List of LocationsEdit

Kōryō High School Edit

Koryou High School is the central setting of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi. It is the typical Japanese High School, divided into three grades and many classrooms per grade. It houses a gymnasium, outdoor volleyball courts, a physics room, several classrooms, a storage room, and a rooftop area that has been closed since Kenichi's fight with Ikki Takeda..


Ryōzanpaku is home to elite fighters, who each specialize in different styles of martial arts. Masters Of Ryozanpaku. this is also the place where the main character kenichi trains.The dojo is famous for its powerful members and is often challenged by other dojos or single fighters. Due to this, Ryōzanpaku charges its challengers and actually has a waiting list, causing Kenichi to call them 'Dojo hunters'.

Desperate Fight of Disciples (DofD)Edit

A tournament held by Fortuna on his private island with 16 teams consisting of members under 20. Hayato Furinji snuck in as Garyuu X and pretended to be 20. The tournament served as entertainment for crime bosses and for Fortuna to find people with talent so that he could take them as his "children".


Yami (闇) is a worldwide organization of martial artists who use their skills to gain power. Yami was created after WWII to keep the old arts alive because many martial artists died during the war. This will come in OVA of Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi in detail.

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