The Kuremisago Clan (暗鶚衆, lit. Dark Osprey Clan) bore a likeness to past ninja villages, arranging for two physically superior people to marry so that the mother could give birth to children that were suited to martial arts. During times of war, just one of the Kuremisago is worth just as much as several army divisions due to its purity of martial arts and excellent lineage.

It was said to have been continuing unbelievable actions to the present day. Rumors state that the changes of times are brought about by the Kuremisago.

The paramount objective of the Kuremisago Tribe was to match up people with the best genes. Just as time passed they even slowly began to accept love marriages even with normal people.

However, Shizuha's tribe would not permit her marriage with Saiga despite both his martial arts ability and his lineage because they regarded her as a religious symbol and feared to place her in the hands of someone too powerful. The Kuremisago split into two over this dispute, some siding with Saiga and wishing to put an end to the traditions of their clan, others opposing him to protect their traditions. The Kuremisago scattered around the world were sent to do battle against one another. Their bloody disputes never appeared on the surface but were constantly in the underground world. Said battles may even explain the emptiness of the Kuremisago village that Kenichi and Miu visited.

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