A very large and arrogant luchador (lucha libre wrestler), shown where he believed he could survive the bomb,

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Meatman is a very large and fat, yet muscular man with long curly hair and wears a tipical lucha libre outfit and mask. He's about twice the height of Kenichi.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Meatman is a arrogant and cocky fighter. He believes whatever his master Diego does is right. He enjoys fighting and makes it a game to have fun and, like most Luchadors, he tries to show off as much as he can. He does not care about all the lives that would die from the explosion and believed he would live thanks to his master.

Plot Overview[edit | edit source]

Master-Disciple Tag Match Arc[edit | edit source]

Meatman is a fighter who is affiliated with Diego Carlo. He is an assistant instructor in that style. Not a member of YOMI he has said that Castor (Rachel Stanley) is Diego Carlo's representative in YOMI and the one who will take the title of "Steel" and become one of the Nine Fists. He said that he does not have the potential to become a master, and that some people are "given more" than others in that regard. Miu then stated that Ryozanpaku does not comply with this.

When Kenichi, Miu and Li Raichi tried to defuse the bomb on the ship the Meatman would try to stop them and the three would face him only for them to be no match. Miu would go off to stop the bomb and Raichi went to check on the citizens while Kenichi held him back as long as he could. Once the Elder arrived near the time on the bomb about to go off was the Meatman defeated with one blow.

The Eternal Sunset Arc[edit | edit source]

Meatman is later seen with Diego filming his master take on Yami soldiers.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Befitting his large build, the Meatman is very powerful. Even the combined efforts of Miu, Kenichi and Raichi did they only give him little damage due to his fat figure. Only after the Elder arrived was he defeated.

Battle Log[edit | edit source]

Vs Kenichi Shirahama, Miu Furinji and Li Raichi (undecided)

Vs Hayato Furinji (lost)

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