A master is a powerful martial artist that is far more powerful than a regular person, Disciple, Expert, and Low Class Master who, as the name suggest, is a master at their respective martial art. As master class can be applied to anyone who has mastered their martial arts, many masters tend to vary greatly in strength. For example, the Elder who can easily defeat another master class fighter with one move. Having mastered their own martial arts, they often take in disciples in order to pass down their Style and Techniques. The Elder has stated that the master class is something that is not meant to be climbed up to, but fall in to. He also states that in battle, it is fitting for the master to die for before his or her disciple, even stating that it was a sacred duty for all master to die before their disciple(s). Masters are commonly shown exerting inhuman feats of strength and Speed at a far greater level than those of an Disciple and Expert. Both the elder and Sakaki have shown some skill at manipulating the positions of their own organs.

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