One of the most practical methods to use one's body, it uses both hands for offense and defense. Most karate stance keep their inactive hand "the hand of death" at their waist for defense. This however takes longer to attack but with meotude the opponent sees the front attack and in less than a second the second hand delivers an attack that makes them cough blood.

Meotoude is a way of moving both of your fists at the same time without separating them. This technique involves both hands to attack and defend. The front hand is used to fend off any incoming attacks, as well as to attack. The back hand is also used for defense, and it is used as the surprise attack.

In his battle against Kenichi and Miu during the DofD Tournament, the elder (disguised as Garyu X) was fast enough to use a "single-handed meotoude". This contradiction is soon pointed out by Sakaki, who stated that it "wouldn't be a meotoude" anymore because it involved only one hand.

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