This Unnamed Girl is the Disciple of Mildred Lawrence.


She wears an outfit similar to her master and also looks like her master with light colored hair and is full figured with big breast's and rounded hips. Her eyes look like they have crosshairs in them.


Like the rest of Yomi's Armed Division that have a hated of the Unarmed.


She is very skill like her master with the Bow and Arrow. She can fire up to five arrows at once.


Yami/YOMI SagaEdit

The Eternal Sunset ArcEdit

She appears with the other Yomi disciples training for the coming battle with the Katsujin-ken and starts to get into a fight with the unarmed Yomi. She
  • Mildred's Disciple shooting
  • Armed Yomi Mildred's disciple top right
  • Armed and Unarmed Yomi
  • Mildred's Disciple Training
was later seen gathered by Kajima Satomi for battle. She was later seen with the rest of YOMI (minus Kajima) facing the Shinpaku Alliance. She then shoots two arrows, disarming and injuring a government soldier. The Shinpaku Alliance takes cover behind rocks to guard against the long-range attacks as the disciples of Yami jump down and prepare to attack. After Kenichi, Miu and Niijima escape, she and the other disciples charge the Shinpaku Alliance.

As the battle progresses, the disciple fires arrows as Siegfried as he is able to deflect them back to her. Later Kisara is able to deflect the arrows from Mildred's disciple but takes a direct hit from Siegmarigen's scythe.

Once she and the others are at the disadvantage, she and the other armed disciples work together as they fight the Shinpaku and YOMI forces as Chin Sougaku (crescent moon spade) and Ortal Sin (jamadhar).