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Kurando Yakabe is a character that only appears in the OVA of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi.


Kurando is a tall and well-built young man with medium length scraggy black hair and has a dark headband tied around his forehead and lets his bangs fall past his face. He wears a dark blue like vest with a tight dark armor underneath and dark gloves. He wears dark green camo pants and boots for battle.

Yakabe Kurando anime OVA episode 1


Kurando is a serious individual. He doesn't seem to think much of his name and refers to himself and his partner Tsukasa as pawns of their master and that their names are not necessary. In battle he's brutal, going as far as to attack Kenichi's sister Honoka from annoying him with a rubber mallet (though he didn't really hurt her very much and just threw her into a bush just to stay out of the way, hinting a moral side). However, unlike Tsukasa, Kurando has honor, as he complemented Kenichi's skills after their fight and even said that his name is a very nice one and thanked him and Miu for letting him and Tsukasa go. He also cares a great deal for his partner Tsukasa, as he was worried over her well-being when she was defeated, hinting he may have feelings for her.

Plot Overview[]

Kurando was first seen with Tsukasa taking out several fighters with Shō Kanō witnessing the event for their introduction towards YOMI. The two later follow Miu and Kenichi on their shopping trip and when they arrive at the train cross section, they engage in combat with Tsukasa attacking Kenichi. He switches with Miu to fight her due to his no hitting women policy and Kurando takes on Kenichi. As he starts gaining the upper hand, Honoka interrupts and (comically) hits him with a rubber mallet and he tosses her into the bushes. Kenichi gets angry and punches his fist causing it to bleed, shocking him. They continue to fight inside the train's area while they cross. He notes how he's a different person from before and when Kenichi uses his Mubyōshi he's defeated. He worries over Tsukasa as she's defeated. When Kenichi and Miu decide to let the two go, Kurando carries an unconscious Tsukasa away and they leave and thanks them for their compassion stating that Kenichi has a very kind name.


Kurando is a fairly strong fighter keeping Kenichi on the defense for the beginning of the fight.



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