The Kitsukawa Style is a hybrid martial art that Shōgo Kitsukawa, also known as Berserker created. Unlike most disciples of Ogata Isshinsai who learned his Ancient Martial Arts, Shōgo stayed true to his beliefs and instead of learning actual forms and techniques, he instead enhanced his natural Street Fighting through using the training exercises of ancient martial art that Ogata taught him thus strengenthing his movements and combat instincts.

By doing this, Shōgo surpassed the limits of a normal street fighter, which Asuka Akatsuki known as Lugh said would end up being his own fighting style. Miu Fūrinji has explained that him creating his Kitsukawa Style is the same method that her grandfather invented his Fūrinji Style. Despite being a Dou Fighter and never learning it, Shōgo was able to invent his variation of Seikūken through using instincts alone.


  • Seikūken: Shōgo devised a personal method of Seikūken using instincts alone, where he creates a small yet powerful variation of the technique by bending his elbows and his hands tucked into his pockets. This was powerful enough to negate the Seikūken of Kenichi Shirahama a natural Sei-Type Fighter much more experienced in using the technique, the latter described this as an ingenious move as it makes him able to attack while at the same time using Seikuken to defend.
  • Berserker Mode: Due to him honing his movement and combat instincts, he also improved his Berserker Mode to where he could defeat a Master, Sōgaku Chin using a combined attack alongside Ryūto Asamiya and Natsu Tanimoto.
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