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Miu Fūrinji (風林寺 美羽 Fūrinji Miu) is the main female protagonist of the series. She is a descendant of both the Fūrinji Clan and the Kuremisago Clan (which are both considered to be infamous tribes of martial artists who were known for their physical superiority), the daughter of Saiga Fūrinji and Shizuha Fūrinji and a disciple/member of The Ryōzanpaku who was formerly in The School of Shouchiku Gakuen before she transferred to Kōryō High School in class 1-E where she met Kenichi Shirahama and a mutual love interest with him began.

At the conclusion of the series, Miu became the wife of Kenichi where she is now Miu Shirahama (白浜 美羽 Shirahama Miu).


Miu is a slender fair-skinned young teenage girl of average height who is consistently viewed as very pretty and attractive with hip-length blonde hair that has short bangs, bright blue eyes and a beauty mark under her left eye. Despite being lean and athletically well-defined in musculature, her most noticeable physical trait is her surprisingly developed and curvaceous frame, especially for a teenage girl: In it, she sports very well-endowed breasts with a slim waist, flared hips, firm round buttocks and shapely legs.

Initially, she styled her hair so a few strands form a thick antenna-like bang hanging above face. Also, she would wear non-corrective glasses and braid her hair at school in an attempt to look plainer and blend in with people. However, when Chikage Kushinada accuses her of not being true to herself, Miu discards her glasses and let her hair, including her bangs, flow freely. When at home, she is usually seen in a purple-spandex outfit and other various articles of clothing (including a yellow apron) over her outfit. She also constantly wears two red hair-clips, one that flips to reveal a small blade and the other a lock-pick, which were gifts from her mother. On occasion, she would also wear her purple spandex under a coverall like a sweater for casual wear.

When brainwashed into Bulu, her hair becomes rather unruly and her eyes are emotionless. During this time, she wears a light blue, one-piece Tidat outfit, without any undergarments along with a light hat and leg guards, while the feet are left bare. The outfit is completed by a bird mask with a long beak and feathers on top to conceal her face.


Despite her arduous past and her numerous chores, Miu is a very upbeat and cheerful girl who has constantly shown herself as kind-hearted, gentle and polite, always caring for other people and helping in their needs. Unfortunately in contrast to her gentle nature, Miu's intense training from her grandfather has conditioned her to by instinct throw people who sneak up behind her; a trait that her grandfather claims to be unintentional on her part, which is something of a running gag of the series.

She is arguably the only one who worries about Ryōzanpaku's financial situation and as such, she can become quite fierce when monetary issues are brought up (so much so that her own grandfather was afraid of the idea of her finding out he spent 100,000 yen). When her fears are finally realized and Ryōzanpaku becomes bankrupt, she becomes determined to push the masters to teach little children in an attempt to gain some income, even intimidating Shio Sakaki into helping despite his protest he doesn't teach kids. Miu's worries about finances can, at times, come across as being greedy; shamelessly asking Kenichi Shirahama to sell the gold medals he received from defeating YOMI members, flabbergasted at Akisame Kōetsuji's refusal to sell a statue he carved for a high sum of money, and immediately deciding to pilfer Rimi Kokorone's pure gold shoes after defeating her, considering them the "spoils of war".

Despite her drive and passion, she has low self-esteem when it comes to social interaction. Growing up with never making any friends, due to her constant traveling and training with her grandfather, Miu initially felt nervous in meeting people. To which, she truly cherishes each friendship does happen and gets very upset if she perceives them as angry at her. In her previous school, all the other girls were jealous of her high grades, athletic ability, and especially her looks. It is because of this that Miu attempted to moderate her appearance to be as plain as possible. Although she eventually discarded them after attempting to convince Chikage Kushinada to be true to herself only for Chikage to accuse Miu of not being true to herself as well, as Miu now appears as her natural self.

Despite being very intelligent in school and martial arts, Miu has shown a bit of a naive and thoughtless side, such as in certain situations, she notices minor things despite how serious the situation is. Such as when she and Kenichi were on Diego Carlo's ship and there was a bomb, Miu just noted how pretty the view from the ship. Possibly due to her grandfather's continuous training all her life, her constant travels, and life-threatening situations keeping her from doing normal girl things, Miu has a very childlike personality when it comes to events that she's always wanted to do, such as wanting to ride a merry-go-round. Her childishness is shown when she went to the aquarium for the first time, she completely forgot she was supposed to look for Kenichi and instead focused on all the fish and acted very excited and childish.

Like Kisara Nanjō, Miu loves cats such as playing with Renka Ma's hair as it makes her look like a cat and wears the badge of a cat that Kenichi gave her when they were little. She constantly plays with cats any chance she can get and acts in a very silly and lovable manner towards any kind of cats or people with cat-like features, which tends to be a running gag of the series, especially with Renka's hair. Her love for the cat goes overboard when she is feeling lonely (because Kenichi isn't there).

Despite her kind and friendly nature, when angered, Miu is surprisingly terrifying. Such as whenever her friends are hurt, Miu enters a berserker mode and can't seem to control herself and attacks in a blind rage. Words don't seem to reach her and only by incapacitating her or, as shown with Kenichi, groping her breasts seem to help her regain her senses. Kenichi refers to this side of her as "her other personality" that comes out when she loses control of herself. Kenichi noted Miu fears this side of her and tries to suppress it due to her fear of hurting someone. .

Miu is a romantic at heart, as she noticed how Kōzō Ukita, Kisara and Freya were in a "love Triangle" as she puts it and acts very energetic in regards to romance or people in a relationship. However, she herself is very flustered and shy when it comes to her romantic life and her feelings for Kenichi. Miu truly treasures the friendships she has made, especially with Kenichi greatly, but seems oblivious to his true feelings for her. She has, however, repeatedly hinted deeper feelings for him, such as getting embarrassed and flustered when they are called a couple, not being able to understand the relief she feels when Kenichi refuses to go to China with Renka and even more, becoming jealous and rather possessive of him whenever another girl shows affection for him. She was also very happy and blushed when she heard Kenichi talk about how much he cares for her. After Kenichi saves her life on the school ski trip, she becomes much more open and physically receptive to him, tearfully hug and thank him for saving her and staying alive. Every time Kenichi is left severely injured or returns even safely from a dangerous mission, she's always hugging him admitting how glad she is that he's alright. Eventually, Miu began realizing her own feelings for him, going as far as kissing him on the cheek. While they didn't get to discuss the matter any further, several people at school have since noticed Miu being more cheerful and energetic, as well as more eager to be around Kenichi. As stated by Jenazard's observations of her around him even under his control, Miu's feelings for Kenichi have developed even further and have fallen in love with Kenichi. Miu has even stated she does not mind dying for Kenichi so he can live and placed his hand on her heart stating she has the utmost faith in his ability to protect her.

Throughout her entire life, Miu has always wanted the answer to one question: who are her parents. Having lost her mother as an infant and her father missing, Miu grew up in the Elder's care while questioning about her family. Although Miu never receives her answers from her grandfather or the other masters, she gradually begins to suspect who her father really is. Her desire to learn about her father was so great she was willing to leave with Shō Kanō to Yami to get the answers she wanted. The Elder seems to be hesitant to tell her about her father, mentioning to himself it's a path she must follow herself. Once she finally learned who her father was, Miu expressed little surprise, realizing he may have killed her mother. Once Miu finally met her father for the first time, Miu, though overwhelmed at this, did attempt to embrace him. However, after hearing her father tell her that he was the one that killed her mother Miu flew into a rage and she attacked him with enormous Killing Intent. It would later be revealed that her father was framed and the real murderer was Senzui, the head of the Kuremisago clan. Learning the truth, Miu finally found peace seeing that her father always loved her with all his heart and happily accepted him in her family again.


While still a newborn, her mother passed in battle in order to protect her from Senzui. Miu's mother buried her lightly under snow with an air-hole. Fortunately, she was found in time by Hayato Fūrinji and had since then been in her grandfather's care. It was in these early years of her life that Miu learned martial arts from her grandfather which she showed a prodigious talent for the Martial Arts and also accompanied him on his missions to bring about peace to the World. As she comes for both Fūrinji Clan and Kuremisago Clan is where her prodigious comes from. Apparently, when a six-year-old Miu and her grandfather passed through Kenichi's old neighborhood. Where she inspired both Ryūto Asamiya and Kenichi Shirahama to become stronger after they witness her beat three thugs. Shortly before the fight, Kenichi exchanges her Yin Yang badge with his cat badge, something that she still treasures to this day. Although Kenichi initially did not remember their first meeting, Miu had suspected who he was from their first encounter in the series. When she first met Shō Kanō, he had her come with him to know more about her father but was stopped by Kenichi. The Elder said that Miu had a trauma that seems to involve the winter and her parents. At some point, she was lost a sea waiting for her grandfather to find her.

Before Miu transferred to Kōryō High School, she attended a school that was apparently quite famous but didn't fit in because all the girls in the school were jealous of her high grades, athletic ability, and especially her looks. It is because of this that Miu attempted to moderate her appearance by fashioning her hair into a plain-looking braid and began to wear glasses.


Despite Miu's gentle nature, she has consistently proven herself to be a very strong and talented fighter nearing Expert-level. Kenichi Shirahama has never once been able to hit her in a sparring match (although his vow to never hit women much less Miu may contribute to this, as well as his unwillingness to fight unless to protect others). Even after Kenichi defeated various YOMI disciples, she has revealed to only begin to spar seriously with Kenichi. Even more so, Silkwat Jenazad, a master of Yami known for having exceedingly high standards for accepting students, was greatly eager to make Miu his disciple. Since her training under Jenazard, Kensei has noted that her skills have increased greatly to the point that even when she tries to hold back, she can take out most people with little effort.

  • Hybrid Martial Artist: Miu's training in martial arts does not seem to focus on any single discipline, nor is her style completely known, outside of it being her family's developed style, because of this she is classified as a hybrid martial artist. While her fighting style is mostly fluid with aerial and kicking-based attacks, Miu has shown proficiency in jabs, takedowns, throws, body-locks, counter strikes, and so on. Miu has also used her skills in gymnastics as a focus point in her style, often using the flexibility she has gained from gymnastics to perform movements and contort into positions that not only makes her a difficult opponent to catch but allows her to attack in ways that take advantage of her flexibility and unique fighting style at the same time. Miu's overall flexibility and fluid agility in her fighting style areas such that many observers describe her as "being like a feather that can slice through the wind" and a bird soaring through the sky. Her style of combat also is more unorthodox, regularly able to adapt to any situation, and use any item or part of the battlefield to her advantage. As a hybrid martial artist, Miu has knowledge of multiple fighting disciplines, as a result, she is able to use techniques from multiple martial arts styles simultaneously despite not having any singular training in those styles. During her time as Bulu, Miu was brainwashed and forced into learning the martial art style of Silkwat Jenazad, Supreme Silat. While unable to complete the training, she did manage to advance quickly and master the style's basic notions, adding those skills to her already extensive martial arts repertoire. As a descendant of the Kuremisago Clan, Miu has the ability to use the instinctive/defensive body style of the clan, but unlike the other descendants, she has no actual training, therefore she is only able to use a basic, makeshift version of the style.
  • Innate Talent: Born from two famously powerful bloodlines, Miu quickly showed herself a true prodigy; since young childhood, Miu has been able to quickly learn and improve at seemingly anything she puts her mind to. has repeatedly shown to be highly capable in a large variety of areas; far more than one would expect of a teenager still in high school. Even then, she was able to fight off several full-grown men with relative ease. Furthermore, in just one week, she perfectly mastered the basics of Pencak Silat and several of its techniques, becoming able to easily defeat multiple highly skilled fighters purely with Pencak Silat. In addition to her natural aptitude for martial arts, she also excels in all forms of sports and has also taught herself a number of household skills to help make her home better maintained.
  • Keen Intellect: Miu has regularly shown intelligence and instincts much keener than her looks and demeanor would suggest. Even with the constant training she undergoes and chores at home, Miu has maintained a perfect academic score. Outside of basic school studies, Miu has shown highly honed battle instincts and cunning from experiencing countless fights and extensive training by her grandfather since early childhood. Miu is able to quickly comprehend the situation of a battle to quickly decide on the proper method to handle it. Having trained and learned extensively from her grandfather, Miu has accumulated an extensive and detailed understanding of combat in its various forms. She is also highly perceptive; simply from observing her opponent's body stance or physical-build, she can deduce the nature of her opponent's fighting style.
  • Great Physical Prowess: Miu's constant training has pushed her body to the peak of physical condition, well beyond what her feminine build would suggest. She is a highly accomplished gymnast and acrobat, making her the ace of her gymnastics club since day one and which she uses to her advantage in battle. She possesses seemingly inhuman flexibility and dexterity, able to contort herself to effortlessly maneuver through most terrains. Her agility and balance also border on impossible. Repeatedly, she is shown able to nimbly scale any obstacle, jump across town from rooftop to rooftop, never losing control, and being able to effortlessly shift her body position even in mid-air.
    • Enhanced Strength: While certainly not the most intimidating in appearance, Miu has also shown deceptive raw strength, able to easily break apart a punching pole rooting in the ground and send it soaring. In battle, Miu is seen regularly holding back a considerable amount of strength, as she wishes to avoid injuring her much weaker opponents as much as possible. Her strength from Silkwat Jenazad's training has grown to the point that now she can cause heavy injuries even when she tries to hold back.
    • Immense Speed: One of Miu's most noticeable battle traits is her speed, able to react against incoming threats at a moment's notice, dodge unscathed, disarm her opponents without their noticing, and maneuver as if disappearing from unfocused eyes. Even against master class fighters, Miu is able to follow their movements to just avoid damage. Her attacks are shown to be swift and accurate, able to take down weaker opponents in an instant. After her training from Silkwat Jenazad, her speed is great enough to now easily surpass Rimi's speed at her best while still considerably holding back, despite the latter claiming she's gotten much stronger since last time.
    • Enhanced Endurance: Despite her slender and womanly frame, Miu has constantly shown to have a strong amount of stamina. Such instances have been shown when she was kicked in the side by Boris Ivanov multiple times and only sustained a minor rib fracture and even a kick from Christopher Eclair only sent her backward. Even after having taken numerous blows from Rimi Kokorone in their third fight, several of which caused Miu to lose blood and possibly break some bones, Miu was still able to fight with considerable strength. After taking even further damage from Rimi while she was using Seidō Gōitsu, Miu was able to stay conscious and even attempt to attack Isshinsai Ogata and even managed to survive a strike from S-class master, although the damage knocked her out.
  • Immense Dou Ki: Despite her young age, Miu has been noted to have a very high level of Dou Ki and is capable of having a powerful aura around her when she lets her emotions get the better of her. Such as when Shō Kanō tried to kill her friends, she lost control of herself and her Dou Ki caused her to enter a Berserker Mode, attacking everyone around her allies or enemies and is unable to control herself unless someone is able to calm her down. The Elder claims because of her high Dou Ki, she is capable of inflicting great pain to those around her should she lose control of herself. Since her training under Silkwat Jenazad, any small fluctuation on her emotions causes her to lose control and she can cause heavy injuries even when trying to hold back. After her training with Kensei Ma and Akisame Kōetsuji, Miu now finally has gained some control over her Ki and can use it effectively in battle without it controlling her. However, should she use it for too long and lose control of her emotions again, her Ki would take control of her again. Kenichi Shirahama states when she loses control, she becomes the "other personality" Jenazard made when training her. Once Kenichi told her not to be afraid of her Ki and he'd be there for her, Miu seems to have finally mastered her Ki, having no longer has a berserker like look in her eyes when fighting and seems to be in control. The peak of her control was when Miu was able to defeat 2 Kuremisago fighters with her Dou Ki while in control, though she was exhausted afterward. However, if her anger gets the better of her, she is capable of losing control again, such as when Senzui told her he killed her mother.
  • Expert Spy: Having assisted her grandfather on missions for years, Miu has developed considerable skill in espionage. She can skillfully enter any stronghold undetected, pick locks, hide necessary accessories of person and disarm bombs.
  • Killing Intent: Thanks to The Demon God Fist training her Killing Intent has become even stronger than most people to the point now that she will kill someone if she loses control for her emotions and enters her berserker mode.
  • Anatomy Control: Unlike her grandfather who controls his entire body, Miu is only able to regulate the energy flow in her body. She is able to transfer energy at will, from her speed into her strength and vice-versa. Also, she is able to suppress her energy entirely to hide her presence from others.

Other Skills

  • Master Homemaker: While only a teenager, Miu excels in all areas of housekeeping. From sewing and laundry to cooking and cleaning, Miu has shown expert skills in each of them. She has become somewhat famous for her culinary skills, able to prepare any kind of meal with great presentation and highly edible.

Ragnarök Saga

Introduction Arc

Miu first met Kenichi Shirahama after throwing over her shoulder when he touched her from behind. Due to them being late, they had to stand out of class. Miu offered to be his friend since she doesn't have any friends. She became very happy that he wanted to be friends with her, making Kenichi her very first friend. When Kenichi saw some thugs try to harass her, he jumped in to protect her only to land one weak punch. However, Miu defeated the thugs with little effort and decided to take Kenichi to Ryōzanpaku so he can learn martial arts and protect the people closest to him.

Valkyrie arc

During his time there, Miu would be the one who worries over his condition more than others due to the masters' crazy training methods, occasionally becoming horrified when he's left half-dead at the end of training or from his near-death experience from Apachai Hopachai. When Kenichi Shirahama was forced to fight Ikki Takeda, Miu and Kenichi would have lunch together in hiding till Kenichi was strong enough to defeat him. After Miu saw Kenichi on the side of the roof of the school about to fall off with Takeda, Miu rushed over to save them and when she saw Kenichi unconscious and Takeda and Kōzō Ukita over him, she became enraged believing they beat him up and brutally pounded the two of them (although Miu didn't really apologize afterward due to the trouble they caused Kenichi in school). In order to protect Kenichi from Kisara Nanjō of the Eight Fists (due to the former not wanting to fight the latter), Miu fought in his place and easily defeated her. When Miu got a part in a play and was supposed to kiss someone in it, Kisara wanted to ruin the play, Kenichi stopped her and kept the play on. However, Miu didn't kiss him and thanked Kenichi for what he did for her. She would occasionally help Kenichi when Ragnarök would want to fight him and watch his fights or keep others from interfering.

Relations Arc

When Renka Ma (Kensei Ma's daughter) showed up to take Kenichi Shirahama back to her country, Miu becomes extremely jealous but Kenichi declines to make Miu relieved. Both would continue to fight over Kenichi's attention, revealing Miu developing feelings for Kenichi. Miu eventually becomes friends with Renka (due to her cat-like appearance and her love for cats). When they all go to the pool, some thugs try to embarrass Miu and Kenichi would step in and defeat them. However, the thugs were actually just workers at Renka's uncle's shop and just wanted to take her home and Renka eventually went for her uncle's sake.

Betrayal Arc

When Miu and Kenichi Shirahama were walking home one day, they saw Kisara Nanjō tending to a cat and Miu stayed with her in the rain while Kenichi went to go and get an umbrella. Miu eventually becomes close friends with her cause of their love for cats. However, no one would take the cat and the two would be attacked by the Valkyrie's and Kisara tried to protect the cat, and even when Kenichi arrived to help, due to his "no-hit women" policy, they were in trouble. Luckily, Shigure showed up and easily defeated them with a wooden spoon and they ran away embarrassed due to their clothes having been torn. When the cat was adopted by a family and Kenichi was too late to tell her that he could keep it at their dojo, he decided to do all of her chores to apologize for it.

Final Clash arc

When Miu takes Kenichi Shirahama to the spot where they first met (when they were little and Kenichi doesn't remember at first), they meet Ryūto Asamiya, Kenichi's old childhood friend and leader of Ragnarök. She watches Kenichi fight and when he loses, Ryūto takes his Yin Yang badge and bends it and takes Kenichi's due to his belief it always belonged to him.

When Kenichi is taken by her grandfather to train in the mountains, Miu would hang out with Kisara Nanjō stating that she misses him. Kisara would tease Miu about her being a couple with Kenichi, causing her to get very flustered and trying to say that there just close friends. They both would fight the Valkyries and Kisara would fight Freya. After winning, Miu would watch Kenichi fight Ryūto with the masters having made a picnic. When Kenichi would use all the moves the masters use, she would be very surprised and amazed how well he's fighting. As he wins and is saved by the Elder, she first is very scarred that he may have been seriously hurt, but seeing him alright, she congratulates him and states she's glad he's alright.

Yami/Yomi Saga

Christopher Eclair Arc

After the defeat of Ragnarök, Kenichi Shirahama is informed by Miu that though he's become stronger, he must not become arrogant or he'll end up getting hurt in a fight if he underestimates his enemies. She tried to fight him to prove a point, but were interrupted by her classmates and left. They both went on a trip with Shio Sakaki to introduce Kenichi to the real world of martial arts and Christopher Éclair would kidnap Kenichi and Sakaki and Miu would save him. After Sakaki defeated Christopher and Miu and Kenichi defeated the lower enemies, they went home.

Spark Arc

With Raichi Li attacking the Shinpaku Alliance, Miu, Renka Ma and Kenichi Shirahama would go and help, and after Kenichi defeated her, her father arrived and devastated all of them, including Miu who was no match. They were saved by the other masters. When his masters tell him to quit Ryōzanpaku, Kenichi refuses due to him shouting he can't let nice people like Raichi Li go down the path of evil and wants to change that. The masters all state how proud they are of their disciple and state how wonderful it is to have Kenichi for him to be their disciple and Miu just smiled and slightly giggled and blushed on hearing Kenichi's words. That night, Miu came into Kenichi’s room and inviting him to come to visit her parents’ grave to make her feel calmer.

When Miu meets Shō Kanō, he falls for her at first sight and offers to tell her about her father if she comes with him, causing her to choose to go with him to get answers. However, after the attacks Kenichi and friends and Kenichi shouts for Miu not to leave and swears he'll protect her, she refuses to go with Shō, but not before he kisses her on the cheek before he leaves, much to Kenichi's anger and depression.

Snow Summit Arc

While on the school ski trip, Miu begins to remember her mother being killed and begins to blackout and develop a fever. When Kenichi Shirahama would go out to find her, he would run into Raden Tidat Jihan, member of Yomi, and where he held Miu for him. Kenichi would be able to get her out of there and leave her in a hiding place for safety, prompting Miu to beg Kenichi not to leave, believing he would die in the snowstorm just like her mother. When she's returned home, she at first screams out Kenichi's name only to be surprised she's back home and Kenichi is next to her changing her towels in bandages. Miu then tearfully hugs Kenichi, thanking him for saving her and for him being alive. However, Miu accidentally grabs his knife wound and passes out from the pain (though Kenichi still loved the moment regardless).

DofD Tournament Arc

At the D of D tournament, Miu fought with Kenichi Shirahama as Team Ryōzanpaku. Their first match was against the Three-Headed Dragon Team (sponsored by the Black Tiger, White Dragon Alliance) where she revealed her special move called 'Hyōi Kazekirihane', which resembles a bird. In their second match, they were paired against no other than the Elder (disguised as Garyuu X). During the fight, Elder would give both them advice on their fighting styles and how to defeat him, after a long fight, they crack his mask and he admits they passed and admits defeat. During the night, Shō Kanō would try to take Miu away again only this time with more force going as far as to attack Ikki Takeda, Thor and Freya leaving them heavily injured, causing Miu to lose control of her emotions and attack widely. Kenichi would try to calm her down and, embarrassed and apologizing to Miu in advance, groped her breasts (calling it a Ma Kensei move) to bring her back to her senses. It works and Miu slaps him silly cause of it and Shō leaves in anger over Kenichi interfering with "making Miu his". In Kenichi's fight with Shō, Shō tries to win her over saying he loves her and only he can protect her. Miu, somewhat taken by what he said, stated she already has someone who can protect her and states she can never love someone who hurts people. She then cries while screaming Kenichi's name and Kenichi rises up to fight Shō declaring he will defeat him for making Miu cry, surprising her. When Kenichi finally wins after a long fight, she tearfully hugs him. Just as she's about shot by the soldiers, Shō blocks the bullets and slowly dies from the blood loss, causing Kenichi to promise him to always protect Miu in his place. Both Kenichi and Miu mourn his death.

Yomi in School Arc

As the new students of her school are revealed to be Yomi members, Miu and the others are shocked. Miu then develops a rivalry and anger with Rachel Stanley when she tries to outclass her at everything and kissing Kenichi Shirahama on the cheek, much to Miu's anger, making her jealous. On their school camp trip, Miu and the Stanley siblings stop the Russian soldiers from attacking the students while Kenichi must fight Boris Ivanov.

She later meets another YOMI student not long after Boris left, named Chikage and, not wanting Kenichi to fight her, resolves to fight her herself. After having witnessed Chikage's more emotional side and her talk with Kenichi wanting to be her friend, Miu decides to talk with her to be her true self. While attempting to convince Chikage to be true to herself, Chikage Kushinada accused Miu of not being true to herself as well for her glasses and hairstyle, prompting her to point out how Miu's doing exactly the same thing she is, but far longer, leaving Miu surprised. After she leaves, Miu recalls all the time the other students in the past have noted how Miu always never tried to stand out, which has Miu realize Chikage is right and, after looking at Kenichi, realizes it's the cause of him she's come this far and made so many friends thanks to him. This conviction had Miu decide to show off her true beauty the next day, no longer wearing her hair braided nor wear fake glasses, prompting Chikage to be shocked and Kenichi to look at her proudly (while the male students ogle at her beauty).

It is revealed that she fights using the flow ofDou. Before Kenichi left with Shio Sakaki and Akisame Kōetsuji, they mentioned that Miu grew up witnessing fights between master martial artists which would explain why Kenichi can't seem to land a hit.

Master-Disciple Tag Match Arc

When Kenichi returns from his trip with Shigure, Miu runs up and hugs him, believing she'd never see him again, prompting Shigure to note how rude that was. Later, the Elder gives Kenichi his son's (Miu's father's) arm guards, stating the guards he got are his to keep, much to his surprise wondering if he and Miu are alright with that, which Miu happily states she's glad to give them to Kenichi, causing the development in their relationship together.

When Diego Carlo challenges Kenichi and Ma to a fight, Renka takes his place, causing Miu (who was eating with Kenichi at the time) and Kenichi to follow them to a ship. While there, they would reunite with Raichi Li and work together to defeat the Meatman and defuse the bomb on the ship. However, Miu messed up with the bomb, due to her losing her focus when Raichi asked if she and Kenichi were a couple causing her to get flustered. When Diego was defeated, everyone left and the bomb was deactivated.

Weapon Fighters Arc

When Freya and her grandfather Danki was kidnapped by the Yami weapons group, Miu and the other members of the Shinpaku Alliance go to rescue her with Shigure Kōsaka's assistance. As they all fight their own opponents with Shigure fighting Agaard Jum Sai on her own, Kenichi and Niijima went on their own on the truck were Freya and Danki were taken from. When Freya and Niijima escaped but Kenichi was taken and left severely injured by the Bantou Master, Miu was very worried and they left to find them. After Danki and Kenichi defeat the opponents at their location, Miu and the others arrive and hugs Kenichi admitting how glad she is that he's alright. After they went home, Kenichi was under house arrest for fighting a master opponent and Miu told him not to worry about it. She was then seen serving the other masters while they were celebrating Kenichi's progress and how proud they were for fighting a master class fighter and defending his friends, all of which Kenichi saw with Shigure helping him spy on them.

Okinawa Arc

She is later shown with Kenichi and the other masters during the invasion of the Okinawa Yami base, being the few to arrive at the top floor with Apachai Hopachai, Kenichi, and unexpectedly, Haruo Niijima Before Kenichi's fight with Tirawit, she escorts Niijima to the computer room to help Kōetsuji get information on Yami but heads back out when she gets a bad feeling about Kenichi and on the way defends herself from one of Yami's Bantou Master then meets up with Sakaki and meets with Kenichi saying she's glad he's alright.

Yami Transport Data Arc

When Ryōzanpaku's masters were framed by the Pro-Yami members of Congress and had to run away. She teamed up with Kenichi, Niijima, Takeda, Ukita, and Kisara to get the evidence to the government to clear the names of Ryōzanpaku's masters. She then had to fight Rimi Kokorone (who has speed that could outclass Miu) to get back the disc. She thought to have failed Thor broke the disc by accident, but Nijima revealed that it was a fake for Yami to leave them alone, annoying Miu and Thor. They fight Ishida after he reveals his true nature and he's defeated by Sakaki. After all the fighting, she is present when Freya visits a recovering Kenichi and intuitively discovers Freya's confirmed crush on Ukita. She now playfully hints toward this by making a triangle with her hands (representing the love triangle between Ukita, Kisara, and Freya) whenever talking about them.

After the incident, the time has passed and the masters have yet to return. Kenichi wounds have healed and he has been getting used to it being just him and Miu at the dojo he has also been doing the training regiment Akisame left form him but has been multiplying it, making Miu smile while blushing at him stating for some reason she feels really happy. When he and Miu arrive at school he asks Niijima about the status of things wondering when his masters will return. Kisara teases her and asks about the time alone she's had with Kenichi lately wondering if anything particular has happened, causing Miu to blush. When Kisara asked about her doing something with him special, Miu was flustered. As they return home, Miu brings him a cup of tea and he knocks it over in the air by accident, he and Miu both react and quickly grab it before it hits the floor and ends up holding hands while grabbing the cup. Both blushing too embarrassed to let go they hold hands for a minute. Later that night, Miu was on the roof the same part where he and Miu have always had important talks in the past. Kenichi tells Miu that there is an emotion that he wants to put in words but, wants to save it until he is able to protect her. And tells her that he only wants to say that he has this feeling and asks if it is a cowardly thing to do. Miu tells him it isn't and if he says it like that until now without words but with the action, he has shown her how he feels and she kisses him on the cheek. All of the masters suddenly return surprising them both and scared by the Elder having seen everything. Apachai says he didn't see anything and the elder tells him if he wants to be with Miu he has to defeat him first. He says he knows that very well and begins training with Akisame. And that night became "The night that did not happen" in Ryōzanpaku. Since then, Miu has been under surveillance away from Kenichi. However, others have noted how much more cheerful and energetic she is and happy around Kenichi.

Sakaki and Hongō Arc

Due to an inquest from Kenichi, the elder revealed to her that her father is still alive. As it turns out, Miu (on her mother's side) and YOMI's late former leader, Shō Kanō, are of the same tribal lineage, the Kuremisago. This explains Shō's love-at-first-sight encounter with Miu in the past. The Kuremisago tribe customarily arranged marital bonds between men and women of their own tribe in order to create the perfect offspring and keep the bloodline pure so to speak. The love between Miu's mother and Saiga Fūrinji, peace-loving at the time, caused division within the tribe. Those opposed to the union, and their allies, fought against the couple and those who supported them. However, Saiga, who held back from killing during fights then, changed and began to believe that blood must be shed for the greater good. Eventually, he killed his wife, Miu's mother, along with all the fighters in the village before his father, the elder, could stop him. A Yomi member also refers to him as the leader of "One Shadow Nine Fists," specifically the "One Shadow." Without showing any indication of anger or sadness, Miu accepts her past with strong resolve.

She then accompanied Kenichi to watch the fight between Sakaki and Hongō. During this fight, she recognizes that Kenichi has surpasses her own "sight," that is, the ability to observe one's opponent. Although the context, in this case, was referring to a fight in which neither Kenichi nor Miu took part, it can be inferred that from this point, Kenichi may be able to read his own opponent now better than Miu can read her own. However, she decides to not stay behind and keeps watching. When an unconscious Hongō (mistaking it for someone else) delivers a devastating blow to Kenichi and presumably kills him, she loses control of her emotions and goes to attack Hongō in anger much to the delight of the culprit, Silkwat Jenazad. She then quickly discovers that it was Jenazard, who was nearby, who launched that massive amount of killing intent behind Hongō, triggering the knee-jerk attack on Kenichi. She then rushes to attack him, landing on an electrified fence but remaining unfazed due to her anger. Impressed with her technique, composition, and power due to her unleashed anger and rage, Silkwat decides to make her his new disciple. Using the Amnesia Fist technique, he knocks her out and manages to escape from Sakaki and Hongō, who both had regained consciousness and were angered that Silkwat interrupted their fight. Later, Silkwat takes off on a plane with Miu, but the plane crash lands in an unknown jungle somewhere in Tidat. Although the elder caught the falling Kenichi and saved him after all, Miu believes Kenichi is dead at this point.

The Tidat Kingdom Arc

Afterward, a still-unconscious Miu "awakens" in an uncontrollable, reactive state, her body still acting in accord with the rage she last felt before Silkwat knocked her out. Still believing Kenichi to be dead, she can't control herself and starts attacking anyone who comes in contact with her. However, Jenazard (showing his true, still youthful appearance), trains her in his fighting style in hopes of turning her into a ruthless killing machine full of killing intent. However, glimpses of her consciousness continue to fight within and hold Miu back from becoming such. Later, while fighting for Jenazard during a takeover of one of his allied forces, she is seen and pursued by Kenichi. Although still unconscious, Miu recognizes him and says his name. Observing this reunion, Jenazard believes that Miu would be completely his if she herself kills Kenichi. This idea excites him, releasing enough killing intent for Sakaki and Hongō, who are nearby working together to stop the fighting, to notice him. In addition, Miu has hesitated to fight Kenichi even after two weeks of Jenazad's training and brainwashing techniques as her feelings for him help hold her back. Sensing Sakaki on his trail, Jenazard knocks out Kenichi and takes both him and Miu to another location so he can have Miu kill Kenichi in a fight to the death and keep her from breaking control again. Later, Jenazard orders Miu to kill him in a deathmatch, and during the fight, she tries to break control but continues to attack. Remembering how it worked in the D of D Tournament before, Kenichi uses Ma's Shock Recovery Technique to try and snap her out of it. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like last time. Instead, it provokes Miu even more, causing her to unleash a barrage of punches and kicks at him. Kenichi dodges some of them and Kenichi tries Ryūsei Seikūken to see into her heart, only to see emptiness, causing Kenichi to be enraged at Jenazad for brainwashing her to a heartless fighter. Knowing words won't reach anymore, Kenichi tries using the moves Miu taught him in hope of reaching her only for Miu to use a powerful move on Kenichi's face. Despite going on the offense against Miu, even using techniques from key points of their shared history, Miu continued to be unresponsive to this stimulation and overwhelm Kenichi. As Miu finally pinned Kenichi and was prime to finish him, she at the last moment stopped herself. Jenazard, realizing that Miu's natural compassion was still holding her back from killing and being completely brainwashed, he decided to take an alternate path. He unleashed a former disciple of his, Pengulu Sankan, whose failed training resulting in him becoming a mindless killer in hopes he would pressure Miu enough to kill and finally become fully brainwashed. As Sankan began to overwhelm Miu, Kenichi, despite battered and barely conscious, unleashed his "Mubyoushi" to save Miu. At this point, Miu seems to have remembered all those times Kenichi was there for her. Despite this, she still attacks Kenichi due to her unable to control herself due to her brainwash. While wondering why Kenichi fights feeling she's felt this before, Kenichi is severely struck by Pengulu in a similar manner when Hongō struck him, she remembers the similar incident and starts to collapse from the pain in her mind from confusion. Just as she's almost killed by Pengulu when he is unable to fight anymore, Kenichi stops Pengulu from killing her at the last second and her mask shatters from the impact and finally regains her senses while shedding tears seeing Kenichi again. With their combined effort, they defeated Pengulu. Having Miu brought back to her senses, she thanks Kenichi for everything, but then becomes embarrassed after realizing she was half-naked from her clothes torn up. She tried to attack Kenichi due to Jenazad's spell trying to take over again and realized she should knock herself unconscious for Kenichi's sake. Kenichi then carried her body trying to escape but was surrounded by Tidat masters and was saved by Menang and his daughter. Later, they were saved by John, who was revealed to be none other than her father, Saiga Fūrinji. When he leaves, she briefly wakes up believing she heard his voice. As Hongō's deathmatch with Jenazard is over with Jenazard defeated, Miu briefly wakes up again after hearing Hongō's name and goes to attack him. However, instead, she rushes over to Jenazad to keep him from dying, shocking Jenazad stating she should be attacking Hongō due to his brainwashing. After Jenazard dies and Kenichi and Sakaki make it to the top Sakaki knocks her out again. As the elder arrives and thanks Kenichi for protecting his granddaughter so well, Miu wakes up again and tries to attack Kenichi again only for the elder to knock her out with a Ki move on the back of her head. The elder states they can bring her back to her senses since Kenichi managed to save her from Jenazard fully brainwashing her.

At the palace, Miu is being treated by her grandfather and is eventually brought back to her old self but has a fever for now. At night, she's visited by Kenichi who asks if she's alright and she says she's glad saying she had a dream that she met her father. Kenichi smiles back and holds her hand saying they should now go back to Ryōzanpaku and to their friends in Japan.

Return to Japan Arc

After returning home, Miu, after several treatments from her grandfather and Kensei, was fully out of Jenazard's control and back to her old self and Kenichi noted how much closer she is to him now as a result. On their way to school, Kenichi asked if she had any memories of being brainwashed but Miu didn't remember anything. When they get home, she asks Kenichi to spar with her since she hasn't trained in several days and thinks her skills are rusty, however, much to their surprise she delivers several blows all over his body and knocks him out with powerful blows to which she deeply apologizes realizing her skills have become sharper thanks to Jenazard.

On Sunday, Miu would decide to go to the Shinpaku headquarters for fun and would run into Kenichi and ask what he's doing. He would explain about his meeting with Ryūto and that he had to do it alone to which Miu understood and asked for him to be safe. When she arrived at the headquarters, she would discover about Rimi's website blog and how she's saying someone named R-Sama meeting someone at the aquarium. Realizing it must be Ryūto, Miu left and went to the aquarium worried for Kenichi but quickly lost focus as she became excited at being at the aquarium for the first time ever and started watching all the fish. She would bump into Rimi and the two would fight while Rimi asked what Miu is to Ryūto. Miu easily overwhelms Rimi due to her training from Jenazad and her Dou Ki getting the better of her, something Miu isn't able to understand and, as a result, delivers heavy blows to Rimi despite Miu trying to hold back noting the strength. She tried to get her gold shoes only for the octopus to grab them and force her to leave them and be spotted by Kenichi and Ryūto. She apologized to them for coming but Ryūto understood her reason since Rimi is like that. Ryūto decides to talk with Kenichi another time and Kenichi agrees and tells Miu they should leave so she doesn't get a cold.

The next day at school, Niijima would scold Miu for fighting Rimi like that and Miu thought she did something bad and Takeda would put his arm around her causing Kenichi to tell him to let go. Renka would then hug Kenichi stating she wants to experience youth herself causing Miu to try to hug him back and make her let go, causing Kenichi to become nervous. She and Miu would later listen to Kenichi and Tanimoto's talk and when Renka asks if Miu feels the same about putting her life on the line, Miu just smiles back. Later, she helps Kisara prepare for her double date with Ukita and is extremely happy to help thinking it's one of the sweetest memories of youth. When Kisara doesn't take it seriously, Miu slaps her hands together calling her a fool that she must take this seriously like Freya did and slaps her hands again when Kisara wants to go in her normal clothes and says new clothes might attract him and Kisara realizes she's right and asks for her help in getting ready. After the date, Miu is visited by Ukita and she hears of his bad luck on the date, but Ukita is positive nonetheless and says how amazed he is by Kenichi's resolve to get together with her and when Ukita has doubts about whether he deserves her or not since he isn't able to protect her, Miu asks if you love a person do you really need to qualify for that. She says that when Kenichi said he would protect her it made her very happy and knows that happiness won't fade even if he should ever quit martial arts and says that's her feelings on some level while blushing.

The next day, when she says Ukita acting out his feelings, she becomes happy and does her love triangle. She then walks home with him and Kenichi while talking about the match and hearing Shiba's words afterward. On the day of the fight with Ukita and Shiratori to win Kisara over, Miu walks over with Kenichi due to Kenichi's legs being weak from Akisame's brutal training despite Miu saying he's being mean on Kenichi and Shigure commented she softer on Kenichi since Tidat and blushes more. She helps Kenichi walk, however, they are being followed by an assassin. They arrive and witness Ukita loss at the hands of Shiratori while Miu comments on how strong he really is despite his rank. The assassin arrives and tries to kill them and Miu's berserker mode kicks in and starts attacking brutally till Kenichi stops her telling her she'll kill him if she continues. Just then, Ukita grabs him and they fall off the ledge. They are saved by Shiba and taken to Ryōzanpaku with Shiba commenting on how her ki has become stronger, but Miu didn't understand what he meant.

Titan Arc

When Kenichi trains at Ryōzanpaku with Kensei, Miu decides to train to, but her Dou ki kicks in again and breaks the post she punches and bleeds from her hand. The Elder seeing this has Kensei train her at night to develop her ki for better control. The next day, Miu and Kenichi with the masters (and Shinpaku that found out) all go to a Yami headquarters but are forced to stay due to the danger. However, they are spotted by a limo that picked up the other YOMI members the other day and is shocked to see Berserker in the limo and a new member named Lugh. As Niijima reveals Berserkers' decision to join YOMI she reacts shocked that his fighting style is personal style noting how it's similar to her grandfathers. As Lugh sets his sight on the alliance, Miu tries to tell him about Ogata's usage of his disciples, but Lugh is fully aware prompting Miu and Kenichi to prepare to fight him only for Ukita to strike first but be saved by Siegfried. She becomes shocked to hear from him that Lugh is blind and is horrified when Sieg has his neck snapped only for him to snap it back into place. She later watches as Takeda decides to step in to fight and wishes him to be safe. She notices Lugh's fighting style makes him able to hear the vibrations of the human body and how his fighting style is advanced to expert level. As Takeda attempts to sacrifice his left arm, Miu stands on the side telling Niijima that it's a one-on-one fight and can't interfere. However, Kenichi steps in to save them and Lugh decides to leave (due to him sensing Shigure coming) but promises to take Takeda out first next time.

After returning home, Miu ponders over Lugh's skills and realizes he sensed Shigure's presence from before and tries to do the same. She attempts to sense a presence around her and tries to guess it's Sakaki or Akisame, but it turns out to be nonother than Tsutomi Tanaka, much to her surprise. She and Kenichi greet him as he wishes to talk to the masters. Later, as Kenichi trains and Sakaki beats him to a pulp Miu yells as Sakaki for going too far and tends to Kenichi as Kenichi asks why she's not coming to the amusement park with the Alliance and she states she wants to but has a lot of things to do and her training with Kensei and Akisame to do and her after-effects from Tidat are still affecting her. As Apachai comes in having told her he did laundry she at first gets upset that he might have ruined the clothes but becomes surprised they are all clean, much to her relief that he was in "secret training". With that, Apachai tells her he'll to the chores so she can to the amusement park and gets excited that she can go and starts preparing.

At the amusement park, Miu starts just hanging around with Kenichi, but due to her happiness of hardly never been to an amusement park so much in her life she runs fast leaving Kenichi in the dust. As some boys stare at Miu commenting on her beauty, she realizes she lost Kenichi and then senses strong ki and jumps into the water wondering if its from the side of the pool. She then is found by Kenichi as she stares at the merry-go-round and Kenichi notes she wants to ride it stating she's always wanted to ride one when she was little and Kenichi and Thor note she gave up a lot during her travels with her grandfather. Kenichi states that it's because of this that he met her and grabs her arm and tells her they should ride it together despite her hesitance. While riding it, she blushes from Kenichi's enthusiasm from the ride for her sake and admits her happiness from waving while on a ride rather than on the side feels good for a change. At night, she is attacked by Lugh and Rimi while grouped with Takeda. As Takeda tells her he'll fight Lugh, Miu prepares to have her third match with Rimi.

As she fights Miu is shocked to see how much stronger Rimi is since the last time and how her attacks are so heavy and her own attacks are losing to her. She notes her speed and skills have increased since last time and how she's a different person. She continues to guard against her and becomes shocked to hear that all the other members of YOMI hear also. As Rimi continues to overwhelm her, Miu resorts to taking her limits off her martial arts and attacks Rimi with her Dou Ki, only this time in control. Miu states that now she has to go all out and that her travels have made her fight many thugs and made sure she didn't hurt them so much and notes she can't hold back so much against Rimi this time. They continue to fight as Rimi, realizing Miu's still holding back her true strength takes her gold shoes off and runs at Miu only to be angry that Miu runs past her after the gold shoes again. She finally gets the shoes only for Rimi to grab them right back and throws them on top of a castle.

Miu then resumes her fight with Rimi and states that the Satsujinken causes damage to Rimi's loved ones, but Rimi retorts stating to gain power, one must be willing to take risks. Rimi intends to prove her training from Ogata and charges at Miu with blinding speed kicking Miu in the back and tries to attack Rimi only for her to dodge her while attacking her from behind again and continues to overwhelm Miu with several blows, prompting Miu to wonder if Ogata's training was really effective. A roller coaster ride arrives and she gets on it and continues to defend herself from Rimi as she marvels at her new strength. As Rimi prepares to end things, Miu breaths in and unleashes a new move she came up with having control over her Dou ki and knocks Rimi down. As Rimi tries to believe she was faster, Miu says she was and that she decreased her strength to increase her strength. She then reveals she followed Rimi's movements from how strong her ki was and that her ki scatters, so does her heart and makes her distracted and kicks Rimi backward into the water. As Rimi demands to know if her training made her stronger, Miu says she just learned to do it now.

Confused, Miu admits her having trained in martial arts all her life yet has never fought someone who was her age and has a hard time against. When Rimi asks if Miu would ever sell her soul for power, Miu seems surprised. Rimi then decides to go all out and releases her Dou ki, prompting Miu to recall the dangers of Dou ki from Sakaki and Apachai's and how dangerous it is. Rimi then unleashes her Dou ki and overwhelms Miu to the point she can't dodge Rimi's moves anymore and notes how heavy they are and it's very dangerous, but is unable to dodge and gets hit with a brutal punch into the water. Rimi then approaches the fallen Miu and says it's her victory and delivers a powerful punch into Miu's back and she crashes into the water. As she prepares to finish Miu with Ogataryuu Datotsusenpa, Miu, wondering if she's going to die and recalling her training with her grandfather, suddenly activates her Dou ki berserker mode after her near-death experience and blocks Rimi's blow and sends her backward. She then punches Rimi back and the two, having unleashed there Dou ki causes them to fight in a wild frenzy all after going through the other YOMI fights with Shinpaku. They make there a way to Ryūto's and Freya's location still fighting wildly as Miu seems to gain the upper hand as she loses control. Miu continues to fight wildly, having lost control of herself as she continues to overwhelm Rimi. However, Rimi tells Miu the world of martial arts isn't so cut and dry that victory is determined by one's release of ki and deals a two-fist punch in Miu's stomach, sending her back. However, Miu ignores her damage prompting Rimi to berate her for ignoring it moreover Miu trying to damage her instead. Miu then charges with fury and gets behind Rimi as Rimi tries to swing her arm around as Miu jumps up unleashing a fury of fists only for Rimi to dodge them at the last second. Miu then runs to the other side of the peer and Rimi retreats and Miu rushes at her full speed striking her as they strike back and forth as Rimi notes Miu's ki surpasses hers and if she makes one mistake she'll be done for. Rimi still refuses to lose and when Miu strikes with her fist, Rimi pushes it upward and tells the berserk Miu that the proper usage of ki always surpasses those that use it wildly and thanks to Ogata's training will help her win her fight and delivers' point-blank attacks on Miu's face.

Miu continues to ignore the damage and they fight onward making there way to Kenichi fighting Berserker as Miu is dealt a kick to her face. She recovers on a roof and continues to ignore her damage as Rimi continues to dominate her with severe blows leaving Miu unable to defend, something Kenichi notes is cause she's trying to suppress her full potential less the other personality Jenazard made will take over. Rimi then deliver's a devastating blow to her face which causes Miu to cough blood up and crash into the roof of a building. Almost unconscious, Miu is then yelled at by Kenichi to open her heart and listen to him. He tells her to not be afraid of her ki or the curse from Jenazard, siting the elder's quote "Do not spread your wings halfheartedly, but fly with all your might". He goes on saying that though he has Sei ki, he's sure that beyond the curse of Jenazard lies the answer to controlling her Dou ki. Rimi takes advantage of her limp body and throws Miu into the air, crashing into the merry-go-round as Kenichi shouts for her to fly and he'll be by her side. Still not moving, Rimi tells them both words won't reach her and strikes her face only for Miu to have regained consciousness, blocking the blow at the last second and strikes Rimi's sides swiftly. Miu then stands, having finally returned and now in control of her Dou ki with a new look in her eyes, smiling at Kenichi.

Having finally gained control of her Dou ki, Miu turns the tide of the battle in her favor and continuously overwhelms Rimi with blows all over Rimi and states it's due to her training under Jenazard that she's able to control so much Dou ki. Rimi continues to attack only for Miu to counter and slam her down with a Silat move. Rimi still attempts to attack her and after seeing an opening, attacks Miu. However, Miu easily got past her and landed several blows afterward. Rimi then falls hitting a poll to the ground, seemingly defeated in disbelief over Miu controlling so much Dou ki, to which Miu states it's the cause of Kenichi she's able to. Just then, Isshinsai Ogata arrives, surprising her and as Kenichi approaches him, she tells him to back off and is shocked to see him thanking Ogata instead. After he walks back, she notices he's fighting Berserker and then is surprised to see Rimi demanding to fight and asking Ogata to teach her that technique so she can still fight. Despite her's and Kenichi's attempts to stop her, Rimi uses the Seidō Gōitsu technique to continue fighting via Ogata's permission. Having her strength increased further, Rimi regains control of the battle and overwhelms Miu to the point that if Miu hadn't used her Dou ki at max to defend herself she would have died. As Rimi continues to toy with Miu she wonders how can she defeat an opponent so strong without killing her and if this is the limit of the Katsujinken.

Knowing the danger of Rimi's current condition, Miu surmises that one of them will die if they continue to fight in there condition. As Rimi attempts to finish her off, both deal one final powerful blow to the two as Ryūto desperately tries to stop Rimi and catches her as Kenichi catches Miu. However, while Rimi regained her senses before she struck Ryūto, the negative effects of Seidō Gōitsu activate and Rimi coughs blood up and passes away in Ryūto's arms. Shocked, Miu laments her inability to save her while Kenichi tries to comfort her. As Ogata regards Rimi's death as pity and a "noble sacrifice" over how he'll use someone else next time, Miu attacks Ogata in furry only for Ogata to easily block and strike her torso with a fatal blow. Miu flies backward as Kenichi catches her as she vomits blood and passes out from her injuries.

Coming to, she watches as Kenichi and Ryūto face off against Ogata, pleading Kenichi to stop and watch in horror seeing Kenichi struck by Ogata. She then is shocked by the appearance of Tanaka saving Ryūto at the last second as he faces Ogata now. Watching the masters fight and seeing there desire's to win, Miu and everyone else is shocked to learn that Ogata didn't just murder his master, but his wife and unborn child. As the fire gets closer to her, Kenichi saves her at the last second, prompting an impressed Tanaka to tell him to protect her. Despite Tanaka's best efforts, Kenichi and Miu watch in horror as Tanaka is killed by Ogata with an elbow crushing his head. With the fight over, Ogata and Berserker leave while Ryūto stays behind with Rimi's body. They are later found by Niijima and Renka and help take them away from the park.

The Eternal Sunset Arc

Following Tanaka's death, Miu and Kenichi go and visit Ryūto and the now recovered Rimi at the hospital, to which they (unintentionally) interrupt Rimi's attempts to be with Ryūto. Ryūto says there fine and they converse how Ogata actually saved Rimi's life when checking her pulse but really was stopping her flow of ki at that time. A couple of days later, the masters talk about the subject of how Tanaka's fight with Ogata was unavoidable, and how they need to find a way to help Kenichi and his friends with their fight against the weapon users of Yami. They all agreed that they would eventually fight the weapon division on a frequent basis, which is when Shigure comes up with a plan for helping the Shinpaku Alliance, a plan which she calls the "Shigure-chan Special". When asked about her plan, Shigure says it's a secret, prompting Kenichi and Miu to wonder if it's a type of hellish training for the alliance. Wondering what her plan is, the two follow her and Apachai to gather sand from the sea. They then go to a house that Kenichi remembers and is greeted by no other than Kagerō Kii and as he and Miu believe he's going to fight the alliance and when they think he's going to attack them, he goes right past them and instead picks his sprout plants, much to there shock. When Shigure gets some dirt and a device for moving water in a canal and Miu realizes Shigure is using a metal flow while Kii states she's right and it's used for forging metal, as Kenichi and Miu realize she's providing arms for the alliance. Shigure corrects them and says she's making armor for protection and when she says it will take a week to make, Miu leaves with Kenichi.

Following the week, the elder leaves on a trip to which Miu tries to convince him not to, but says those with great power must fight for justice and says he'll be back soon. Kenichi tries to comfort her, only to hurl him from behind by accident. Miu and Kenichi meet up with Shigure and Apachai to which when Miu tries to wake her up, her clothes are shredded by Shigure's self-defense, much to Miu's embarrassment. She is given a towel and watches in amazement seeing how strong her arm guards are for the alliance.

Later at Ryōzanpaku Inspector Honmaki arrives with news that starting tomorrow, the police force is to guard Yami during a meeting in a governmental building, greatly shocking everyone. While the other masters comment on how their influence has reached in the government and all resolve to lock them in Big Lock while Miu wishes the elder could witness this, Kenichi reassures her, while taking her hand, that he'll return with a smile. As Miu smiles back, Kensei slaps their hands away stating he swore to the elder he'd keep their relationship "moderate". They all then proceed to each lunch together and prepare for tomorrow.

The next day, after the masters go off to face Yami (minus Shigure), Miu wishes them luck along with Kenichi wishing her grandfather was hear and that Kenichi should protect her too, to which she becomes upset when Shigure says the same. Later, when Shigure tells them of the man she saw on TV that has a weapon her father made and her hesitance to go after him, Miu and Kenichi encourage her to do so. Knowing she can't leave them alone, Shigure brings them along to which Miu notes that it's better than waiting for everyone to return. They all then go to the Tokyo docks without the coast guard catching them. While searching, they find two bodies who are still alive and Miu treats them the best she can. Afterward, they follow the trail the man left behind and manage to board the boat before it leaves. However, Shigure notes that there are seven people on board, and they are all the members of the Hachiou Executioner Blade members.

As helicopters surround the area, Miu notes how rowdy it's getting. As Shigure notes they've likely been spotted, Miu notes they've been exposed by the armed members. They are then found by Mihai Știrbey who prepares to fight Shigure. As Shigure apologizes to the two over the situation, Kenichi and Miu agree to not let her worry and that they will work together. Though moved, Shigure tells them as her master to find a way to escape. Miu reminds Kenichi of them working together like that time in Tidat, to which Kenichi notes it will be much tougher than that time.

As Shigure engages all the weapon's users, Kenichi and Miu take this opportunity to run away, only to be blocked by Mihai. When Seitarō raises the black flag of Yami, Shigure slashes open one of their containers to reveal gold bars. Miu excitedly marvels at all the gold wanting to take some of it, prompting Kenichi to note she's too excited. As Shigure continues to fight the Bow Master and Mihai holds her and Kenichi hostage, Kenichi whispers to her to run when he makes an opening. After he distracts everyone by dancing, they make a run for it while Miu complains not getting some of the gold. They are blocked by the Armored Knight and Mihai reengages them and chooses to kill them both. Despite their efforts, they are no match for Mihai and are saved at the last second by Christopher Eclair and Mycroft.

She and Kenichi then watch as Christopher and Mycroft, after having been ordered by the Japanese government (and paid by Shigure with a gold bar) engage Seitarō and Mihai in battle. Once Shigure tells Mycroft and Christopher to take Miu and Kenichi away, Shigure gives Miu Tōchūmaru to escape with. Once Shigure uses her Sōto Kyōrenzan she allows Miu and the others to escape. She was seen on an escape ship watching worried as Shigure was defeated by the weapons division.

Back at Ryōzanpaku, as Sakaki scolds Christopher for not saving Shigure, Miu and Kenichi thank Christopher for saving them, much to Sakaki's annoyance. They later go to the Shinpaku Alliance headquarter to inform everyone of what happened. Once everyone questions the actions of Yami, she agrees with Kenichi about fighting Yami when the time comes. Just then, Kenichi questions Miu on the whereabouts of Tōchūmaru, to which Miu shamefully admits he's been missing since they escaped the tanker and Miu answers that Tōchūmaru escaped her grip and stayed on the ship.

While at school Kenichi and Miu are running a marathon for their school when Kenichi is kidnapped. Miu tries to catch up with them but loses them. Luckily, Akisame anticipated this knowing Yami would go after Kenichi and flips the car saving him. After interrogating the man through Akisame's and Sakaki's rather frightening methods, Miu, Kenichi, Akisame, and Sakaki run on rooftops and arrive at an empty train station. They hear voices stating they are glad the targets have been brought to them as the masters tell Miu and Kenichi to stay back. Weapons are thrown at the two as they dodge, though the electrical wires are cut and are now dark. The two attackers are happy to encounter such able opponents and introduce themselves: "Francisca Freaks" Sherman Camus and "Scramasax Master" Cedric Casken. They watch as Akisame and Sakaki fight the Yami weapons users and are both surprised how calm the opponents are. However, they are defeated once Sakaki and Akisame go all out. Just then, they are visited by an individual named Okamoto who works in the government. He reveals a person named Kiyoi Kidō who may be able to help them.

The following day, they consult Niijima's assistant and find Kiyoi's location. They visit her and discover she is blind and the younger half-sibling of Rin Tachibana of the Hachiou Executioner Blade, but they note she has no ill intentions to them. After revealing a phone her brother uses to talk with her, they discover it's impossible to make calls for themselves on it. However, at that moment Shigure calls them to which Miu jumps for joy at this revelation. Just before the connection is destroyed, Shigure is able to give her location to them. After gaining her location, they all leave and greeted by Okamoto, who reveals to have been tapping in on the lines and wishes to help them.

Miu is later seen with the rest of the Shinpaku Alliance with Okamoto on their way to the Yami base to save Shigure. While traveling, Miu is sparing with Kenichi in the meantime, to which Okamoto also engages in training with all of them as he points out where they need improvement. Miu laughs noting how similar his training methods are to that of the Ryōzanpaku masters, to which Kenichi sheepishly agrees. Later, Okamoto has them all resting for later, to which others question if they can trust Okamoto, to which Kenichi says they can if it will save Shigure. At that moment, Miu apologizes to Kenichi for dragging him into the world of martial arts. Just before Kenichi can rebuff her statement, Takeda interrupts stating he needs to tell everyone, especially Miu something he heard from Shō Kanō a year ago: that Miu's father, Saiga Fūrinji, is the leader of Yami. As most react shocked, Miu shows little surprise, noting she always had her suspicions and that her father may have really murdered her mother, to which Kisara tells her not to think so gloomily about that.

Miu asks everyone if they are ready to go to war, to which they state they are martial artists and are always ready. When asked by Takeda if she's been in a war, she replies at least twice, but not one this big, much to the shock of Takeda and Kenichi. In a serious tone, Takeda tells Miu that it won't just be Kenichi and Shō Kanō who will risk their lives to protect her, and Takeda and Kenichi meet eyes. Kenichi then brings up his earlier conversation with Miu and says that he does not regret being invited to the world of martial arts because he was able to meet all of his friends, which makes Miu smile at his response. Just then, Okamoto enters and tells them to get ready as Miu and the others get ready for battle.

Before they go to shore, Okamoto takes out the soldiers at the bay with ease, to which Miu comments that Okamoto's skill reminds her of something but she does not mention it to Kenichi. While most of the soldiers are nervous about the upcoming battles Miu just pays attention to a butterfly she finds pretty. Just then, she and the others are ambushed by Yami soldiers to which Miu and the others are able to easily fend off, much to the soldier's surprise. After Okamoto agrees to hold them off on his own with his men, Miu and the others escape. After reaching a waterfall, Miu and the others are confronted by the YOMI disciples.

Niijima tells Kenichi and Miu that they'll take advantage of the commotion and move on ahead. Kenichi rejects the idea as he doesn't want to abandon his friends but Niijima reminds him of their purpose of disabling the missile base. Niijima adds that the captains of the Shinpaku Alliance have talked about this prior to the battle and they encourage Kenichi to advance. Kenichi, Miu, and Niijima run into the forest to take cover as the other Katsujinken disciples charge in towards the battle.

Kenichi, Miu, and Niijima arrive at the missile base and Kenichi is awed by the prospect of making their way inside. Miu reassures him that they'll do what they can and they advance and knock out the soldiers guarding the entrance. Another soldier shows up and prepares to shoot at them but is knocked out by Kajima Satomi, who has been waiting for them. He introduces himself as Ichiei's Yomi and tells them that he knows a much safer route to get into the base. Miu and Kenichi have their misgivings of following him but Kajima reminds them that Shigure is also inside the base and they follow him.

Kajima leads Kenichi, Miu, and Niijima to the cell where Shigure is being held to find that she has already escaped. Kenichi asks if he helped her and Kajima explains that he was ordered by his master to let Shigure escape. Kajima grins and reaches out his hand towards Kenichi to give him a handshake. As he shakes Kenichi's hand he adds that he has an order from his other master: to kill any intruders. Kenichi is restrained through Kajima's handshake and Miu is attacked by Kajima's assistants. Kajima adds that Niijima is especially dangerous and that he has to be killed. Kajima grabs Niijima by the head and begins crushing his skull but he is stopped by Kenichi who manages to kick out from his position. Kajima says that he has heard Kenichi is a slow starter and while Miu confirms that is true Kenichi is able to unleash his power when he needs to protect someone important.

Kenichi and Kajima take their stances as they prepare to battle. Miu is battling Kajima's assistants and warns that his movements are similar to the Fuurinji style, having been taught by Saiga Fuurinji. Apart from that, she adds that some of his movements are similar to hers and Shō Kanō's, indicating that Kajima has learned from the Kuremisago as well. Kajima confirms this information saying that one of his masters is indeed Saiga while the other is the most powerful leader of the Kuremisago and is named Senzui. When questioned if he's also a member, Kajima says he isn't but the two opponents Mui is fighting is, to which the female fighters praise their own bloodline, much to Miu's annoyance.

Just then, Știrbey appears and attempts to kill Kenichi, to which Miu abandons her battle to try to save him. Luckily, Hongō breaks through the wall and saves Kenichi. Miu notices a change in Kajima's aura while Kenichi and Kajima return to their fight.

Miu is having trouble fending off her opponents, whose attacks seem to be increasing in ferocity. She finds an opening and attacks them with Fuurinji Kouhou Yoku. Miu's attack is cut short as her opponents are able to grab her leg and stop her rotation, and she is lifted off the ground and left vulnerable; she notices that the Kuremisago disciples have unleashed their Dou ki. Miu is able to free her leg and hit her opponents back as she jumps next to Kenichi, it is shown that she has also released her Dou ki.

With Miu and Kenichi worrying over Niijima's safety, the duo takes their opponents towards his location as they continue their fights respectively. After arriving at their location Miu manages to defeat her opponent's thanks to the mastery of her do ki, though she is worn out from the fighting. She notices Saiga standing in front of her just as Kenichi and Kajima arrive, and Kenichi is launched against a wall from Kajima's attacks. Miu stands up to assist Kenichi and Kajima reports to Saiga and calls him "Ichiei-Sama", making Miu realize that Saiga is her father. She walks towards Saiga (who tells Kajima to stand down) and he holds his daughter in his arms, then proclaims that he was the one who killed her mother. Kajima senses killing intent from Miu and restrains her just as Saiga dodges a kick from Miu. Kajima asks his master what he should do and Saiga answers that he would not give her special treatment, adding that anyone who gets in the way of their plans has to be killed. Miu is on a rampage as Kajima steps in to fight Miu, who surrounds Kajima with a series of attacks. Kajima commends the quality of Miu's do ki as he announces that he'll show his ki as well, as he catches Miu leg and slams her into the ground.

Kajima exclaims that his do ki is authentic, pure, and stronger compared to Miu's as he charges towards to defeat her. However, Kenichi recovers and slams against Kajima to keep him away from Miu.

Recovering from the attack, Miu charges at Saiga, who declares that their relationship does not matter as he lands a series of punches on Miu. Saiga feels a glancing blow just as he was about to kill Miu, shifting the trajectory of his thrust away from her heart and instead piercing her arm; Kenichi is charging forward while unleashing a flurry of attacks in order to reach Miu. Saiga regrets making Miu suffer as he picks her up and prepares to finish her off as Miu sees a vision of her parents and apologizes to her mother. Before the killing blow is dealt a person is seen running towards Saiga, it is revealed to be Okamoto and he manages to knock away Saiga's attack and save Miu.

Kenichi brings Okamoto up to speed on the situation and warns him about the man in front of them, Yami's Ichiei Saiga Fūrinji. Okamoto corrects Kenichi and says that the man is indeed Ichiei but he is not Saiga and it is seen that "Saiga" has been wearing a mask, revealing a person with long black hair. Okamoto checks on Miu and she comments that something about him feels familiar, as "Saiga" attacks Okamoto and tells him to take off his mask as well. Miu is blown away as the two fighters trade attacks and their disguises fall away, revealing "Saiga" to be Senzui and Okamoto to be the real Saiga Fūrinji. Confused, Miu asks her father what is happening but Saiga answers that he'll explain everything afterward, saying that he must get revenge for her mother first, leaving Miu shocked at the discovery that her father really did not murder her mother.

As her father and Senzui now fight an injured Miu watches as Kenichi and Kajima continue their fight, with Kajima continually on the offensive as Miu expresses her worry over Kenichi's well being against the stronger opponent. As the fight progresses, Miu becomes concerned as both Kenichi and Kajima begin to overexert themselves by preparing to end the fight with each of their own respective techniques as they take off their armor and guards.

After Kajima lands a devastating Kai Shinogidachi on Kenichi's body, Miu screams out his name as Kajima goes for the kill. However, Kenichi recovers his blocked ki as Miu and Shigure are amazed by Kenichi's progress, who managed to surpass the "releasing" of ki and reach the level of "holding" ki, which Miu herself hasn't even mastered. Once Kenichi unleashes his Ryuusei Myubioshi it finally defeats Kajima as Miu rushes over to grab Kenichi out of harm's way of her father and Senzui's battle. However, Senzui manages to gain control of the remote detonator for the missile launch despite her father's best efforts. He detonates is sacrificing himself to launch the missile leading Miu and Kenichi to think they lost. However, the elder shows up and destroys the missile himself with a barrage of punches as it explodes while Kenichi and Miu react horrified by his sacrifice. Ultimately, Yami is finally defeated and captured. Shortly afterward, to Miu and all her allies' joy, the Elder is revealed to be alive and well.

Following the events of the war, their story is turned into a best-selling novel. Miu begins joining her grandfather on his world journeys again, now accompanied by Kenichi. Years later, Miu finally realizes her greatest dream of getting married, to Kenichi, and the two ultimately have a daughter together.

Battle Log

Battles past

  • Vs 3 Local Thugs (won)
  • Vs Guards on ship (lost)

Battles present


  • Vs Subordinate of Christopher Eclair (won)
  • Vs Boris Ivanov(interrupted)
  • Vs Shō Kanō (Lost)
  • Vs Shō Kanō round 2 (interrupted)
  • Vs Ryūto Asamiya (undecided)
  • Vs Russian Soldiers (won)
  • Vs Several weapon users (won)
  • Vs Rimi Kokorone (interrupted by Chiaki Yūma)
  • Vs Several Subordinates of Jenazard while brainwashed (won)
  • Vs Kenichi while brainwashed (won)
  • Vs Kenichi while brainwashed round 2 (won, later interrupted by Pengulu Sankan)
  • Vs Rimi round 2 (undecided)
  • Vs Rimi round 3 (won)
  • Vs 2 Kuremisago YOMI disciples (won)


Grand Master

Team Battles

  • with Renka, Kenichi and Shinpaku Alliance vs Tenmon Li (lost)
  • with Kenichi vs Gaku, Chou Lin and Yo (won, defeated Chou and Yo)
  • with Kenichi vs "Garyu X" (won, Garyu forfeited)
  • with Kenichi and Raichi Li vs Ship Guards (won)
  • with Kenichi and Raichi Li vs Meatman (won)
  • with Kenichi vs Weapon Priests (won)
  • Takeda, Ukita, Kisara, Thor, Kenichi, and Siegfried vs Yami weapon subordinates (won)
  • with Thor vs Rimi (no winner, Rimi left after the disk was destroyed )
  • with Kenichi, Ukita, Takeda, Freya, Siegfried, Thor, Kisara and Niijima vs. Ishida (interrupted by Sakaki )
  • with Kenichi vs many weapon users (won)
  • with Kenichi vs Seta and Hayami (won)
  • with Kenichi vs Pengulu Sankan (won)


  • The name Miu means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "feather" (羽) (u).
    • The name Silkwat Jenazad gave her is an exact translation of her Japanese name, since "indah" means beautiful and "bulu" means feather in Indonesian.
  • Miu's surname Fūrinji means "wind, breeze, way, manner, blaster, gale, gust, sirocco, method" (風) (), "forest" (林) (rin) and "temple" (寺) (ji).
    • Her married name Shirahama means "white" (白) (shira) and "beach, seashore" (浜) (hama).


  • A running gag in the series is that in many of her tougher fights, Miu's clothes get ripped in some embarrassing way.
  • Miu bears a heavy resemblance to Street Fighter character Cammy White and shares quite a number of traits with her: both have blonde braided hair with a bang sticking from the top, blue eyes, a fondness for cats and similar-looking fighting styles. This goes one step further later in the series where Miu is brainwashed by one of the main villains of the series, much like how Cammy was originally M.Bison's mindless puppet.
  • Miu is one of five girls that has fallen in love with Kenichi Shirahama while the other four girls are:
  • Miu's dream is to become a beautiful bride. Ironically, her dream of becoming a beautiful bride is made extremely difficult by her grandfather's unreasonable declaration that Kenichi must defeat him in order to be with Miu. This is made more ironic due to the Elder only being concerned for Miu. Ultimately, however, after the series' conclusion, Miu finally achieved her dream, marrying Kenichi.
  • Miu, along with Kisara Nanjō, is fond of cats.
  • Miu is bad at lying.
  • Despite Miu's keen mind for academics and perceptive nature in battle, she can be just dense as Kenichi in normal social events.





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