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Makoto Himeno (姫野 真琴 Himeno Makoto) is a second year student at Kōryō High School who is a member of the kendo club and a friend of Yūka Izumi.


Ragnarok Saga[]

The Three Man Squad of Valkyrie Arc

YOMI/Yami Saga[]

Yomi in School Arc

  • Makoto is seen later when the second term starts and tells Yūka Izumi that Kenichi Shirahama had already left when she tried to ask him out. She is also at the sports festival and is on the white team with Izumi, Miu Fūrinji, Kenichi and all of the Shinpaku Alliance members. When the school second year's went camping she was shocked that Izumi was not with Kenichi's group.


  • The name Makoto means "real, genuine" (真) (mi) and "Japanese harp" (琴) (koto).
  • Makoto's surname Himeno means "princess" (姫) (hime) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).