with Kisara. Tōchūmaru was around and launched a red flare in the sky to signal Shigure for help. Kenichi had Shigure to just use a wooden spoon made by Akisame to fight them and surprisingly broke the Valkyries’ weapons and cut their clothes forcing them to retreat. At school, Kenichi remembered that Ryōzanpaku is willing to take in the kitten, but the kitten at the vet was already adopted by a family. So, he decided to do all of Miu's chores as an apology.

Final Clash arc

Later on, it is revealed that he and Ryūto or Odin, the First Fist of Ragnarök, were once childhood friends, before Kenichi moved out of the neighborhood. Though Kenichi initially did not remember Odin, he was actually the one who gave a cat badge to Kenichi, which he later exchanged with Miu for a Yin Yang badge.

Kenichi remembers he made a vow with Odin to become strong. However, the vow Odin made was to fight for possession of the badge Kenichi got from Miu. During a visit to his old neighborhood, Kenichi tries to remember how Odin knows him. Odin fights and defeats Kenichi, taking his badge and exchanging it for one he'd gotten out of the same vending machine the other badges had come from.

Due to his loss, the Elder decides to train Kenichi personally at Yamigadani. The Elder forbids Kenichi to do martial arts for a whole week. Kenichi was then found by a woodsman named Isshinsai Ogata. Kenichi was getting water for Ogata and put rocks in empty buckets for more training. Kenichi threw a rock at the bushes thinking the elder was spying on Kenichi to scold him for disobedience. Unfortunately, it was a large bear and was about to eat Kenichi after attack him. Luckily, Ogata saved Kenichi, but brutally killed the bear which frightened Kenichi. Ogata then offered to train Kenichi, but the latter declined saying that he already has some great masters. This was actually a test by the Elder to help him go down the right path and Kenichi’s training for the Seikūken begins.

Kenichi’s Seikūken training wasn’t complete, but the elder believes Kenichi is strong enough to take down any delinquent decides to take Kenichi back to save his friends. However, to get back faster, Kenichi has to ride on the elder who’s running on power lines for five hours.

When he fights Ryūto during the final battle Ragnarök Saga, he is unable to defeat him with his usual style, because Ryūto had adjusted his Seikūken to counter it. However, when he imitates his masters' styles of fighting, he is finally able to overpower Odin by changing his rhythm, disrupting Odin's Seikūken.

At this point, Odin combines Sei and Dou together, giving himself immense power at the risk of burning himself out, and once again takes control of the fight. However, in order to save Odin from the destructive path he is on, Kenichi

Kenichi vs Ryūto

manages to regain his strength. Here, it was shown that Kenichi can completely imitate his masters' fighting styles, and can copy every single move of his masters, even using their facial expressions and catchphrases (such as yelling "Apapa!" when he was imitating Apachai). With this, he gains the upper hand and overwhelms Odin and unleashes moves that causes him to take a beaten from him. After hearing Ryūto's reason for taking the badge and his hatred for Kenichi for causing him to not keep the badge Miu gave him, Kenichi grows frustrated by him and shouts how stupid this is and declares he'll defeat him to bring him back to his senses.

Just when the strain on Ryūto's body reaches its limit, Kenichi uses his final attack. Ryūto admits his defeat and returns Kenichi's Yin Yang badge. Kenichi is saved by the Elder and shows the others his badge as a sign of victory and they all congratulate him.

Yami/Yomi Saga

Christopher Eclair Arc

After the defeat of Ragnarök, Kenichi is informed by Miu that though he's become stronger, he must not become arrogant or he'll end up getting hurt in a fight if he underestimates his enemies. Later, he is informed of Yami and that Ragnarök was nothing compared to them. He is forced to train even harder and more Hellish, causing him to try to run away again.

On a mission he was sent on with Sakaki and Miu (he had to be tied up to be forced to go), he was given a dougi by his masters which greatly excited him for the gift. Sakaki states he brought Kenichi on one of his dangerous missions due to him wanting Kenichi to better understand the world of danger of martial arts. Once on the mission, Christopher Eclair would attack them and be a member of Yami and Sakaki would fight him and Kenichi would be kidnapped by Christopher. As they arrived to save him, Kenichi was shocked to see Miu having come to assist Sakaki and was left to watch his fight with Christopher with Miu fighting his female guards. Kenichi felt weak due to Miu easily defeat their opponents with ease and how he can't do anything. After Sakaki was sent out of the window due to Gauche having followed them, Kenichi would fight Christopher and even manage to land a hit and make him bleed. Christopher then took the fight seriously and unleashed a brutal furry on the boy causing Miu to try to step in only for herself to be injured causing Kenichi to be enraged and attempt to continue to fight only for Sakaki to reappear and land a blow on Christopher's face. As Sakaki finishes of Christopher, both he and Miu hold Sakaki back as he almost brought down the building. Later, they go home after Christopher escapes and he heals his injuries, but as noted by Miu, Kenichi has grown stronger from his experiences and became braver in the martial arts world.

Spark Arc

When Kenichi is sent to China with Kensei, he meets Renka again and Renka takes him with her on an attempt to gain a date with him only to be ruined when the Mafia sees them (due to Renka having recently attacked them). When Kenichi gets lost, he meets a young girl named Raichi Li. The two talk about flowers due to their fondness over plants. After returning home and hearing from Niijima about how the Alliance are being assaulted by someone, Kenichi, Miu and Renka go to help. Meeting the culprit, Spark, member of YOMI, Kenichi fights her to protect everyone. During his fight with Spark, Kenichi used the Jiujutsu's Idori to counter her Drunken fist. Due to his “no-hitting women”, he resorted to use Kensei's perverted moves and Akisame's Jujustu. He was shocked to see that it was Raichi Li when she took off her helmet. Kenichi didn't want to hurt someone who loved flowers and knew she was a good person forced by Yami to do all this. Kenichi knew that since Raichi loved flowers and the earth too much to kill, he refused to kill her and, Raichi moved to tears by his kindness and compassion, admitted defeat with her pride as a martial artist after knowing that she was released by Kenichi twice. However, her father, Tenmon Li, watched the whole thing and began to assault the whole Alliance and Niijima noted that he's on the same level as the other masters. They were eventually saved by Kenichi's masters and Tenmon warned Kenichi that the other disciples of YOMI will fight Kenichi to claim the title of Strongest Disciple and asked him if he’ll still fight in the Katsujinken Way.

Yomi Introduction Arc

He later finds out about YOMI, Yami's disciple group. When his masters tell him to quit Ryōzanpaku, Kenichi refuses due to him shouting he can't let nice people like Raichi Li to go down the path of evil and wants to change that. The masters all state how proud they are of their disciple and state how wonderful it is to have Kenichi for him to be their disciple and Miu just smiled and slightly giggled and blushed on hearing Kenichi's words. They triple his training to prepare him for YOMI. That night, Miu came into Kenichi’s room and inviting him to come visit her parents’ grave to make her feel calmer. The next day, Kenichi had to run with Miu and the elder to the cemetery that was in a remote location. When Kenichi sees Shō try to take Miu away when she goes on her own will to know about her father, Kenichi tries to save her from making a mistake. Just as he stops Shō by scratching his motorcycle, he tries to attack Shō only for Natsu to pin Kenichi down from getting killed by the leader of YOMI, the strongest in history. When Kenichi shouts for Miu not to leave and swears he'll protect her, she decides to not go, realizing she'll find out her own way and when Shō kisses her on the cheek as he leaves, leaving Kenichi furious and depressed.

When Kenichi decides to get some free time from Ryōzanpaku due to the incident with Shō, he hides at Natsu's house with Honoka. However, Apachai found Kenichi due to Tōchūmaru placing a tracker on his back before he left. At school, Kenichi was trying to hide from Miu (who he thought was angry at him for escaping) until she put a bento on his head and tells him that she knew that Kenichi would need rest from training time to time and that she’ll keep Kenichi’s whereabouts a secret if he doesn’t tell the masters what happened to them at the Botanical Gardens. He promises and notices the piece Shō gave her on her ear and Miu said it was to get Shō to trade back their accessories. Miu told Kenichi to come back in two or three days. Just as not even a day had passed, he decided to return to face his masters due to him knowing he can't hide like a child anymore and just as he returns, Boris Ivanov, member of YOMI, challenged the dojo. Miu tried to protect Kenichi only for Boris to slam her down on the wooden floor (heavily injuring her). Seeing this, Kenichi became enraged and fought Boris to keep Miu and his home safe, surprising Miu. During the fight with Boris, he said that all YOMI had darkness in their heart but Kenichi had light in his heart. The light seemed to connect with Miu during the fight with Boris and later Jihan. The battle was getting intense until Boris got a call from Shō who ordered Boris and his men to return. Before he left, Boris gave Kenichi an emblem as a symbol for a duel challenge with YOMI.

Snow Summit Arc

On the school ski trip, Miu would go missing and Kenichi went out to find her only to run into a trap with Niijima from YOMI member Raden Tidat Jihan. When Kenichi was able to get Miu away with Niijima's help, he left her in a safe place while he fought Jihan and his men in their dirty fighting methods. He also learned Meotode from Sakaki and used it against Radin Jihan in their battle, however, Kenichi said he didn't practice it because he felt that the name is lame, as it means Married Couple's Hand. Despite Niijima and Natsu arriving to assist, Kenichi would be injured with being stabbed in the arm by Jihan's men. After winning a long and cold fight, Kenichi would meet a member of Yami named Silkwat Jenazad, Jihan's master and would cause an avalanche, killing both for disappointing him for not killing Kenichi. When Natsu would arrive to save Kenichi, Jihan would refuse help and die in the avalanche due to his pride. After returning home and Miu recovered from her fever, and after waking up to see Kenichi, she would tearfully hug Kenichi and thank him for saving her and for being alive (only for Kenichi to fall unconscious from Miu accidentally grabbing the knife wound, but happy from the moment regardless).

DofD Tournament Arc

At the DofD tournament, Kenichi fought with Miu as Team Ryōzanpaku. Their first match was against the Three-Headed Dragon Team and both fought together to win and defend Ma's honor, despite Kenichi ridiculing him for being a pervert and "dragging Ryōzanpaku's name in the mud". During the night, Shō would try to take Miu away again only this time with more force going as far as to attack Takeda, Thor and Freya leaving them heavily injured, causing Miu to lose control of her emotions and attack widely. Kenichi would try to calm her down and, embarrassed and apologizing to Miu in advance, groped her breasts (calling it a Ma Kensei move) to bring her back to her senses. It works and Miu slaps him silly cause of it and Shō leaves in anger over Kenichi interfering of making Miu go to the dark side. He would declare killing him in one blow, but Kenichi was able to block it and force him to use a second move. He'd leave and declare they'll finish it in the tournament. In their second match, they were paired against non-other than the Elder (disguised as Garyū X). During the fight, Elder would give both them advice on their fighting styles and how to defeat him, after a long fight, they crack his mask and he admits they passed and admits defeat. Once Shō was the only one left to defeat after Niijima forfeited the fight with Shō to keep the others safe, Kenichi would fight him and ask Miu to not interfere. When Shō almost killed him, Kenichi would rise again and declare to make him pay for hurting his friends, "killing" the team that wanted to escape and especially making Miu cry, causing Miu to be deeply moved by his words. In his battle with Shō, Shō said, "If you raise your 5 senses to the top, you can achieve the 6th sense". While fighting, Kenichi fought while being unconscious, revealing his true skill. Shō said that when a martial artist trains greatly, he can fight unconsciously. He also commented that fighting Kenichi while in that state was like fighting a martial arts text book. This endurance is best seen during the D of D arc and most specifically during his fight with Shō Kanō, where Kenichi endured multiple blows that would have probably seriously injured or killed a normal person. After a very long and brutal fight, Kenichi eventually wins with Miu tearfully running up to him and hugging him, congratulating his victory. When a soldier tries to kill Miu, Shō gets up and takes the bullets for her and dies from the blood loss, but not before making Kenichi promise to protect Miu in his place. Both Kenichi and Miu mourn his death. Shō's death would cause Kenichi to train much harder, declaring he must become stronger to protect Miu.

Kenichi's 2nd most powerful attack is the one he invented himself dubbed "Mubyōshi" (literally meaning no beat). It was a combination of all the things Kenichi had learned from his masters into a single punch powerful enough to defeat most people in a single blow. He first developed the technique while training with Sakaki and used it to defeat Siegfried. Its name is derived from the fact that the attack doesn't produce a readable rhythm, making it difficult to predict. The attack's only weakness is that in order to gather the necessary power, Kenichi must place his fingertips onto his opponent for several seconds, leaving him vulnerable to counter-attacks. In spite of this, only Shō Kanō and Tirawit Kokin have ever been able to withstand a direct hit from the Mubyōshi, and Ryūto being able to block it, though he admits that he would've been in serious trouble had the attack been connected.

Even with the abnormally intense training he has received, Kenichi's growth is not normal. A good example is his defeat of Shō Kanō. Kanō has received similar training for almost his entire life from nine different masters as opposed to Kenichi's five. Kanō's masters have the strength comparable to that of the masters of Ryõzanpaku (with the notable exception of Hayato). Kenichi was not at full strength having been subjected to two grueling battles. In spite of all that, Kenichi was still able to defeat Kanō while simultaneously comprehending the second level of Seikūken. Hayato, who is constantly described as being the most powerful man alive, claims that Kenichi was a lot like himself when he was younger.

Kenichi fights against several different members of YOMI culminating in his defeat of YOMI's leader, Shō Kanō, in the finals of the D of D tournament. During his fight with Shō Kanō, Kenichi is able to comprehend the second level of Seikūken called "Ryūsui (flowing water) Seikūken", which he learned from fighting the Elder during the D of D Tournament. During the battle both Boris and Radin both saw in Kenichi a light, which may be his love for Miu.

Yomi in School Arc

Shortly after Kenichi became a 2nd year high school student, he is shocked that four YOMI members have joined his school, that being Ethan and Rachel Stanley, Tirawit Kokin, and Boris Ivanov. This causes Kenichi and his friends to keep their guard up knowing they are very dangerous and since they are inhuman in terms of regular students. Kokin tells him that he will be killed and be shown that the Satsujinken is the way of fighting and how he's stronger than Shō. This would cause Kenichi to be on nerves due to the threats he had by then and than he sensed someone behind him and then he (accidentally) grabbed one of Rachel's breasts and she seemed delighted by his innocence and kissed him on the cheek causing Kenichi to be flustered and Miu who was watching to be very angry and jealous from what Rachel did. Back at Ryōzanpaku, he trains with Miu and Miu comments on how she no longer needs to hold back, shocking (and depressing) Kenichi that she's always been holding back in their sparing and as he uses Ryūsui Seikūken to fight seriously, but when he can't read her thoughts (due to him seeing how cute she is) he's defeated. He talks with Akisame about how it's been almost a year since he's trained at Ryōzanpaku and how his relationship hasn't changed much with Miu and how he thinks their relationship is like that of a brother-sister. He also brings up how the elder promised he'd let Kenichi ask Miu out if he won the D of D Tournament and though Kenichi won, the elder reminded him he has to defeat him first, realizing he lied. Akisame reassures him that he has in fact gotten very close to Miu, as it's because of him that Miu has gained a lot of expressions on her face and made several friends. Miu then comes in and asks Kenichi to cut the potatoes with her and says she'll be waiting for him, causing Kenichi to realize that he may be right. That night, he goes on a trip with Akisame and Sakaki to protect a congress woman from a Yami member. Kenichi takes his emblem from Boris thinking he might be their and is proven right as he is there also. Kenichi tries to distract him with the challenge but Boris shamelessly wants to complete the mission and Kenichi keeps him busy while Akisame fights Alexander Gaidar. Akisame gives him a signal to save the congress woman and does so while almost getting killed. Boris and Alexander leave after the congress woman is saved and they all go out for ramen, Kenichi was scolded for doing something foolish, but was also congratulated for saving the congresswoman’s life.

The next day, Kenichi takes Miu to the new Shinpaku hideout and Niijima tells him and the others about how a new leader of YOMI named Satomi Kajima asked them if they don't join YOMI, they will die. During the school festival, Kenichi, Tanimoto and Ukita are pitted against Kokin, Boris and Ethan and keep them from killing them form the threats they heard. When Kenichi later sees Daimonji beaten up and goes to the karate club, he is led into a trap by Kokin and fights the karate members and notices they only use Muay Thai and easily beat them but hurt them badly because Kokin didn't teach them how to defend. As Kokin goads him about becoming a Satsujinken from how he didn't hold back, he is defeated (killed and later resuscitated) by Tirawit Kōkin, who took control of the Karate club. Tirawit Koukin was more or less unaffected by Mubyōshi, but even a partially successful Korui Nuki put him on the ground. He was saved thanks to Daimonji arriving with Niijima who desperately tried to save him and luckily Akisame and Apachai came and revived him. Due to this incident, Kenichi would gain the seed of fear from his near death experience at the hands of Kokin.

In order to overcome his fear of death, Kenichi goes on a mission with Shigure. During the mission, Shigure and Kenichi are discovered by a weapons expert who was faster than Shigure when she was a kid. On the trip, Shigure gives Kenichi a present from the Elder, which are Miu's father's battle gloves. When asked if he should keep them, Elder states he believes he is worthy of them and Miu states she would be very happy if Kenichi would have them, causing Kenichi and Miu's relationship to have grown. After returning home, the masters would try scaring him and when he showed no fear and even gave all of them an intimidating look, they complimented his new growth and courage.

On the school camp trip, he's fighting against Boris while they are at the school field trip to the mountain. Also Boris's master, "fist of destruction", ordered Boris and his subordinates to kill everyone at the field trip. With the help of Miu, Tanimoto, Niijima, Kensei and Apachai in secret, and even Rachel and Ethan, all the students are safe. However, their teacher Ono was in danger and Boris, not wanting her to die, decided to ally with Kenichi to protect her. After she's safe, the two fight with each other. During the battle with Boris, the masters said they trained his muscles to have both endurance and explosive power; Apachai also said he implanted the hitting instinct into Kenichi. Kenichi managed to win against Boris by employing a strangling move, thus proving to Boris that Katsujin-ken could be used to incapacitate someone willing to sacrifice their life to win. He defeats Boris and he goes home to find his master who was defeated also.

Kenichi is in current possession of Boris Ivanov's symbol of Ice, Ridan Jihan's Symbol of King, and lastly Shō Kanō's Symbol of Sky. He wishes to keep them as reminders of his previous battles with them, though Miu and some masters of Ryōzanpaku want Kenichi to sell them to help pay for Ryōzanpaku's bills, since they are made using expensive metals and minerals from Kensei's and Akisame's observations. When he hears that a YOMI member named Chikage is in school now and is only thirteen, Kenichi expresses his desire to Miu to want to save her from Yami due to how he knows she's a good person.

Master-Disciple Tag Match Arc

Kenichi attempts to avoid Chikage in order to avoid a fight with her. Later on, Kenichi receives a call from Renka who stated that she needed his help and goes without Miu because Renka said she can't come (due to her wanting to have Kenichi to herself). Kenichi arrives with Apachai and sees the Three Headed Dragon Team again and how they need help from an assassin after them. Kenichi and Renka agree to help and are left on the sideline when Retsumin Kei finds them and engages combat with Apachai. However, Kenichi notes Apachai is holding back and due to the bird Retsumin has on his head, Apachai doesn't want to hurt the bird and Kenichi starts climbing his back to save him despite Renka's pleas not to. She decides to help and tells him wear to go and he eventually saves the bird and keeps Renka safe and Apachai finally goes all out and defeats Retsumin. After the team gets to work at Renka's uncles restaurant, the next day, Renka surprises Kenichi by transferring to his school now that she has someone to work for her uncle and starts clinging to his arm trying to take him from Miu, making her jealous. She tries to fight with Chikage but Kenichi stops her. She decides to join the Shinpaku Alliance and when she tries to fight, Kenichi calms her down and she becomes friends with them all. When Miu tries to befriend Chikage and needs to be more honest with her, Kenichi looks proudly at Miu the next day when she no longer braids her hair or wear her glasses and shows her true beautiful self, causing all the boys at the school to stare at her beauty.

Kenichi was challenged by one of his best friends, Ikki Takeda, who has been trained by James Shiba, to see how far they both have come as martial artists. The match, surprisingly, shows Takeda having the upper hand against Kenichi by using a variation or copy of Kenichi's technique, "Mubyōshi" which he calls "Auto-Rhythm"(uses the same kanji). While Kenichi fought Takeda they both used Ryūsui Seikūken. It appears Kenichi is more skilled at it then Takeda. Thus, in order to make Kenichi get that tenacity, he says that if he wins against Kenichi, he will confess to Miu his true feelings. As the battle rages on, both fighters use Mubyōshi, but Kenichi uses an elbow blow to Takeda, which eventually renders him unconscious due to the strength of the blow. Takeda, after losing consciousness, fights Kenichi unknowingly until James Shiba stops the battle and admits defeat.

After the fight with Takeda, Kenichi receives a challenge from Laughing Fist and Rachel Stanley. Mistaking that for Takeda's gift to Miu, he also went out to buy a present, and takes her on a date to a fast food restaurant. The two saw Renka and Ma Kensei going to a harbor and followed them. It turns out that they were fighting YOMI member Rachel and Yami member Diego Carlo on a cruise ship. Infiltrating the ship, Kenichi and Miu discovered a bomb that's on board the ship, which they attempts to diffuse. They reunite with Raichi Li who has turned body guard for a client on board the ship and teamed up with her. They find main resistance from one of the Laughing Fist's disciples, a very fat and large man who has the endurance of a Master Class, though he does not have the talents to reach the Master level. (He was able to take Kenichi's Mubyōshi and Miu's Finishing Attack several times without problems. Note that this is the only character so far to withstand multiple Mubyōshi from Kenichi). Miu, Raichi and Kenichi engages in a long battle with him, but are not able to defeat him properly. In addition, Miu failed to diffuse the bomb (which may or may not have been Raichi's fault, as she startled Miu by asking if she and Kenichi were going out). Luckily, Hayato Fūrinji arrived and took out the Meatman effortlessly, before taking the bomb and throwing it out into the sea. Kenichi and Miu reaches the main battle site where Laughing Fist's and Ma Kensei's battle has reached a climax. Ma Kensei eventually won the fight, although the Laughing Fist again staged them up by preparing the other ships to fire upon that ship in case he was defeated. Hayato Fūrinji saves the day again by attacking the other ships directly. However, another Yami member, the Bewitching Fist Mikumo Kushinada, appears whilst Hayato Fūrinji was preoccupied and attempts to kill Diego Carlo. She kidnaps Rachel despite Ma Kensei trying to prevent her, displaying a speed apparently greater than Ma's own. Mikumo Kushinada disappeared after Hayato Fūrinji arrived with Diego Carlo on his back, but not before imprinting Kenichi's face into her memory.

Ethan Stanley Arc

After the fight between the YOMI and Yami fight Kenichi returns to Ryõzanpaku, where he received punishment from the other master mainly for ditching cleaning duties to go out with Miu. He found out from his masters that Chikage's master is the Mikumo Kushinada he saw in the cruise ship. So as not to let other people get hurt in his battles again like Renka, he decides to train even harder to take on YOMI. However, this also resulted in a raised intensity of beating from his masters. He thanks Renka for battling for his sake, unknowingly charming her again.

Meeting Chikage in the Gardening Club in school again, he continues his passive approach and she asking a question about when will the bud grows and tutors her about growing seeds. However, Chikage decides that she does not have enough time for the seeds to bloom, and tries to hand what seems to be a letter of challenge to Kenichi. She was disrupted by Miu, who took her letter, but Kenichi took it back (surprisingly, from behind Miu without getting thrown) and accepts it, declaring that he had decided that if his most ideal method of making friends does not work, his next best solution would to fight. However, Chikage completely forgets the fight due to being invited to a birthday party thanks to Niijima keeping Kenichi safe. At school, Ethan wishes to talk to Kenichi alone at a dinner and is shocked (and moved) by Ethan apologizing for all the trouble his sister has been causing him and says it's nice to meet him. He states he doesn't want to fight Kenichi due to them not really being enemies and Kenichi is revealed to have finally meet a YOMI member who's nice. However, Ethan Stanley later challenges Kenichi to a fight despite Ethan wishing to end it peacefully by having Kenichi die as a martial artist. Before the fight, the Elder would take him to a spot on a roof for special training and teach him a new move called Korui Nuki. His most powerful attack of the moment would be Korui Nuki, basically a vertical kick to the opponent's weak point using all his strength. After having both of his arms rendered unable to move, he defeats Ethan using the newest technique taught to him by the Elder: Korui Nuki which ends the fight. However, Ethan told him about the condition his sister is in and begged Kenichi to help save her. Kenichi agrees and the masters all help and save Rachel. Before Ethan leaves, Kenichi gets all the school friends he made to see him off, despite Ethan stating that was a lie, however, Kenichi said it wasn't. Ethan thanks Kenichi for everything and smiles for the first time and says goodbye and goes home to his country. However, he asked them to watch over his sister, much to Kenichi's and Miu's frustration.

Weapon Fighters Arc

When Miu expresses her desires to go to a festival, she invites Kenichi and all the Shinpaku members and Chikage and Honoka. Kenichi and Miu are glad to see Chikage having fun and acting her age and noted Miu looked great in her yukata which belonged to her mother. Rachel then told Kenichi that one week ago, Hermit had become an official member of YOMI. Kenichi ran to find Natsu and Honoka, but instead saw his masters selling things at the festival to settle their financial problems. Akisame calmed Kenichi down by telling him that Natsu may have had his reasons for joining YOMI, but people don’t change that easy whether they’re good or bad.

The next night, at one of the places with an Akabanetou; Kenichi, Sakaki, Shigure, and Tōchūmaru were preparing to guard the sword. Akisame had set up people to guard where the swords are most likely going to be stolen. Kenichi keeps the sword safe while his masters fight the Yami weapons users. He then became surrounded by Chikage, Mikumo and Kagerō (who took Kenichi’s phone and told Akisame he wouldn't make in time). However, Kagerō was begging Kenichi to have Shigure give his sword back while crying, surprising him. When Shigure offered to give Kagerō her fathers sword so he'd protect Kenichi, he agreed and Kenichi tossed him the sword while being slashed by a weapons user but was saved at the last second by Kagerō. Kenichi then offered Chikage to come to Katsujinken, but she refused despite being moved by his offer.

The Masters have recently admitted that Kenichi is now an "advanced" disciple. Because of this, he has been pitted against Tsutomu Tanaka who had entered the D of D tournament by himself and defeated an entire team with only his finger. Tanaka is in the "expertise" class or fighter and the Hayato himself stated that Tanaka was a master in this class. Kenichi has thus far held his own and has recently activated Ryūsui Seikūken and seems to have a grip on the situation showing his growth once again. The fight is stopped by the Elder once Tanaka envisions Kenichi as Kensei and attacks him out of rage. As Kenichi is declared the winner of the match for following proper etiqutte he passes out when he awakes Tanaka explains he stayed to ensure he was alright.

The next few days later, Kenichi is informed Freya and her grandfather Danki Kugatachi has been kidnapped and with the Shinpaku Alliance proceeds to rescue her being the one to land the first hit of the battle Kenichi later chases after the trunk Freya & Danki were loaded on stalling a master class fighter so they could escaped and was knocked unconscious when he woke up he wound from the master class fighter was being patched up by Danki but as plan to rise his apprentice's status. Kenichi was forced into the fight defeating him with korui nuki and was nearly attacked by the apprentice's master only to be saved by Danki and pass out again after completing the mission he was put on house arrest for being reckless put was later shown by Shigure his masters were all very proud for protecting his friends.

Okinawa Arc

Days later at his school Niijima told Kenichi about a rumor of a new Yami hideout in Okinawa. After he ignored the news, he

Kenichi vs Tirawit: rematch

was told to pack up for a trip to Okinawa by his masters who also found out. Later at Okinawa at nightfall Kenichi was dragged by his master to attack Yomi base with the elder taking the front lines and also being separated from the other masters until only him Apachai and Miu was left as he meets with Tirawit Kokin and his master Agaard Jum Sai. He put up a strong fight against Tirawit, only using Muay Thai at first but then Apachai scolded him to use other martial arts as well as calming down and using Seikūken. During the fight, Agaard states to Apachai how glad Kenichi is his disciple and even startles Kenichi by appearing behind him thanking him for him being Apachia's disciple. Kenichi is manipulated by Tirawit's mind games and once he sees Apachai, who has taken a lethal blow from Agaard, falls, Kenichi is enraged and crying at the same time Agaard falls. He goes up against Tirawit once more, both angry because both of their masters lost and it ended up in a draw. Kenichi calms down and uses his ultimate attack called Korui Nuki but is countered by Tirawit. Kenichi is disbelieved and is about to fall but he sees Apachai and got up and went in Tan Gard Muay. Kenichi plans to finish this battle with Muay Thai and does it by finishing off Tirawit with 2 of Apachai's basic techniques. After beating Tirawit he is attacked by a sword master from Yomi's weapon group but is protected by Apachai and he's saved by Akisame arriving in time to save his life and Miu states she's glad Kenichi's alright.

Yami Transport Data Arc

Kenichi then wakes up in Akisame's office with Apachai remembering how they returned and is visited by the Shinpaku Alliance being informed of a rumor about Kokin and his master's whereabouts after a nap not seeing Apachai he goes to Ryōzanpaku and finds police surrounding the place. He then finds out that the master's are under arrest due to assaulting the military base in Okinawa and have gone into hiding. Once he tells Niijima they decide to deal with the situation and Nijima alerts all members of the Shinpaku Alliance.

They head to the home of Inspector Honmaki, acquaintance and friend of Sakaki, already knowing he has information and believed yami would attack him. As they arrive he is indeed attacked and the alliance quickly defeats them Kenichi feels dizzy and pain as a result from his wounds from his fight with Tirawit that have not yet healed. After talking with Inspector Honmaki Kenichi states it's time to fulfill his promise and they all head towards the mountains because there is a politician that Honmaki knows there who is opposing Yami and by giving him the information they could push Yami out of the Japanese government and hopefully clear the name of Ryōzanpaku. While heading there they are attacked while in the car by some weapon wielding priests. After defeating them Niijima notes that they are being tracked and followed and reveals that there was a listening device implanted in Honmaki's phone and suggest they go on foot from this point on. Kenichi says he will stay behind and be apart of a decoy team to delay the enemy since he is wounded, Honmaki, Chikage, Miu, and Ukita stay with him while everyone else goes on ahead with the disk containing the data. While delaying the enemy he is quickly searched by Rimi who moved so fast all he felt was her touch and just barely Miu goes ahead to stop her. As he battles the weapon priests with Ukita and Chikage he feels his power draining and the pain of his wounds yet he quickly unleashes an explosive attack to finish off the enemy. Ukita carries Kenichi on his back they catch up to everyone else. Miu sees him and panics thinking he is hurt but he assures her he is fine but gets a nose bleed from noticing her shirt being partly opened and having no bra on. Takeda gives kenichi his shirt to place on Miu.

When Miu told them the disk was broken Niijima told them that the disk was a decoy in reality nothing was on it but hours of nijima doing his evil laugh the true data he saved on a flash drive. Niijima was about to give the disk to the politician named Seiji Ishida, but Kenichi sensed his ki and stopped Niijima. He then revealed himself to be a master class weapon user and politician that is apart of Yami. Cornered with nowhere to go already realizing if they ran he would catch them. Kenichi and everyone else all decided to fight even if they died and they all fought him at once. Kenichi managed to land one hit on the master and Sakaki revealed himself. He tells them one master is always chosen to watch over and protect Kenichi when he goes on missions or when there is a situation and this time it was him and he had been following them from the very begin. He tells Kenichi that even though they told him not to fight a master he personally does hate Kenichi having the courage to fight one. He then faces of against Ishida and tells kenichi how to fight an enemy when injured and quickly and easily defeats Ishida. Nijima reveals he has already spread the information just as Akisame told him to.

After the incident time has pasted and the masters have yet to return. Kenichi wounds have healed and he has been getting used to it being just him and Miu at the dojo he has also been doing the training regiment Akisame left form him but has been multiplying it, causing Miu to be impressed and happy. When he and Miu arrive at school he asks Niijima about the status of things wondering when his masters will return. Ukita teases him and asks if he will miss the days when it is just he and Miu and tells him if anything has happened and if there are any developments in his relationship with Miu he can tell him about it, which makes both Kenichi and Miu embarrassed.

Later on after school Kenichi thinks about his relationship with Miu and the development of it. He reminds himself that the first thing that tempered his strength was his heart not his training and life threatening battles. Miu brings him a cup of tea and he knocks it over in the air by accident, he and Miu both react and quickly grab it before it hits the floor and end up holding hands while grabbing the cup. Both blushing too embarrassed to let go they hold hands for a minute. Later that night he found Miu on the roof the same part where he and Miu have always had important talks in the past. Kenichi tells Miu that there is an emotion that he wants to put in words but, wants to save it until he is able to protect her. And tells her that he only wants to say that he has this feeling and asks if it is a cowardly thing to do. Miu tells him it isn't and if he says it like that until now without words but with action he has shown her how he feels and she kisses him on the cheek. All of the masters suddenly return and the elder angry by what he just saw, surprising and scaring them both. Apachai says he didn't see anything and the elder tells him if he wants to be with Miu he has to defeat him first. He says he knows that very well and begins training with Akisame. And that night became "The night that did not happen" in Ryōzanpaku. Since then, Miu has been under her surveillance away from Kenichi. However, others have noted how much more cheerful and energetic she is and happy around Kenichi.

Sakaki and Hongō Arc

As Kenichi realizes how his relationship with Miu is improving he also notes that he doesn't know much about her. As a result of this he asks her more about herself and finds out how she always tries to find out more about her parents but fails and decides to help her. The name Kuremisago comes up as Ryūto mentioned it on despair island and Miu states she felt like she should know the name so they ask Hermit about it and find a location of a village belonging to the Kuremisago clan. Once the arrive they find out that the One Nine Shadow Fist "God Hand" Akira Hongō and his two disciples, subordinates of Shō Kanō. They fight quickly and Kenichi defeats them both and Hongō asks why did his disciple die. Kenichi lies and said he took the bullet for him by he is seen through. He tells Hongō that his student was an amazing martial artist and man. "God Hand" tells him to deliver a message to Sakaki for him and leaves with his disciples. The elder shows up and agrees to tell Miu and Kenichi what he knows of this village which is actually a story about Miu's parents and birth.

Some time later Kenichi, Miu, and Hayato (in secret) follow Sakaki who's settling the score with Hongō once and for all. Kenichi had to use Ryūsui Seikūken to watch Sakaki's fight which Miu told him was part of training. Kenichi's sight of being able to read his own opponent now has surpassed Miu now during the fight between the two masters, however, Miu decides to not stay behind and keeps watching. Unfortunately, the battle was interrupted when Silkwat Junazard surrounded Kenichi with killing intent to have Hongō knock him out and fall while trying to protect Miu. Hayato saved Kenichi, but Miu thought he was dead. Miu was consumed with rage and attacked Hongō then Silkwat after realizing who was planning this while her clothes were being ripped apart by the electric fence she was standing on. After seeing Miu's rage and skills, Silkwat knocked out Miu and kidnapped her to make her his disciple.

The Tidat Kingdom Arc

Kenichi woke up back in Ryōzanpaku dojo, but was told Miu was kidnapped. Kenichi fell into despair and was punching himself for losing Miu, until Nijima, Takeda, Ukita, Kisara, Renka, and even Natsu, Chikage, and Rachel wanted to help Kenichi rescue Miu. Kenichi was brought out of despair knowing that Miu is strong and is determined to rescue her.

After finding word of Miu found in Tidat, Kenichi and Sakaki set out their to find her. While their, they would find word of Miu from Raden Tidat Lona, Jihan's younger sister and she wished for them to work together to take down Jenazad together and save Miu. While together, they were attacked by assassins and Miu was with them, shocking them. Sakaki realized something was wrong with her and Kenichi followed her and tried to reason with her only to be attacked. Miu however, was unable to kill Kenichi despite being brainwashed by Junazard due to


her feelings for Kenichi. Junazard would take him to another hideout and jail him with John, the man who's been helping Lona help find Junazard and Miu. After telling John of how important Miu is to him, Kenichi was brought to a stadium and was shocked to see that Jenazad was a young man and not as old as the Elder. As Miu arrived (who everyone else calls Bulu) she forcibly engaged combat with Kenichi in hopes of Junazard removing the one thing holding her back: the man she loves. As they fight, Kenichi notes how strong she is when she doesn't hold back and needs to end it before he's finished. Remembering how it worked in the D of D Tournament before, Kenichi uses Ma's Shock Recovery Technique to try and snap her out of it. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like last time. Instead, it provokes Miu even more, causing her to unleash a barrage of punches and kicks at him. Kenichi dodges some due to Miu holding

Kenichi saving Miu for Pengulu

back a little of the blows and tries to see into Miu's heart and uses Ryuusei Seikūken only to see emptiness inside causing Kenichi to be enraged at Junazard for turning Miu from the kind beautiful self to a heartless killing machine. Knowing words won't reach, Kenichi uses the moves Miu taught her when they first met in hopes of reaching her declaring he'll bring her back if it kills him, only for Miu to use a devastating move to his face. However, Miu was able to hold back at the last second from hitting him. Junazard,


realizing that Miu's naturally compassion was still holding her back from killing and being completely brainwashed, he decided to take an alternate path. He unleashed a former disciple of his, Pengulu Sankan, whose failed training resulting in him becoming a mindless killer in hopes he would pressure Miu enough to kill and finally become fully brainwashed. As Sankan began to overwhelm Miu, Kenichi, despite battered and barely conscious, unleashed his "Mubyōshi" to save Miu. With Kenichi declaring he'll fight Pengulu, the warrior slashes down on Kenichi, only for him to use "Shiraha Nagashi" to counter by striking his


arm and dodging the strike. Even though Miu also fights Pengulu, she also attacks Kenichi due to her still brainwashed and not knowing who he is. Regardless, he still fights against Pengulu. As Kenichi is struck and severely injured by Pengulu, Menang throws Kenichi his guards due to him having gained faith from watching Kenichi fight and manages to block and destroy Pengulu's sword and continues to fight the warrior while Sakaki and the others arrive to fight Jenazad's men.

Despite fighting with everything he has, he's no match for Pengulu. When he grabs Pengulu's sword using his body and tells Miu to attack him, Miu, still unable to control herself, brutally attacks him in the back and Pengulu strikes down on Kenichi's back causing him to lose consciousness. Just as Miu is unable to defend herself and Kenichi passes out from his wounds, he sees Shō Kanō who reminds him about how he promised to protect Miu. He tells Kenichi to gather his strength and protect her from falling into darkness and evil. Kenichi, while barely conscious, saves Miu from getting killed and the shockwave from the attack breaks her mask and finally brings her back to her senses while shedding tears seeing Kenichi again. With their combined effort, they defeated Pengulu. After Miu thanks Kenichi for everything and protecting her so well, Miu was unable to fully break from Jenazad's spell, she knocks herself out. Kenichi then carried her body trying to escape but were surrounded by Tidat masters and were saved by Menang and Hartini. Later, they were saved by John, who was revealed to be none other than her father, Saiga Fūrinji. After thanking Kenichi for protecting his daughter so well and giving the boy her hair clips back, he states he's a man worth trusting, having earned his respect. He leaves once Sakaki arrives with Miu briefly waking up thinking she heard her father. The group escapes to the outside to watch Hongō fight Junazard.

He continues to watch and later becomes horrified seeing Hongō defeated and killed by Junazard at the end of the fight and how Junazard sets his bloodlust towards Sakaki but is confused as to why Sakaki's aura hasn't increased at all. However, Hongō is still alive and fights Junazard. After watching Hongō defeat Junazard, Miu regains consciousness from hearing Hongō's name and goes to attack him only for Sakaki and Kenichi to try to stop her. As Miu only rushes over to try to save Jenazad, Kenichi manages to climb up despite his injuries and Sakaki holds him on his back while he knocks Miu out. He's left shocked at Junazard's death and the arrival of the Tidat regular army. Just as Lona is killed by the army, the elder arrives with the presumed deceased Raden Tidat Jihan who stops the army, shocking Kenichi that he's alive. The two talk while Jihan finally acknowledges his skills and says he survived because he's a king. The elder then appears in front of Kenichi asking if Miu is alright and when Kenichi says she is, the elder places his hands on Kenichi's shoulders and sheds tears of joy thanking Kenichi from the bottom of his heart for protecting his granddaughter, moving Kenichi. Just as Miu almost attacks Kenichi again, the elder knocks her out with a Ki move stating they can bring her back to her old self thanks to Kenichi's efforts. As they all head towards Jihan's palace to heal themselves, Kenichi sees Saiga on top of a tower and Saiga flashes his gauntlets to him and Kenichi does the same. He tries to tell the elder about Saiga, but he seems to be aware and asks him to not tell Miu for a little bit longer. He's treated at the palace with everyone else and is surprised by Jihan's new attitude towards Kenichi. He visits Miu at night and she says she had a dream that she met her father and Kenichi smiles back holding her hand that they can now head home to Ryōzanpaku and their friends in Japan.

Returning to Japan Arc

Having returned home from Tidat, Kenichi resumed his training and school life while his masters noted how much sharper he's become and Kenichi's noticed he and Miu are even closer now that he saved her life from Junazard and is glad she's back to her bright and cheerful self again. On a Sunday at home with his family, he was playing a video game with his sister and received a call from Ryūto who wanted to know about Miu being freed of Jenazad's control. Kenichi said she's fine and wished to meet him again and Ryūto agreed to meet

Kenichi and Ryūto meet at the aquarium

him tonight at the aquarium his father took him to when he was little. On his way their he runs into Miu who was heading to the Shinpaku headquarters to visit the others. He decides to tell her that he's going to see Ryūto and says he's going alone and she wishes for him to be safe. He arrives and meets Ryūto and the two start talking about the old times they had together and start hearing voices. The voices are revealed to be Miu and Rimi who followed for their own reasons. The two decide to help the girls and Miu apologizes for following stating she heard Rimi would be hear and wasn't sure what she should do. Ryūto understands and he and Kenichi decide to talk another time and Kenichi tells Miu they should head home before she gets a cold.

The next day at school, Kenichi would see that Chikage would be coming to school normally again and saw Tanimoto also and asked to talk to him but Tanimoto states he's being too relaxed and says that Ogata is very passionate in raising his disciples and Kenichi asks if he wants to take Miu like Jenazad did, but Tanimoto believes it's more like he wants Miu to become fodder for his disciples. He tells Kenichi that in the future there may be a battle were their will be deaths, but Kenichi refuses and declares he won't let anyone die even if his body and soul is destroyed. After Ukita's double date, he would wish Ukita luck in his fight with Shiratori and come to watch. However, due to Akisame's brutal training machine he had to walk with a stick and Miu decided to help, however, they were being followed by an assassin. They arrive to the fight and see Ukita defeated by Shiratori and amazed how skilled Shiratori is despite him being a lower ranking member. As Kenichi tends to Ukita the assassin arrives and Kenichi senses his killing intent and then Miu's as her emotions get the better of her and brutally attacks him only for Kenichi to stop her from killing him and as the shooter tries to shoot Kisara when she kicks him, Ukita rises and grabs him and they fall off a ledge. They both were saved by Shiba and were taken to Ryōzanpaku to be healed by Akisame. He and Takeda watch as Akisame chases Shiba over what happened and tells Shiba he choose the path of martial arts himself. He later is surprised to hear from Takeda that Shiratori is actually a woman stating he didn't know that either.

Titan Arc

At Shinpaku Headquarters, Kenichi and the others are training and are greeted by Rachel and while the others want to kick her out to her status in YOMI, Kenichi states she helped find Miu and should let her stay as a comrade, seemingly shocking her. She and Tanimoto and Chikage are forced to leave for YOMI and Kenichi swears to Miu that he'll end things with them someday. At Ryōzanpaku he trains with Kensei and Miu and notices a new move and how Miu's Dou ki kicks in and she breaks the post they train on. The next day, they gain word of a Yami lair and all of the masters (and the Shinpaku Alliance followed) head out. The masters head out while the alliance stay to which they are seen by a limo and are almost rundown by it and are shocked to see the former Ragnarök member Berserker and someone else. He's shocked to hear from Niijima that Berserker became Ogata's disciple and demands to know who the other person is and he introduces himself as Lugh and Lugh decides to see how strong the Alliance is. After hearing Lugh knowing very well the kind of man Ogata is Kenichi declares his resolve to defeat him as a Katsujinken and doesn't want anyone else to fight him. However, as Ukita attempts to attack him, Siegfried saves him and becomes shocked to hear that Lugh is blind and then realizes that his fighting style involves locks thanks to Siegfried's attempt to attack him. He checks on both of them and they state their fine and Kenichi states he'll fight next, only for Takeda to step in stating he'll be the one to fight Lugh and Kenichi tells him to keep his guard up. Kenichi is shocked to see as Lugh notices the former injury to Takeda's left arm just from the movement of his arm.

As Takeda prepares to sacrifice his left arm Kenichi notes how reckless this is of him and notices how Lugh is grabbing his arm just like a technique Akisame taught him and calls out to Takeda and realizes he's serious about losing his arm. Just as Takeda lunges his fist at him and Ukita tries to save him, Kenichi steps in and saves them both. He apologizes to Lugh and Takeda for interfering with their fight, but states he cannot stand by and watch as his friends get hurt and agrees with Ukita that their masters would not be happy if they sacrificed themselves in this fight. He asks Lugh that from this fight and that they can consider this his loss. However, Lugh leaves and declares he'll take Takeda out first next time and as he leaves, Shigure arrives back to check on them all having sense Lugh's presence.

Back at Ryōzanpaku, Kenichi and Miu are sweeping outside and are greeted by Tsutomu Tanaka and they greet him. Kenichi then listens with his conversation about killing Ogata, surprising him and even more when the elder says he's acting like Ogata. Tanaka leaves and warns them all about Ogata's attempt to likely use Kenichi and Miu as sacrifices and tells them to be careful. After training, he and Miu go with the Alliance to the amusement park and tries to have fun with Miu only for her childishness to affect her and leave him in the dust as she runs away. He then has a talk with Thor about roller-coasters and they bump fists after they both realize they hate scary rides as Kenichi already has to deal with Akisame's crazy machine's almost everyday. He then notices Miu staring at a merry-go-round and that she wants to go on it and she says she's never been on one before and Kenichi recalls how the elder had her travel so much with him that she missed out on a lot of things. As Thor notes she gave up a lot for martial arts, Kenichi notes it's because of martial arts that he got to meet her and convinces her to ride it with him together and they ride it together which causes Miu to note how happy it is to wave from the ride for a change. At night, Kenichi lost sight of Miu again and notices that the entire park is empty and at that moment is shocked to see Berserker appear behind him and the two prepare to fight.

He tells Kenichi he's hear to finish him and notices Niijima appear and runs away seeing Berserker and Kenichi tells him to warn the others. He tells Kenichi that Ogata told them to "go and devour you" but coming to the

Kenichi fights against Berserker

park was his idea and his skills are still the same and appears in front of Kenichi, causing him to back away and realized how dangerous it would've been if Shōgo had actually attacked. He tells Kenichi that was a handicap and a freebie, then says he's heard how he's made progress with his other YOMI fights, prompting Kenichi to note his good morals and Berserker tells him to just put up his Seikūken. He does and Berserker comes at him with his hands in his pocket and even when Kenichi hits his shoulders he comes in at the front of the Seikūken and as Kenichi tries to attack from above Berserker ducks and elbows him in the stomach but Kenichi manages to evade by sidestepping resulting in a shockwave from the blow, resulting in Kenichi's Seikūken being destroyed from the front. As Kenichi believes Berserker is trying to prove he can beat him without using his arms, Berserker states he said this fighting method would work better, prompting Kenichi to note to himself that he's making a smaller and stronger Seikūken by decreasing his reach noting he's just going with the flow, prompting Kenichi to call him a genius. He notices that his attacks are flowing being formed by his will alone and he's just attacking like he's feeling alone himself. Berserker then starts fighting seriously and attacks him with strong punches only for Kenichi to block them and Berserker comments on how impressive he is that up until now, no one in YOMI has been able to dodge his attacks as perfectly as Kenichi and says he's glad he made Kenichi his target and that whether he was a suitable match up, the other YOMI members had to consider a bit. As Kenichi realizes the other YOMI members are there, Berserker states that the fate of him and his friends are to die.

While fighting, he sees Miu fighting Rimi Kokorone while blocking a punch from Berserker. Noticing Miu in trouble, Kenichi notices her ki going berserk again as he dodges Berserker due to him losing focus on his fight. He is struck by Berserker again when he notices Ryūto arriving as well. Seeing Miu overwhelmed by Rimi, Kenichi realizes that cause her ki is going berserk, the other personality Junazard made is is about to take over and Miu is trying to suppress it as her movements are now slower. Kenichi then uses Ryūsui Seikūken to dodge Berserker and rushes over to Miu's side. As Miu crashes into a building, Kenichi jumps upward shouting for her to open her heart and listen to him. He tells her to not be afraid of the curse of Junazard and tells her about how the elder once said "Do not spread your wings halfheartedly, but fly with all your might". He goes on saying that though he has Sei ki, he's sure that beyond the curse of Junazard lies the answer to control her Dou ki. Rimi takes advantage of her limp body and throws Miu into the air, crashing into the merry-go-round as Kenichi shouts for her to fly and he'll be by her side. As Rimi attempts to finish her off, Miu regains herself and counters, standing with herself in control and a new look in her eyes as Kenichi smiles at her as his words reached her.

He then watches as the now in control Miu dominates Rimi. After Miu seemingly defeats Rimi, Ogata appears.

Kenichi thanks Ogata

As Kenichi recognizes him, he walks to him ignoring Miu's warnings and politely thanks Ogata for the time when he saved his life in the forest. Ogata states his happiness over how Kenichi has grown, to which Kenichi thanks him but says that he and Ogata, being Katsujinken and Satsujinken, walk different paths. He then prepares to resume his fight with Berserker. As Rimi wants to use the Seidō Gouitsu, he becomes shocked and along with Miu tries

Ogata and Kenichi

to stop her. There efforts are in vain as she uses it still and completely dominates Miu as Kenichi calls out her name. However, he has to keep his guard up against Berserker noting he's not to be underestimated. After Rimi and Miu exchange final blows, Kenichi catches her while Ryūto catches Rimi. However, Rimi dies from the negative affects of Seidō Gōitsu, resulting in a guilt driven Miu blaming herself for not saving her as Kenichi points out that her usage of the Seidō Gōitsu caused it. As Ogata states how it's a shame Rimi died, an angry Miu attacks him, but Ogata sends her flying with ease, horrifying Kenichi as he catches her and notes she's still alive. He gives Ogata an angry glare and punches the ground with his fist and yells out at Ogata while striking his arm. As he prepares to face the Yami master, Kenichi tells Berserker he will beat him up and won't even touch him.

Kenichi vs Ogata

Ogata, accepts Kenichi's challenge and faces him. Though the disciple fights to the best of his ability, Ogata severely outmatches him, avoiding Kenichi's attacks, while countering with the exact same strikes and power as his opponent, all with the greatest of ease. However he praises Kenichi's skills, endurance and tenacity, but as the, disciple continues to rise from the attacks again and again, Ogata decides to go for a killing blow, only to be stopped at the last second by Ryūto, who managed to miraculously stand on his feet. Standing together as friends, the two disciples team up and attack him as a team with Ryūto informing Kenichi of his master's weaknesses. After creating a small opening, he kicks Kenichi to increase his speed enough to break

Ryūto saves Kenichi

through Ogata's defense. Although the master only takes a small graze, his surprise at being touched by a disciple class fighter gives Ryūto a second opening which he quickly exploits by smashing Ogata from behind. However, Ogata blocks Ryūto's attack. As he throws Kenichi and avoids more of Ryūto's attacks. As Kenichi is throw, Ryūto ask him to live while Berserker and Ogata realize Seidō Gōitsu has reached its time limit and Ryūto intends to throw his life away as he goes in to attack Ogata. Before he can be hit by a killing blow, Tsutomu Tanaka blocks the attack while

Ryūto and Kenichi fighting Ogata together

deactivating Ryūto's Seidō Gōitsu just as the time limit is reached, shocking Kenichi as he watches as Tanaka and Ogata face off. As they fight, Kenichi is shocked at Tanaka's claim he'll kill Ogata and begs him to reconsider. As Tanaka is proven he doesn't have any killing intent, Ogata goads him into doing so and purges him into the darkness, much to Kenichi's anger. As they continue, Ogata kicks away Tanaka's phone, greatly angering him even further, which Kenichi picks up the phone and tries to tell Tanaka's wife that it's too dangerous to come to the park. However, he is shocked and confused to discover that there is nobody on the other side of the call, just an automated message.

Questioning where his wife and child were, Tanaka answers with them being in a "safe place", worrying Kenichi. His fears come true as he is left speechless hearing that Ogata murdered his wife and unborn child. The two then decide to finish it with same technique against each other. As their techniques clashed, Tanaka was eventually overpowered by Kensei's technique and received a heavy wound across his chest. As he listened to Kensei's explanation of how his philosophy for martial arts justify his actions, Kenichi was enraged, but confused as to why he can't completely hate Ogata and laments how he can't stop the fight. When the fire starts to get closer, Kenichi musters up enough strength to rush over and save Miu just before the fire topples on her, prompting an amused Tanaka to tell Kenichi to always protect her. As he watches Tanaka give up his hands to try to kill Ogata and uses a last ditch effort to bite his neck out, Tanaka tells Kenichi to never be like him as Kenichi and Miu watch in horror as Tanaka's skull is crushed by Ogata. After killing Tanaka, Kenichi is left distraught over his death, but allows Ogata and Berserker to leave while Ryūto stays. They are all later found by Renka and Niijima and Niijima tells Kenichi he saw Tanaka leave with his family safe, prompting Kenichi to find peace knowing Tanaka reunited with his family after so long.

The Eternal Sunset Arc

Following Tanaka's death, Kenichi resumes his training immediately, much to the surprise of his masters. His reasons state this is the path he choose and can't let anything stop him. Later, he and Miu go and visit Ryūto and the now recovered Rimi at the hospital, to which they (unintentionally) interrupt Rimi's attempts to be with Ryūto. Ryūto says there fine and they converse how Ogata actually saved Rimi's life when checking her pulse but really was stoping her flow of ki at that time. A couple of days later, the masters talk about the subject of how Tanaka's fight with Ogata was unavoidable, and how they need to find a way to help Kenichi and his friends with their fight against the weapon users of Yami. They all agreed that they would eventually fight the weapon division on a frequent basis, which is when Shigure comes up with a plan for helping the Shinpaku Alliance, a plan which she calls the "Shigure-chan Special". When asked about her plan, Shigure says it's a secret, prompting Kenichi and Miu to wonder if it's a type of hellish training for the alliance. Wondering what her plan is, the two follow her and Apachai to gather sand from the sea. They then go to a house that Kenichi remembers and is greeted by non-other than Kagerō Kii and as he and Miu believe he's going to fight the alliance and when they think he's going to attack them, he goes right past them and instead picks his sprout plants, much to there shock. When Shigure gets some dirt and a device for moving water in a canal and Miu realizes Shigure is using a metal flow while Kii states she's right and it's used for forging metal, as Kenichi and Miu realize she's providing arms for the alliance. Shigure corrects them stating she's making armor for the alliance and when she says it will take a week, she tells them to go home but Kenichi is determined to stay with her. Though flattered, Shigure says the best he can do is train less he train with Apachai and Kii, to which he does.

Following the week, Kenichi sees off the elder on a trip and tries to console a depressed Miu. Later, Kenichi and Miu meet up with Shigure and Apachai as they reveal the new armor to the alliance, which are arm guards similar to Kenichi's own. He later trains at Ryōzanpaku and hears of the Hachiō Executioner Blade and how their leader is said to be as strong as the elder. During this time they are visited by Inspector Honmaki with news that starting tomorrow, the police force is to guard Yami during a meeting in a governmental building, greatly shocking everyone. While the other masters comment on how their influence has reached in the government and all resolve to lock them in Big Lock while Miu wishes the elder could witness this, Kenichi reassures her, while taking her hand, that he'll return with a smile. This prompts Kensei to slap their hands away stating he swore to the elder he'd keep their relationship "moderate". They all then proceed to each lunch together and prepare for tomorrow.

The next day, as the masters (minus Shigure) go out to face Yami, Kenichi wonders if he should go with them. Sakaki states he should't and Kenichi begins to complain about how reckless their actions are, to which they say that as martial artists they have to stand by their beliefs to the very end, with Sakaki even saying that one day Kenichi would be standing side by side with them, to which Kenichi wishes them good luck. After he trains for an afternoon, Shigure informs him and Miu about someone she saw on the news that she knows as a murderer that possesses one of her fathers weapons. As Kenichi notes she's uncertain as to go or not, he and Miu agree she should, to which Shigure decides to bring them both along in case Yami comes along to harm them.

At the Tokyo docks, Shigure tells them both to stay close to her and later find two bodies left for dead. As Miu treats them, Kenichi questions if this is the work of the armed group, to which Shigure confirms it is of "him". As they follow his trail they manage to board the boat holding him, but Shigure notes there are a total of seven people on board asides from him. As they find a helicopter hovering Kenichi notes the container is surrounded. Hearing the guns going off, Kenichi wonders if a war is going on, to which Shigure notes they've already been found now, to which they are found by Mihai Știrbey. As Shigure has no choice but to fight him, she apologize to Kenichi and Miu over the situation, but Kenichi notes there is no need to do so as he needs to bear witness to her fights and he will protect himself and Miu. Though touched, Shigure tells the two to escape as she faces Mihai, who intends to cut open Kenichi and Miu. Miu mentions the situation is like in Tidat, to which Kenichi thinks to himself about his resolve to stand and fight and promises himself that he'll at least make sure Miu makes it out alive.

After seeing Shigure fight all the Hachiō Danzaiba members, Kenichi and Miu take this opportunity to make a run for it, only for Mihai to stop them revealing his wound from Shigure did nothing thanks to his armor. He and Miu then see their black flag of Yami to represent their change in the world and Shigure then slashes at the containers to see what they are carrying. They discover it's all pure gold, prompting Kenichi to hold Miu back from her excitement of the gold present. As Shigure continues to fight the Bow Master, Kenichi tries to figure out a method to escape, knowing he can't win against a master. Remembering all the times he was in the heat of battle and knowing of certain masters fighting styles, he tells Miu to get ready to run. He claps his hands together and starts dancing oddly, which has Mihai confused along with everyone else. He uses this opportunity to make a run for it with Miu, enraging Mihai from being tricked. However, they are stopped by the Yami Armored Knight. As Mihai praises Kenichi for his cleverness, he chooses to go against the hostage situation and goes to kill them. As Miu is tossed aside by Mihai, Kenichi tries to attack, but Mihai puts his neck around his scythe. Just before Mihai can kill him, Kenichi and Miu are saved by the sudden arrival of Christopher Eclair and Mycroft.

Shocked by the appearance by Sakaki's old associates, Kenichi asks why they are here, to which Eclair states they were ordered by the Japanese government to help out. When questioning what he means, Eclair states they will fight along side for justice for payment for now and he and Mycroft fight Mihai and Raigō. Christopher, Mycroft, and Shigure group together and Shigure requests that the other two escape with Kenichi and Miu. Christopher asks what she is planning to do against the powerful enemies if they run and Shigure responds with "Please." prompting serious looks from Christopher, Kenichi, and Miu. Once Shigure uses her Soutou Kyourenzan, she forces Mycroft and Christopher to escape with Kenichi and Miu. Just as they escape, Mihai attempts one final attempt on Kenichi's life but is stopped by Shigure as Kenichi escapes. He was then seen on the escape ship shedding a tear over Shigure's capture.

Back at Ryōzanpaku, while Sakaki yells at Christopher for leaving Shigure behind, Kenichi and Miu thank him for saving them. While he worries over Shigure's status he blames himself for her capture for causing her hinderance, but he is corrected by Akisame. Akisame states Shigure is to blame over her going for her own personal reasons and for bringing both Kenichi and Miu along. However, Akisame states they will save her and make Yami wish they were dead for what they did to her. Later, Kenichi and Miu go to the Shinpaku headquarters to inform them of what happened with Shigure. Despite this, he still resolves to fight Yami with everyone. Just then, he questions Miu about Tōchūmaru and is horrified to discover she accidentally left Tōchūmaru back on the tanker.

Later on, Kenichi is seen practicing against a wooden post, with a serious look on his face. Miu passes by and notices that he is using a weird stance, Kenichi answers by saying that it is a sword stance that Shigure taught him. Kenichi also says that he was wondering whether or not he could use this stance without a weapon, and declared that he always learns techniques from Shigure but never practices what see she teaches him. Although Miu is touched by these words, the masters of Ryōzanpaku are seen observing Kenichi's training with serious looks on their faces.

While at school Kenichi and Miu are running a marathon for their school when Kenichi is kidnapped. Miu tries to catch up with them but loses them as Kenichi struggles with the kidnappers. Luckily, Akisame anticipated this knowing Yami would go after Kenichi and flips the car saving him after confirming Shigure is alive, to which Kenichi shows his anger at being used as bait. . After interrogating the man through Akisame's and Sakaki's rather frightening methods, Miu, Kenichi, Akisame and Sakaki run on rooftops and arrive at an empty train station (though Kenichi has difficulty compared to the others). They hear voices stating they are glad the targets have been brought to them as the masters tell Miu and Kenichi to stay back. Weapons are thrown at the two as they dodge, though the electrical wires are cut and is now dark. The two attackers are happy to encounter such able opponents and introduce themselves: "Francisca Freaks" Sherman Camus and "Scramasax Master" Cedric Casken. They watch as Akisame and Sakaki fight the Yami weapons users and are both surprised how calm the opponents are. However, once the Ryōzanpaku masters go all out is when they are defeated. They then are visited by a man named Okamoto who works for the government. he mentions an individual named Kiyoi Kidō, who may be able to help them find Shigure.

Back at Ryōzanpaku, Kenichi suggests they enlist the help of Niijima, to which they do. With Niijima's help, they locate Kiyoi's location. They visit her and discover she is blind and Rin Tachibana's younger half-sister of the Hachiō Executioner Blade. After she talks about her past with her brother, she reveals a special satellite phone only her brother is able to call her with and is impossible to make calls out to. Just then, someone calls them as its non other than Shigure, shocking everyone as Kenichi screams in joy. Just before the calls is destroyed, Shigure gives her location out and tells Kenichi to become strong. As Kenichi is distraught over the situation, Sakaki and Akisame tell him to not be as they now found her location and are going to save her, to which Kenichi agrees to. As they leave they are greeted by Okamoto who was listening on the conversation and asks Kenichi a personal question.

Later, Kenichi and the rest of the alliance are on way to save Shigure with Okamoto who states they are the only ones capable of stopping them and saving Japan. While on the way, Kenichi and Miu spar while Okamoto engages in training with them while pointing out where they need improvement. As Miu laughs noting how similar he is to the masters of Ryōzanpaku, Kenichi sheepishly agrees. Kenichi expresses his surprise when Okamoto requested the Shinpaku Alliance's to assist in the war, and asks his friends if they are indeed jumping into the battle. The Shinpaku captains look back with a smile and Niijima reassures Kenichi that they are ready, stating that with master-class fighters on their side and the world at war staying in Japan would not have made them any safer anyway.

They are later sent to rest for the time being to which they question Okamoto's loyalties, but Kenichi states its worth the risk if it will save Shigure. Miu then apologizes to Kenichi about bringing him into the world of martial arts, to which Kenichi tells her to stop worrying. Just then Takeda interrupts them stating he needs to tell them all something: Miu's father, Saiga Fūrinji is the leader of Yami. As Kenichi shows little shock, he's more surprised that Miu is not surprised admitting her suspicions due to the Ryōzanpaku's master attempts to hide this question, to which she now suspects her father murdered her mother. As Takeda questions Miu about going to war, she states she's been to war twice, shocking Takeda and Kenichi. In a serious tone Takeda tells Miu that it won't just be Kenichi and Shō Kanō who will risk their lives to protect her, and Takeda and Kenichi meet eyes. Kenichi then brings up his earlier conversation with Miu and says that he does not regret being invited to the world of martial arts because he was able to meet all of his friends. Just then, Okamoto enters telling them to get ready as Kenichi and the Shinpaku all prepare for battle.

Before they go to shore, Okamoto takes out the soldiers at the bay with ease, much to Kenichi's shock as with the others. They then enter a forest towards the Yami base. Just then, she and the others are ambushed by Yami soldiers to which Kenichi and the others are able to easily fend off through physical harm, much to the soldiers surprise. After Okamoto agrees to hold them off on his own with his men, Kenichi and the others escape. After reaching a waterfall, Kenichi and the others are confronted by the YOMI disciples.

Niijima tells Kenichi and Miu that they'll take advantage of the commotion and move on ahead. Kenichi rejects the idea as he doesn't want to abandon his friends but Niijima reminds him of their purpose of disabling the missile base. Niijima adds that the captains of the Shinpaku Alliance have talked about this prior to the battle and they encourage Kenichi to advance. Kenichi, MIu, and Niijima run into the forest to take cover as the other Katsujinken disciples charge in towards the battle.

Kenichi, Miu, and Niijima arrive at the missile base and Kenichi is awed by the prospect of making their way inside. Miu reassures him that they'll do what they can and they advance and knock out the soldiers guarding the entrance. Another soldier shows up and prepares to shoot at them but is knocked out by Kajima Satomi, who has been waiting for them. He introduces himself as the One Shadowi's Yomi and tells them that he knows a much safer route to get into the base. Miu and Kenichi have their misgivings of following him but Kajima reminds them that Shigure is also inside the base and they follow him.

Making their way inside the base, Kenichi asks Kajima if this is a trap and Kajima laughs and responds that Kenichi really is interesting. Kajima leads Kenichi, Miu, and Niijima to the cell where Shigure is being held to find that she has already escaped. Kenichi asks if he helped her and Kajima explains that he was ordered by his master to let Shigure escape, making Kenichi think that Saiga couldn't be evil, being Miu's father. Kajima grins and reaches out his hand towards Kenichi to give him a handshake. Kenichi reaches out to shake Kajima's hand but Niijima stops Kenichi because he is being naive and he uses his "Niijima Eye" on Kajima. Kajima confirms that he has two masters and as he shakes Kenichi's hand he adds that he has an order from his other master: to kill any intruders. Kenichi is restrained through Kajima's handshake and Miu is attacked by Kajima's assistants. Kajima adds that Niijima is especially dangerous and that he has to be killed. Kajima grabs Niijima by the head and begins crushing his skull but he is stopped by Kenichi who manages to kick out from his position. Kajima says that he has heard Kenichi is a slow starter and while Miu confirms that is true Kenichi is able to unleash his power when he needs to protect someone important. Kenichi and Kajima take their stances and prepare to fight and Kajima adds that he has been looking forward to fighting Kenichi.

Kenichi and Kajima take their stances as they prepare to battle. Miu is battling Kajima's assistants and warns that his movements are similar to the Fūrinji style, having been taught by Saiga Fūrinji. Apart from that she adds that some of his movements are similar to hers and Kanō Shō's, indicating that Kajima has learned from the Kuremisago as well. Kajima confirms this information saying that one of his masters is indeed Saiga while the other is the most powerful leader of the Kuremisago and is named Senzui. Niijima tries to sneak away from the battles but Kajima runs past Kenichi and aims an attack at Niijima to stop him. Kenichi appears and catches Kajima's strike and manages to connect with his Strongest Combo, Series 1. Kajima recovers and attacks with a kick which is caught and stopped by Kenichi's kick. Kenichi manages to push down Kajima's foot and subdue his kick, causing Kajima to acknowledge Kenichi's strength and he is seen doing some gestures on both of his hands. Kajima uses a "seal" which raised his kicking power to the point that he was able to push Kenichi off the ground and into the air.

Kajima lands a kick on Kenichi, who is pushed back despite guarding against the blow. Kenichi asks if he is indeed part of the Kuremisago, Kajima refutes this but says that the two fighters with him (who are fighting Miu) are members of the Kuremisago. Kenichi gets an opening after dodging a kick from Kajima and aims a punch against Kajima's guard arm. Kajima deflects the attack with such force that Kenichi backs off and wonders if Kajima is actually a disciple. Kajima is shown performing a seal with his toes that increases his arm strength and he launches a Fūrinji style technique, Chigiguruma (Thousand Tree Wheel), hitting Kenichi and slamming him against a wall. Kenichi is shown to be shaken from the attack and starts thinking that he has no chance of victory.

Just then, Știrbey shows up and attempts to finish Kenichi off when Kajima refuses, but Kajima protects him and asks to allow him to defeat Kenichi as he was ordered by his master to do so. Though Știrbey relents his attack, he ignores Kajima and swings his scythe at Kenichi and Kajima.

Kenichi regains consciousness, feeling the power of the Elder's words reach him, just as Știrbey's scythe nears his face. Kenichi notices the attack, as he has grown enough to follow the speed of a master's attacks, but he knows that he will not be able to dodge. He also notices that Kajima is able to not only sense the attack but is able to dodge. Just as Știrbey's scythe is about to hit Kenichi, Hongō breaks through a wall and launches a piece of debris on Știrbey's shoulder, stopping the attack. After Hongō defeats Știrbey, Kajima commends Kenichi on seeing a master's attack and says that he has done the same after countless battles. Kenichi asks if Kajima started without any natural talent much like him, and Kajima is happy for this chance to fight against someone like him. Kenichi gets an unexplainable feeling, stating that he also wants to exchange blows against Kajima as he resumes his fight with him.

Kenichi attacks Kajima using Meotode but he is able to block both fists with one arm and hit Kenichi with a counterattack. Kenichi observes that Kajima's movements do not have the usual flaws of muscular people as he is being pushed back. Kenichi prepares Ryūsui Seikūken in order to read Kajima's flow but his concentration is broken when Kajima asks if he likes Miu. Kajima deduces that Kenichi started his path to martial arts because of Miu and Kenichi affirms that he's motivated to fight to protect those important to him and carry out his beliefs. Kajima answers that Kenichi's reasoning is why he will lose; Kajima fights for the sake of martial arts and would not hesitate to sacrifice himself or another in order to win.

Kajima explains how he used to have a weak body and was told he wouldn't live past 20 years. Since he was going to die in any case, he decided to pursue martial arts and that is when he encountered Senzui. Enduring his training Kajima noticed that he was able to overcome his weakness and change his destiny thanks to martial arts. From that day on Kajima decided to devote his body and soul to martial arts and he mocks Kenichi for using them as a tool for his personal beliefs. Kenichi retorts that it is Kajima's way of thinking that reduces martial arts to mere violence and he notices that Kajima has closed his eyes. This prevents Kenichi from using Ryūsui Seikūken to read his flow and Kajima hits Kenichi with one of his techniques. Kenichi survives Kajima's attack as Kajima notes that Kenichi was able to read his movements by touching him and changing his attacks' trajectory.

Kenichi is able to follow Kajima's movements without meeting his eyes using Ryūsui Seikūken's second form and sensing his choukei (vibrations from the body). Kenichi correctly reads that Kajima wants to chase after Niijima but Kajima adds that Niijima will not survive wandering the Yami base by himself. Kajima senses Kenichi's impatience and Miu voices the sentiment that Niijima may not survive by himself. Kenichi imagines Niijima being captured and he exchanges punches with Kajima, and Kajima notices that both Kenichi and Miu are moving the battle while engaging their opponents, hoping to assist Niijima.

Just as Kenichi and Kajima arrive at the location, Kenichi is launched against a wall from Kajima's attacks. As Kenichi tries to stop Miu from her assault on Kajima, Miu is on a rampage as Kajima steps in to fight Miu, who surrounds Kajima with a series of attacks. Kajima commends the quality of Miu's dou ki as he announces that he'll show his ki as well, as he catches Miu leg and slams her into the ground.

Kajima exclaims that his dou ki is authentic, pure, and stronger compared to Miu's as he charges towards to defeat her. However Kenichi recovers and slams against Kajima to keep him away from Miu. Although battered, Kenichi takes a stance and prepares to fight against Kajima, saying that he will protect Miu. Kenichi manages to drive Kajima away from Miu and asks about her reaction to Saiga. Miu explains that her father Saiga Fūrinji was the one who killed her mother Shizuha. Having met Saiga in Tidat and seeing how he protected Miu then, Kenichi is in disbelief and asks the man who he really is.

As Miu charges at her father again and left seriously injured does an angry Kenichi try to save her only to be stopped by Kajima. However, Okamoto arrives and saves her, revealing him as the real Saiga Fūrinji and the "Saiga" before them is really the head of the Kuremisago clan Senzui. After the two masters clash results in the gate between them and Niijima breaking and Kenichi sees Shigure again. Though overjoyed at seeing her alive, Shigure warns him to not lose focus as he is still fighting Kajima. Shigure remembers how Kajima helped her escape and so she respects his duel with Kenichi and encourages her disciple to fight proudly. Kenichi acknowledges Shigure's words and clears away any idle thoughts, focusing on his desire to win against Kajima as a martial artist.

Kenichi activates the second level of Ryūsui Seikūken to defend against Kajima's attacks but the Yami disciple collects ki in his fists and attacks with Shinogidachi. Although Kenichi guards the attack with his right arm he feels that he cannot channel his power through it. Kajima forces his way through Kenichi's guard and lands a glancing blow on his chest.

Kenichi feels the same sensation of weakness on his chest where he was hit as Kajima explains his technique: a burst of ki that cuts off the channels on the target's body. Miu warns Kenichi on the dangers of the technique, as the disruption on a person's ki can turn any attack into a mortal blow. Kenichi is surprised as blood is seen dripping out of Kajima's eyepatch and Kajima explains the history behind his use of the technique.

After the story Kajima begins collecting ki on his hands once again and Kenichi charges forward to stop the technique. Kenichi is able to spot Kajima's korui and launches Korui Nuki while Kajima attacks with Shinogidachi. Kenichi is forced aside as Kajima repels his attack and he loses power in his leg, stating that Kajima's technique is able to defeat all of his techniques.

Kenichi notices Kajima charging up his ki again for Shinogidachi and he charges in to stop the technique. Kenichi connects with his Mubyōshi which Kajima counters with another technique: Rentangai. Kenichi's fist is blown away and Kajima is unscathed, his technique is an application of Shinogidachi on his own body and letting him defend against attacks.

Shigure, Niijima, and Miu become worried as Kenichi is continuously outmatched by his opponent and Kenichi thinks back on advice his masters have given him. He is encouraged as he remembers their words to trust the fruits of his training and Kenichi determinedly says that he does believe, in himself and his training. Kajima charges towards Kenichi with another Shinogidachi as Kenichi takes his stance. Kajima is then seen thrown against the wall as Kenichi activates the third level of Ryūsui Seikūken, reading Kajima's movements and using the flow of his own attacks against him.

Kajima recovers from being slammed against the wall and comments that the ultimate sei technique Kenichi used felt like his ki was being controlled. Kenichi states that he used his ki to read Kajima's flow and matched his attack against it: the third level of Ryūsui Seikūken. Kajima smiles as he is further intrigued to fight against Kenichi and Shigure asks if Kajima is worried about his two masters fighting. Kajima dismisses Shigure's concern and expresses his delight in that his masters' battle will result in further development of martial arts. However, Kenichi says that Kajima is lying and that he could feel confusion and sadness from his fists and that he cannot be happy that his masters are fighting to kill each other. Kajima tells Kenichi that he is wrong and he charges up his ki for Shinogadachi.

Using the third level of Ryūsui Seikūken Kenichi is able to dodge Kajima's attacks. Kajima attacks with another Shinogidachi but Kenichi reads and disrupts Kajima's flow, allowing him to evade and counterattack with a throw.

Kajima recovers from Kenichi's throw and rushes back in with a Shinogidachi kick but he merely passes through Kenichi and hits a wall. Kajima launches another kick from behind Kenichi, who manages to evade once again, then follows up with a Shinogidachi combo which Kenichi dodges by a hair's breadth. Kenichi jumps in the air to avoid Kajima's last strike but Kajima appears behind him and takes advantage of the opening by using Misagootoshi, burying Kenichi's upper half into the floor.

A distraught Miu calls out to Kenichi but Kajima states that the battle is not over yet as he aims a punch at Kenichi, but his arm is caught by Kenichi's legs. Kajima uses Shinogidachi and attempts to slam Kenichi into the ground but Kenichi narrowly escapes. Kajima commends Kenichi on being able to focus his ki to augment his defense (which Kenichi attributes to his training at Ryōzanpaku) but adds that all his training is useless against Shinogidachi.

Kajima focuses his ki for Shinogidachi but is stopped by the technique's side effects. Kenichi worries about Kajima's condition but Kajima advises him not to show concern to his enemy. Kenichi asks if Kajima means to keep damaging himself after having his life saved by martial arts, to which Kajima repeats that his life exists for the sake of martial arts. Kajima takes off his armor and explains that he will use a technique that he invented himself and that he had been forbidden to use it by his masters because of the danger it poses. Kenichi accepts Kajima's challenge and takes off his dougi, tekkou, and chain vest, saying that he needs to remove extra weight to ensure that his new technique will connect. Miu is surprised as she does not know what technique Kenichi means.

Kenichi and Kajima face off as Kenichi takes the first step and performs a chop in the same motion as drawing a sword. Kajima prepares Shinogidachi and aims a punch at Kenichi but he misses. He follows up with another punch and a kick but Kenichi manages to evade them and finds an opening to use his new technique: Shutou Muzan. Kenichi lands a direct hit on Kajima but notices an odd reaction as Shigure observes that Kajima has channeled Shinogidachi throughout his entire body. He then uses his new move: Kai Shinogidachi and deals a devestating blow on Kenichi.

Kenichi manages to remain standing after the attack but he notices that he is unable to move his hands and legs. Shigure and Miu notice that something is wrong and that the ki flow in Kenichi's body has been cut off. Kajima declares his victory but is taking no chances; although Kenichi's heart has stopped Kajima aims to destroy his head to ensure the kill.

Kajima declares his victory but is taking no chances; although Kenichi's heart has stopped Kajima aims to destroy his head to ensure the kill. Losing consciousness, Kenichi realizes that his ki flow has been disrupted all the way to the cellular level and that his body is dying. He then hears faint words calling out to him and recalls a memory he had with the Elder and how he taught him the methods of controlling ones ki.

At the disciples' battlefield, the Shinpaku Alliance senses that Kenichi is in trouble. Tanimoto confirms that he also feels Kenichi's ki, along with the Shinpaku Alliance and Yomi of the unarmed division (even reaching Radin Jihan who is away from the battlefield), and they call out to him to not give up as Kenichi's eyes regain their strength.

Regaining consciousness, Kenichi catches Kajima's fist in his hand and Kajima is surprised that he is able to recover after having his ki flow cut off. Miu notices that Kenich has nullified Kajima's Shinogidachi and Shigure observes that Kenichi is utilizing the "holding" of ki. Pain shoots through Kajima's arm as he realizes that Kenichi has reversed the flow of Shinogidachi back to him.

Kajima states that there are fighters who have survived because of their immense willpower despite a lack of talent and he is impressed that Kenichi was able to devise a counter to Shinogidachi despite being close to death, declaring that martial arts have progressed once again. Kajima prepares Kai Shinogidachi but Shigure jumps in to stop the battle, as the next use of the technique will result in Kajima's death. Kajima replies that he has been prepared for death since the beginning and that even his death it will engrave the memory of the Fūrinji and remaining Kuremisago inside of Kenichi, declaring that death is food that nourishes the martial arts.

Kajima charges in with Kai Shinogidachi and Kenichi prepares to repel Kajima's ki, but he notices that repelling such a large amount of ki would result in Kajima's death. Kajima mocks Kenichi for wavering from the battle to care about his opponent but Kenichi replies that much like Kajima he also has his beliefs. Everyone is surprised as Kenichi lets his guard down and takes the Kai Shinogidachi directly, declaring that he is of the Katsujinken.

Kajima slams Kenichi against a wall and the wall begins to break as if hit by a powerful force; Kajima notices that Kenichi allowed Kai Shinogidachi to pierce through him and diffused all the ki to the wall behind him. Kenichi puts his hands forward to prepare his Mubyōshi stance and he attacks Kajima with Ryūsui Mubyōshi, finally defeating Kajima in their death match.

Just as he wins his fight, Senzui's and Saiga's death match reaches its end as both masters are seriously injured. After Senzui uses the remote detonator to launch the missile, Kenichi watches as the missile is launched as he shouts for them to stop it. Just then, the Elder shows up and destroys the missile in the air as it explodes with the Elder as Kenichi screams his name. In the end, Yami is finally defeated, ending the war. Shortly afterwards, much to Kenichi and his allies joy, the Elder is revealed to be alive and well.


Later, Kenichi begins joining Miu and her grandfather on their world journeys to bring peace. His novel about his adventures with Ryōzanpaku wins an award. Years later, finally becoming a master himself, Kenichi ultimately marries Miu and the two have a daughter together.

Battle Log

Past Battles

  • vs. Ryūto Asamiya (lost, gave Ryūto the victory after defeating him)
  • vs. Bullies (undecided, bullies ran away when he showed tenacity)

Ragnarök Arc

Members of YOMI

Expert Class Fighters

  • vs. Meatman (undecided)
  • vs. Tsutomu Tanaka (won, but only because he could land a short blow and The Elder blocked the last attack)
  • with Miu and Li Raichi vs Meatman] (undecided)
  • with Miu] vs Pengulu Sankan (won)

Master Class Fighters

Grand Master Class Fighters]

  • vs. Isshinsai Ogata (interrupted by Ryūto Asamiya)
  • with Ryūto vs. Isshinsai Ogata (interrupted by Tsutomu Tanaka)

Legendary Master Class Fighters

  • with Miu vs. Garyū X (Garyū X forfeit)

Other Battles

  • vs. Alan Subishi (won)
  • vs. Naoki Yamamoto round 1 and 2 (both lost)
  • vs. Naoki Yamamoto round 3 (won)
  • vs. several underground fighters (won)
  • vs. 4 Russian Solders (won)
  • vs. 7 members of the Karate Club using muay thai moves (won)
  • vs. unnamed weapon user (won)
  • vs. Raden Tidat Jihan's bodyguards (won)
  • vs. Three Headed Dragon Team (won)
  • with Shio Sakaki vs. Kiyūkai Dojo disciples (won)
  • with Shigure Kōsaka vs. many weapon users (won)
  • with Boris Ivanov vs. Russian soldiers (won)
  • with Boris Ivanov vs. Lt. Girgins (won)
  • with Miu and Raichi Li vs. guards (won)
  • with Miu, Takeda, Ukita, Siegfried, Kisara and Thor vs. weapons user guards (won)
  • with Danki Kugatachi vs. Bantou Master and weapons subordinates (won)
  • with Agaard (immobile) and Apachai (heavily wounded) vs. Bantou Master (won)
  • with Miu vs. weapon priests (won)
  • with Miu vs many weapon users (won)
  • with Miu, Takeda, Thor, Kisara, Ukita, Chikage, Freya and Siegfried vs. Seiji Ishida(interrupted by Sakaki)
  • with Miu vs. Seta and Hayami (won)

Sparring Matches

  • vs. Miu Fūrinji (lost, every time)
  • vs. Shinnosuke Tsuji round 3 (lost)
  • vs. Ikki Takeda round two (won)
  • with Siegfried, Takeda, Ukita and Kisara vs The Valkyries (interrupted by Thor)


  • The name Kenichi means "and" (兼) (ken) and "one" (一) (ichi).
  • Kenichi's surname Shirahama means "white" (白) (shira) and "beach, seashore" (浜) (hama).


  • Though he's not a master (until the end of the series), Kenichi has defeated more opponents than any other character in the series. At the end of the story, Kenichi is revealed to have become a master and married Miu, implying that he was finally able to defeat the Elder in combat.
  • Though Kenichi didn't have friends at the beginning of the series, since defeating Ragnarök and meeting Miu, he's gained several friends. Ironically, most of his friends he made are former enemies.
  • His nickname from Chikage before she befriended him was "band aid".
  • As a child, he was called "Shindou", meaning shaking.
  • He is a bookworm and aspires to become a novelist.
  • He once used one of Niijima's techniques to escape the hellish training of Ryōzanpaku masters.
  • He is one of three disciples that fight in the Underground Fighting Ring.
  • He is the first character to have died and then brought back to life, the second being Apachai.
  • Kenichi has four girls that are in love with him, that being Miu, Renka, Raichi and Izumi. This makes him considered the most popular with women more than any other character. Interestingly, he was never popular with girls his age until after his continuous training and his continuous efforts to protect his loved ones that caused him to have gained their affection towards him.
  • Although he dislikes using weapons and never uses them during his fights, he still trains with Shigure to learn how to properly use them and how to fight against them. Despite this training, he is still shown to still be afraid of weapons, although this fear dies down as the series progresses.
  • It is stated that he officially died twice. Once was during training, but was resuscitated by Akisame Kōetsuji through CPR.
  • Despite his ongoing infatuation and love for Miu Fūrinji, their relationship was unclear for most of the series beyond friendship, especially with Hayato Fūrinji's excessive protection of Miu. It was not until receiving a kiss on his cheek from Miu that their relationship showed actual development.
  • Kenichi's book collection consist of over 5,000 volumes. The official guidebook lists of few of the titles: "Special Moves made so easy that even a monkey could understand", "Never be late again after you read this", "The Book of Making 100 Friends", "The 10 Laws of Becoming Popular", "100 rules to follow when you befriend an alien", "How to become a hero without getting injured", "100 Rules of attracting a girl's affection", "Speaking skills for clearing up false rumors", "The Lives of the World's Karake Fighters", "You too can become Bruce Lee!!", "~What about the love between you and the girl you like?~ 108 abosulutely correct love oracles", "Surefire ways to make your girlfriend's family like you", "Survival during threats! These are the plants you can eat!!", "How to walk when you want to avoid delinquents", "300 proverbs you will need when you are discouraged.".[2]
  • Kenichi inherited his mother's gentle character, but looks-wise he takes after his father. It is not quite obvious now, but as he grows older he will come to resemble his father.[3]
  • Several characters have noted how Kenichi reminds them of the Elder, including but not limited to: Saiga Furinji (stated at the end of the series), Silkwat Jenazad (during his fight with brainwashed Miu),and even the Elder himself (after saving Honoka from sharks).



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