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The Mountain Tactic Arc is the sixth arc of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi.


The masters and Miu decide to take Kenichi to the mountains to teach him to use tactics in battle. Akisame introduced him to Naoki Yamamoto. Kenichi had to face a 12-year old boy named Naoki Yamamoto who’s at the same level as Kenichi. Kenichi lost twice, once by not being ready and again when knocked out by Yamamoto’s throw. Kenichi and Yamamoto did the mountain version of Akisame’s training which was more intense. They went into the cave of death to fight a tengu, who was actually Taiki. Three days after Ryozanpaku came to the mountains, Kenichi and Yamamoto sparred again, but Kenichi won. Kenichi admitted it was by cheating, since he was doing private training at night, but he kept the victory. Akisame praised Kenichi for telling him that he has talent for hard work.

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